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Chopped 32 Tudor


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Hi all
I just finished this one
Revell 32 Tudor, chopped resin body, 32 Highboy Halibrands and the stock grille shell, firewall and hairpins from a Stacey David 32.
Paint is Tetsors One Coat Lime Ice for the exterior and White Lightning for a pearl-look interior
I removed the rear airbags for an earlier look and substituted Replicas & Miniatures finned drums and early Ford backing plates for the discs
I went for the all paint look that I saw on a car on the internet
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Where did you source the body?

The body came from Scalemodelling by Chris - http://www.scalemodelingbychris.com/

It was very well cast and required little prep. I bought from the original purchaser and it had some slight warpage that may have been caused by poor storage but I was able to easily correct that by running under hot water.

The interior fitted in easliy and it comes with a chopped whindshield frame and some clear acetate for the windows. I would definately buy more forom SM by C based on my experience with this one

Chris (not related to SMbyC)

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