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garage diorama fully detailed and fully scratch build ...


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thnx guys !!


yesterday i made a welder table with vice ... the top is made of aluminum sheet and bend in one piece to get thick edges ..

legs are styrene ...all rusted up .... made that so i could use it to pile up parts and tools and make the empty space there filled and detailed .. started with a blower and scoop and some hub caps and mic. parts .. would be cool to ad more smalls later ..


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thnx !

left .. hmm some small stuff like diagrams / papers .... maybe some bigger car parts they work on..

lighting .. i know ususally you do that first but i have a space under the whole floor to run wires and its easy to put them where i want .. problem is i have to read into those led's and the resistants they need and how much leds with what ...etc ..

finally finish the outside walls so it looks nice..

idea was to cut stone brick from corck sheets .. but its such a massive job and that for only a outside that needs to look a bit presentable .. since its more of a watchbox dio (?) and not a realistic building ..

so maybe some sheets on the outside will work and are so much less work ..

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thnx guys and sadly all the pics stopped working from now on i use a new host so should work in the future ..

i used facebook and although they show on facebook after a while all the pictures on forums where gone ...wont show

here are some links to my fb albums > most pictures from start to now are in here .. not all .. but a lot show how i made the machines , stuff etc .. its 90% scratchbuild

start > 


second >


third >


etc > ( :)




and here is a album of my gasstation diorama .. i build that one before the garage .. i want to make a nother one in the future since i feel i can do a nicer one at this point :)







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mad a steel weathered cabinet .. with weathered wooden top .. i want to fill it with workshop books ans other details .. i like this better then the wheel i had there 





and wethered the walls some more , drybrushed with brown oil paint this time > pic in artificial light >


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I can not believe how accurately you have captured every aspect of this shop, the wood, the wear, the grime, the tools. It reminds me of a machine shop in town, and also the shop that I worked at for over 20 years. Excellent work! I've always wanted to do this myself, but have never got around to it.

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thnx brian !! much apriciated :) and well maybe its time just start one .. begin small and maybe do a certain earea ... like a workbench space with room for one car .. one thing is for sure its so much fun to do .. for me at this point even more so then a car build :) 


my printer is dead so i really need to buy a new one .. i still had 2 boxes and a flyer and just added them


mooneyes + socal speedshop packaging boxed and a printed indian motorcycle flyer added ..

btw the lugnut wrench thing was one that came with a car kit .. i drilled it open so it would fot over a lug nut (lol) 

bit rough looking but 2 are real close up shots

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Hi Richard.......I totally forgot about this thread.......I`m so glad I found it again......this ihas to be the coolest Diorama I have ever seen.......I have always wanted to build one myself.......thank you for the inspiration.......I only hope mine woill be 1/2 as good as this......very well done and very very cool man......I love it!!!!!:wub:

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