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1964 BILL STROPPE Mercury Marauder


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Here is the first introduction to a kit I built.

This is a 1964 BILL STROPPE Mercury Marauder made with AMT's 3-in-1 kit and Powerslide decals.
The body has had various production-spec moldings and emblems shaved off, race-spec fuel filler and fail caps reproduced, and catch pins installed on the engine hood and trunk lid.
Inside, rear seat removal, incorporation of roll cage made by myself with plastic round bars according to the regulations of the time, and refurbishment of instruments, seats, steering wheel, etc.
The engine is almost as it was in the kit.
Tires and wheels are old JO-HAN ones.
White, red, and metallic blue body colors were spray painted by Tamiya.

The reference material is "Classic Stock Cars", a collection of various images and photos on the Internet.






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Hello, everyone.
Thanks for the compliments.
I like stock cars of all ages, but the Gen-1 cars have a nice old American car feel to them.
This kit, for me, is one where the paint job on the body is fairly well done.
After applying the decals, I sprayed several times with clear spray, then sanded with #2000 sandpaper to eliminate the bumps on the decals.
Finally, I finished with compound and modeling wax.

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On 11/21/2022 at 6:41 AM, TonyK said:

Very nice work on this model! The paint colors jump out at you. I've been wanting to do this version as someone else mentioned so you may have given me a reason to finally build it.

You will need to mask the paint many times to paint it white, red, and metallic blue, but try your best.

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