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  1. Thanks Dan I gotta tell everyone to check out your profile and website. Bye far one of the best I've seen. Very professional and chocked full of photo's and info. Great job Dan !!
  2. Well, not sure if this is the kind of thing you guy's here like, and it was kind of a different build for me - especially the stock wheels and tires and the stock height. I love 24 inchers and the droped in the weeds look . I finished this a couple of month's ago, just before I started posting here. I got the hairbrain idea of building this as a sort-of factory super-stock. CHEVY HEMI"S have been around since the 60's, so this has a big block Chevy Hemi in it that's carburated and detailed as stock.
  3. Anything in then "Weeds" is cool and this is VERY COOL !!. Love the color and the wheels. A buddy of mine years ago had a yellow one and we'd cruiz all around in that thing. Sure was fun back in the day.
  4. Hey ######'n Glad I followed your build, as it sure turned out slick Those "DONKERS" got nothin' on you - LOL Lookin forward to your next build - Dave
  5. Well, it's time to finish these projects and not start anymore 'till I'm done. Bought me some BEEEEEEU-teee-fulll pattern wood yesterday called Perfect Plank, made from sugar pine, for a totally scratch-built project I have planned down the road. Am I excited - EEEEEEEHAH!! This is my insentive to finish most everything in the next few month's except maybe the '50 Lincoln, and that's a biggy. I have a lot of machining to do on that one. That'll be way-fun!! Anyway, just need to stay focused, then it's time to bump up my game No plastic - All fiberglass - just like back in the day .
  6. OK OK you guy's I guess I'm going to have to do what I originally planned, and that's to lenghthen the doors to fit the interior length of the Vette door panels. This means I have to go to eBay and buy another '59 Chev kit for the longer door chrome - WAA WAA WAA - LOL Not sure about the fin yet. Maybe I'll just leave it and scribe a new door line????? Shorten the fin???We'll see. Thanks ######'n - Dave Watch out fo dem wimmen - LOL
  7. Well, like I told Ed. I froze up the hard drive , so had to get the "Old Girl Fixed". Now she "flys". Anyway, got the body and hood pretty much done and need to lay on a few light coats of urethane primer, sand, and then lay down a bright red urethane paint job. This is two stage, so I'll be clear-coating. Gonna do the interior in tan and black. The windshield and cowl area will be flat black like on the "Vette. Chassis and drive-line will be all Corvette. The hood will be hinged from the front like the 'Vette. At least I hope so -LOL
  8. Thanks Ed Froze-up the ol' hard drive about a week and a half ago , so couldn't respond. Just gotter back yesterday with some more gigs and a tune-up and she's "flyin" now
  9. Hi all Bout two weeks ago my system started slowin' down, then just locked up about a week ago. Took the "Old Girl" into the GEEK SQUAD for a good goin' over and a 1gig up-grade and she's runnin' better than ever now. Got a bunch of fun model stuff done, and I get to see my younger NAVY SON this weekend. Been on an aircraft carrier for several years, so this'll definetly be a big deal weekend for us. Hope to post some new stuff in the next few days. All the best guy's - Dave
  10. Hey Bluesman and Bill I agree with both of you . I think we're saying the same thing, just in different ways. I'm a very driven "Type A" personality, that "THRIVES" on complexity and intensity and challange. Burnout is never an option for people like me, because we live in our passions, and love the "Endorfins" and the "Highs" we get from enjoying life. May be a bit of an adrenalin "Junkie", but it's what "Floats my boat" - LOL . I guess maybe this is some of ths 'Darker side of Dave", but boy does it work in all of my life, not just my model building. And yes 'Bill", those "Plateus" in
  11. I thought I'd post this as a bit of a challange. Not so much about the chrome, but about stepping out of "THE PROVERBIAL BOX" - . I realize that this is just a hobby, so why go to all the expense and effort of chroming or using urethane paints, or anything else difficult. Making roll-up windows like Bill does? ? Because we love a challange that is difficult, that is hard, maybe even impossible. At that point it's not so much about model building, as it is about doing something new and the "CHALLANGE". Maybe no one has done it before. It's easy to sometimes be a bit lazy about my hobby and
