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1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished 10/14/2018


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Bob... thank you. I do appreciate when everyone does point things out. Not sure if I am trying to accomplish too much with wanting to have the parachute removable depending on how its displayed. For example when the body is on the car (body up or body down) the parachute will be packed. And well ig the body is on the body part i could have the chute packed or I could have the chute laying on the ground and the chute pack open. hopefully I am explaining so everyone can get a visual of my vision. I wanted to pin it in a way that I could slide either assembly on with ease And make them inter-changable This build is getting there little by little. The next week and half is going to be exciting with what I have planned on getting done.

how about using magnets for the two chute options. Might be easier than pins. Just a thought.

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Have you ever seen any of the model kits released in the 70s that had the chute open (deployed)? Since you were talking about different ways you might display your AWESOME funny car, thought I'd throw that idea out! Your attention to detail still amazes me, I've been following this journey for well over a year and LOVE the updates!

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Danno... Thank you. the body has been a lot of work so far but I am sure that I will be happy with the end result.

Martin... Thank you. I am sure there are a few spots I have missed... ;) lol. Congrats on your 100th post

Mike... Thank you very much on the kind words. I have been thinking about having a mirror that goes under the chassis as well as under the body cart and body when displayed body off. I have had some jack ramps that I drew up 3D printed in which I will put the chassis on and my plan it to have at least one of the tires off so you can see the the detail of the hubs and disk brakes on the rear end. I think it should be pretty cool. I just need to figure it out but before that I need to finish the car first....lol

Dave... Thank you. looking forward to seeing you at the DSC.

Scott... Thanks brother. you and me both on seeing it in primer...lol

Bob.... I am totally liking the magnet idea. Just wait til you see my next update. It was inspired by this Idea of yours and I think you will like it. I had never thought of that and I think its a much better idea than what I originally had planned on doing.

Brad... It was an idea I never though of. and glad Bob mentioned it to me.

Joe... it was a killer idea. I love how we all can learn from one another on this forum.

Alan... I appreciate the kind words on the funny car.

Joe... I remember some of those kits that had the molded open chutes. Pretty cool. That is a cool idea too. Thank you for the kind comments on my attention to detail. I appreciate you following along on this long Journey. I am hoping to finish it this year so I can start some other very cool builds. I wanted to show you a few ideas of how I was thinking of displaying the parachute when the body is on the body cart:

This was a corvette funny car that was displayed at the Las Vegas Drag Strip. I wanted to make a chute pack that was open while sitting on the body cart:


Here are a couple of Top Alcohol Funny Cars that were here in Phoenix last year:


Here is another one, although it won't have the springs because back in the day the deploy chute had the spring built into it:


Brad.... I am looking forward to seeing you next week. It will be a good day and I can't wait to see the new area for the show.

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Hey, Chris!

I just caught an episode of "AmeriCarna" on Velocity channel today. It featured Prudhomme and his cars. Two of his Army funny cars appeared prominently. A Plymouth-labeled version (although it sure looked like a Monza!) was shown in the Snake's own garage collection. But the show opened with Ray Evernham ogling the Vega Army car you are replicating in Rick Hendrick's collection.

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Darryl... thabk you very much in the kind words. This has beem a fun build sharing with everyone. I will have to admot that i can't wait to have it dine so I can share my next few builds with everyone.

Danno.... thanks for the heads up on that episode. I am going to have to see if ai can find it and watch it. If you of a link to it or anyone..let me know.

Randy... thank you. Yep there wqs a body but with the body work almost done means primer will hit this body soon. Which then means it will be cloae for paint...lol well there is still minor work on the body but ylu know what I mean. Looking forward to seeing you at the DSC this weekend.

David... thank you very muh. I think its a little of both...lol. I love building 1/16 Drag Cars and I think i hae gotten a little obsessed with trying to capture as much detail of the real car I possibly could with this build.

John... my big brother. I am sorry to keep you waiting on some pics. I will have some to share with you toinight.

AL... I have to tell you thank you for the info on the umbrella material. I never thought of that and I think that it would work perfect to use for the chute pack material. I jus hope I could find some in a shiny material. I did buy a window cover that I tought I could uae for material but I am sure I will make a few of them from different materials and see what looks best to go with.

Alright fellas, i should have another update for you guys tonight. Last night i finished fixing all of the tabs that I broke off while I was doing body work to the inside of the body. So stay tuned B)

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Brad... I didnt even think of that. That material is a possibility too. I am sure that I will be making a few samples and going with what looks the best....lol. I Took some pics last night but I wasnt able to upload them. I will tonight.

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Alright Fellas.... As mentioned earlier I wasn't able to upload pics last night and well I have some pics to share with everyone. They may seem a little repetitive but its the joy of all the fun body work...lol

Here is the Right side body work all finished at the moment:


Here is the front fender body work behind the bumper that I had to rework to make look better than the kit:


Here is the left hand Side of the front fender that was reworked as well:


Left side full Shot:


Here is under the body, where you see the arrows were many of the the tabs that I had to remake and fix because I broke about 12 of them while I was doing the body work on the inside of the body:


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Here is a full shot of the whole inside of the body with all of the tabs fixed... Phew....lol:


Upclose shot of the rear panel:


Another shot of the front:


Ok so here is the parachute mount, I need to Give Credit to Bob the Hobby guy on here. He gave me the idea about connecting the parachute with a small magnet since I want to have 2 different parachutes to use depending on how the car is displayed. I am still going to add two holes for pins to clock the parachute. But this method is a much better way than I was originally planning to do this. So thank you Bob, I appreciate your help:


Here it is with the magnet in place. After the body gets painted I will attache with 5 or 3 min epoxy:


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Hey john. I'm loving this build. I finally have started my first build in forever and have it posted in the drag cars section. U and a lot of others on here are a big big inspiration to me. I'm not as good as u guys but I'm gonna try to make this one as nice as I possibly can. I have a few other projects planned but they aren't drag cars. They are gonna be more along the lines of replicas of a few of the past ridler great 8 contenders over the past couple yrs. Thanks so much for posting your builds and progress BC it helps me and I'm sure a lot of other along the way and really makes me wanna push myself to the limit. Keep up the awesome work. Can't wait to see more.

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Well, you know me. I have been known to come up with some whacko ideas, so I might as well put one more out there. You don't need a body cradle, you need a Rotisserie. You could either motorize it or we could all take turns cranking a handle. What fun. Interactive model displays !!!

And now we return for a brief encounter with sanity as we ponder the insane level of detail that continues to batter our skulls until we are senseless. Now do we understand where the insanity comes from?

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John... thanks brother, its getting closer... i cant wait to see it out of bare plastic ;).... LMAO :D

Kris.... thabks for the props on this build. I will have to go check your build out. I love the idea of reicas of some of the Riddler award cars. I do ebjoy other builds besides Drag Builds but 1/16th Drag builds are at the top of my list now. I do have a custom '49 merc I have been wanting to start forever.

Bob... thank you, it is just about ready to go and get some paint squirted on it. It is a little aways from the red, white and blue bir definitely getting closer.

Joe... that would be an awesome idea of having it on a rotisserie. I donhabe some cool ideas to display it. Umm I have no clue as to where the insanity comes from. I think i am going to get locked up after this build or be out on meds...lol

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