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What is your secret to working on the same model for so long.

I just work on them until they are done.

I think what you were really asking might be how do I not get bored with them?

Since there's no kit or instructions to follow, and so many parts to make, I just work on the parts I want to, when I want to most of time.

Plus I have other smaller projects that get worked on during the building of the larger ones.

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Here are the fenders I wanted to build for it...

The front fenders will be the cycle style. I started by machining a circular blank the correct diameter and with the outer lip radius, and then I cast a couple copies of it in resin.


The inner fenders with supports and mounting points were made from sheet styrene.


After I cut sections of the circular blanks out for each fender and attached them to the inner sections, I bonded the two assemblies together then shaped them as one uniform piece.



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I made some minor modifications to the inner fender panels to allow a little more elbow room for the brake lines that will be added to the calipers later and installed the metal mounting boss.


I test mounted the front fenders to the suspension on the car to make sure there is enough clearance for the steering, and to verify it all could be bolted together. It passed…



I think it is fair to say the majority of the bodywork has been fabricated at this point, but there is plenty more to make too.


I think it needs the front spoiler and side bodywork to flow a little better. But then again it is Seven based so a little ungainly is not uncommon…

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Really coming along nicely! When you mentioned a front spoiler I immediately though of something like a Ferrari 312B. Not a modern spoiler by any means, but kind of period correct. Just something to ease the airflow over the tires. ;) I am sure that whatever you come up with will look just right. You have a great eye for this kind of detail. This is going to be a show stopper for sure!

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Thanks Pete, your thinking is right along with what I was envisioning. Something from the '60s-'70s F1 era for the front wing. Not sure if it will be integral to the nose, or "plugged on" though. But I'm not so sure a full front F1 style wing might be a it much for this one too. It'll tell me what it needs in due time...

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The wheels are almost done now that they are riveted together. Each one is made up of 23 individual parts. The outer rims are Mazda Tungsten Gray and the centers are a custom mixed dark gunmetal with a cast texture. They still need the brand labeling. Center caps will be made later.


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Thanks guys. More brasswork...

The roll bar is made of solid brass rod. I spot annealed the areas I bent the main bar.

Still need to do some detail clean up on the mounting plate soldering…


Before I built the roll bar I attached two bosses as receivers to the rear mounting points of the frame.


I also drilled through the rear body section at the same points and lined the holes with brass tubing for a positive fit and to protect the future paint from chipping during assembly.


It plugs right in…


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