  12. Ya, I know what ya mean Marcos . Good thing it's just plastic toys huh? Happy Modeling my friend - Dave
  13. Welcome back . Glad your building . Family is great. Things just happen. Wait'll ya retire - and the grandkids come over . At least you can give those back Happy modeling - Dave (When I was three, I painted all my dad's H.O. trains black - YUK )
  14. Well I finally got to take more pics and get them posted . Working on the "Badillac" And the " '50 Lincoln too. I got the body shortened as you can see, and the hood is mostly done, and has two coats of "Zinzzer Bin" - Stuff is great. Also got the chassis shortened and fits great. Smooth sailing so far. Need to send away for some wheels next. Not sure of the color yet. I think something stock, with the windshield post and area painted flat black
  15. Hey Bill I did plastics and vacuum forming for nearly 40 years for a career. Lancer Co. Slot racing bodies from '64 - '77 in SoCal. Then I worked at two huge vacuum forming co.'s in Portland. One, the largest on the West Coast. I made original patterns and molds for Hewlett Packard, Freightliner. Peterbilt, Burgerking, Pepsi, etc. High speed stuff and single station stuff. Proto-types, one-off's - you name it, I did it. Aluminum, steel, fiberglass, resins and epoxies of all sorts. And plastics of all sorts. Tons of clear plastic packaging. I was not only a pattern-maker and proto-type mach
  16. Hi everyone I agree. The 789 is too busy and doesn't flow well IMHO- not to say mine will be any better. As I said, mine will be mostly stock, except for small mostly un-noticible changes The stock '59 cowl in front of the windshiel will be removed, and the trailing edge of the corvette hood will be added to the rear of the Impala hood, to match the new cowl and windshield. Also the rear wheel well openings will be raised up close to the chrome body molding, for a more balanced for and aft look. I like seeing the "Standard 24" I'll be using . For now, I think that's it. Thanks guy'
  17. Well guy's, this is what happens when I spend two weeks not doing anything creative on models and start having withdrawls . I go nut's cutting plastic. I've had this kit sitting out like forever staring at it with almost a complete plan, but not quite. Ever been there ?? I love '59 Chevy's, but the back-end is way too heavy for me, and I think this balances it out. Anyway, this "Badillac thing", and talking back and forth with Harry P., got the "Juices of life" flowing, and the next thing I know, I'm hackin away at this Impala and '98 Corvette. " MIKEY LIKES IT" The plan is for the bo
  18. Hi Kasteer I like what I'm seein' . Build it as a curbside (IMHO). Try "choppin" the tires off. Who care's if they aren't round unless your going to play with it on the floor. The guy's in one of the clubs I belong to call me " Dave on the half-shell", because I love to chop huge tires/wheel combo's and get those "rides in the weeds" - LOL Here's my CHEMARO - 24"WHEELS AND TIRES CHOPPED. LUV' UM OR HATE UM !! Can't help it boyz - It's all about " THE SHOCK AND AWE"
  19. Hey John Why not put a Chezoom roof on it - LOL ( Bye the way - Nice mug )
  20. Hey John Thanks for asking. I'm retired and just playin'. Still got a way to go to make it better. Chrome Tech is a good source and their prices are pretty reasonable. I'm like most of you guy's wanting to learn new things and do it yourself. It took me seven month's to figure this out and then another four month's to make it better. Some of us are just nut's . No way to justify the $$$, except the challange and the fun. Believe me, Chrome Tech is way cheaper. Happy modeling my friend - Dave
  21. Boy I tell ya. When you take on something like this, it can sure be a challange . Hadn't done any of this Chroming since last October or November. It's miserable to spray water stuff, when it's in the high 30's and low 40's, and raining sometimes, even though it worked good "usually", so I waited 'till spring and warmer weather to do this, but nothing would work right. Ya have to do this outside. I've been at this since April trying to get this system to work again. Everything I tried up until a few days ago failed. Talk about exasperating. I did this for over a year and now nothing worke
  22. WOW !!! This is very very COOOOOOOOOOOOL . Looks sort of Porsche Carrera-ish .Is that a new word??? Oh well. Love the look,the interior, and the colors. Great job
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