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1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28


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Hello. After little building because of weather i decided it was time to get going again. I thought i`d give this

old Camaro a chance. It is molded in "lovely" orange and have tons of flash,but after some clean up,fitting

and mock-up it is starting to look like a car. Still have the dead cow in trunk stance,i think it`s mostly because

i have not glued the body to the chasis yet,but i`ll get on it. The wheels are sleeves from Pegasus with inserted

original Rallye wheels. The engine who follow the kit was a joke. I had a spare 427 from the 67 Impala SS who

got it`s home in this one,and it fit pretty good. I will also try use the plumbing from the Impala,and i found a

period correct brake booster on Ebay,not to be found in the kit. Color and clear are from Tamiya. I thought

i`l let it rest over night before i start fondle with BMF.

This is the kit.


Here is where i am at now.






Thanks for looking.

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Man, your build is looking great. Did you have to modify anything to get the 67 impala engine in there...??

Thank you. The only thing i had to do was to drill the hole in the oilpan a tiny bit bigger,then it slip right in there.

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I think what Monty meant was that the valve covers should be rotated 180 degrees from where they are mounted now. If you look at the valve covers from the end you will see that one side is taller than the other. The taller side should be on the bottom or lower edge of the head.

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David: That is what i did.

Stephen: Thank you.

Matthijs: I cant find pictures of the ones exactly i use because i have thrown away the package.

One thing is for sure they are not "23,mine are 19" or 20" max,15" wheels slip right into them.

This is what the package did look like (Mine is not "23)


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Did some BMF today and detail painted the wheels. The "28" behind the Z should be white,getting on it.

Have cut the spindles to correct the bad stance on the car. I consider give this a front spoiler and skip

the one on the trunk. Hope it gets warm enough to get on painting the engine.



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I've always wondered who the manufacturer of that kit was because I had one of these a long time ago and always wanted another shot at one of these. My first build was pretty bad as I recall. You're doing wonders with this kit and like the upgrades you're doing. Where's the fun in leaving builds all stock anyways? :lol:

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Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

Tom: I find most attempts on foil a nightmare,but i agree on silver being a challenge.

Joe: Thank you,and i always fail trying to go completely stock lol. But this kit

is so crude i dont have the skill or patience to even attempt trying to make it stock.

Well,the engine is in.


Had to find a new radiator in the parts box,so this,cooling and radiator hoses arent in yet.

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