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Hi Guys... !
Some of you will know I did start my first Nascar project a while back, but as things went on i realised how many bits Id got wrong !
I was never happy with the paint, the front scratchbuilt chassis was supposed to line up with the hoodpins and didnt etc, so after more research there were lots of little bits i just thought I could do better !
As id already bought 2 kits Ive decided to start again, Ill be keeping bits like the old seat which im happy with. But a new start on the rest, this time hopefully more detailed too !
Considering Ive been on this a couple of weeks theres only a handful of parts glued together so far, but Im happy !
In the pic you can see the bits Ive cut out to remake. Front end will be scratchbuilt again too.
So far the window net was cut out and scratchbuilt tube used to make the new bar around the drivers window.
The bar under the dashboard is scratchbuilt and connects correctly to the front chassis rails. 
Rear interior panels were removed, to be replaced with ally.
Rear wheel inner arches were extended slightly to fit the body better.
Front firewall is 3 pieces as standard, so Ive removed all the joins this time !
Roll cage has been filled so theres no gaps.
Oh and theres new hood support brackets !
Not decided on the decals yet,  Ive got the Kodak No5 set but they are a bit old so see how that goes..
Just taking my time with this, fancy going to town and building something as good as i can possibly do !
Wish me luck, more soon....


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Thanks Mike, yes i will go back to the other one when this is finished !

Finished the front cage work, happy with it this time ! 

There are two holes for the hood pins that match up with the hood, need to add the other two. And it fits better than the last one i tried, tighter to the bumper...

First coat of primer, needs a clean up and i`ll re-coat it ! Looking for a lighter shade of grey for the top coat, any suggestions or paint codes ?







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Thanks Anton, glad to have you along !

We have paint ! Just straight grey Tamiya TS81 with clear, and the roll cage padding in matt black.
Added my seat,fuel cell and floor mat from the previous build, still need a couple of bars added after the interior is finished !
Added the hood pin brackets too so all four holes now line up with the hood, for when i add hood pins !
More Soon !





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Bit more done, dash was something i wanted to do better than the last one...
Dials were ground down so the decals fitted better, and this now has switches and warning lights !
Steering column made, the wheel will be added later to sit on the dash !
New oil lines, the bar for holding the window net, and the rest of the cage is in .
Need to add the electric box on the floor and im nearly done with the interior !

More soon, thanks for looking in !




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I like it. What did you use for seat belts? I struggle with them, but feel they are essential for realism. I picked up some 1/20 Scale Motorsports kits, easier than the smaller ones and still looks in-scale. 

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Thanks again Wes !

And thanks Bob, years ago I came across some purple ribbon which I thought I'd save for seatbe!ts.

I coloured it black and luckily it fitted the photoetch buckles perfectly !

Sorry that's probably not a lot of help to you !  The seat padding is wet n' dry sandpaper by the way ...

More soon, once I've finished the electrical bits for the interior !

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Interior is complete !
Still plugging away om this, ive been messing about making aluminium panels and finally came up with some i liked (that actually fit ! )
Added scratchbuilt electrics, cold air pipes (from hair bands) fire extinguisher, steering wheel, and the steering box that ive wired up !
Front A arms have nuts n bolts now, and lots of little bits like the aluminium bracket to hold the mirror, thats bolted on !

More soon, thanks for looking in !




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Thanks Bob, 

I usually build lowriders so I do try to keep them clean !

Nascars are a complete change to anything I've built before, but with research and watching builds like yours I'm learning a lot !

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