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32 Ford 5 Window Coupe


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I built this one about a year ago and it was dropped and broken, so I just put it back in the box. A few weeks ago I decided to get it out and do something different with it. I got in beyond my abilities but went ahead and done what I could with it. I wanted to lower it so I followed a great tutorial in the tips section by Ace-Garageguy. I Z'ed the rear to get it down and cut down the mounting area of the front axle to get it down. That went ok, but then I decided to channel it also which involved more than I bargained for. But I did the best I could with it and this is it. I think it came out ok, but as you can see I forgot about lowering the radiator so it sticks up a little higher than the body.  Anyway I think it came out ok, and I learned a lot along the way. Paint is Testors Green Metallic enamel. All comments welcome and thanks for looking.







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19 hours ago, espo said:

Looks great and the color looks good. Good engine details. Each build adds to our knowledge and modeling skills. We all learn from one another from time to time. 

Thanks David.


13 hours ago, Zippi said:

Good looking ole Hot Rod James.  

Thanks Bob.


18 hours ago, redscampi said:

This looks fantastic. I'd say your abilities have improved!

Thank you.


12 hours ago, dragstk said:

Sometimes its good to step out side our comfort zone and try new things. Its how we get better

I think you did a fine job with this one

Thank you.


4 hours ago, XYHARRY said:

Nice hotrod James. A+ for going outside your comfort zone and the radiator doesn't look too bad.

Cheers, David. 😎👍

Thanks David.


1 hour ago, FLHCAHZ said:

Good looking hot rod!

Thanks Chaz.

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