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  1. Beautiful!!!!! Thanks for NOT putting spot lights(Warts) on it
  2. Man, you guys are a tough audience!!!!!! It was a fun paint though!!! Thanks.
  3. I apologize for high jacking this thread, but does anyone anywhere know where I could purchase the Revell 66 Impala ? Was my second car with my own spray bomb flames!!! Thanks guys.
  4. Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story. Sculptor is Gabriel Garcia.
  5. Hi Peter. Saw your post about the IXO wheels. I'd love to use a pair of these on my dragtser builds. Where are you getting these ixo models so cheap? These really look like they would work scale wise. I emailed the factory about selling just the front wheels and tires......flat out no. The ebay shipping prices for the bikes are crazy from Europe. I saw a  Honda exactly like yours from Italy and they won't list a shipping price to the U.S. Are swiss shipping costs to the U.S. high? Just a thought. Thanks for the info.


  6. A mag is essentially a distributor that doesn't need a battery. Wired(Secondary) the same as a distributor. Single wire with a switch activates it. On the old time diggers, while being pushed, turn mag on, open fuel valve and hang on.
  7. Terry I thought I had a problem.........5 unfinished kits and thinking of MORE. I can't figure it out. So easy to get one on rubber with primer. My resolution this year is to finish 2 models. I've even thought of maybe a quick box stock build. Ain't happened yet.
  8. I'm offended. What, no L-Heads? Ford flatheads, one with an Ardun Overhead conversion(plugs in valve covers).
  9. I was cutting some flat stock for filling a firewall with a spruce cutter. Danged if my cat didn't have a piece wedged into his fur. He also has the knack(or ability) to find the most delicate subassembly, then tries nonchalantly lay on it. Yes, hair in paint.
  10. That thing is a cruiser, even snuck in a Columbia 2 speed rear!!!!! Very nice work Tulio.
  11. Wow Donn, put some pebbles in those treads and I would swear thats a real one !!!!!!! Beautiful coupe.
  12. Could you imagine showing up at a contest in box stock catagory with that vette? The guys in the background are saying "And he drives that on the street?"
  13. Here ya go Steve, standard Tony Nancy frame. Moved the rear axle back to line up tires with the wheel opening. Driver, blower and hat are Comp.Resins products. Thank you guys for the complements!!!
  14. I wear contacts so I have to wait a bit for the astigmatism straightens out so I can glue valve covers on straight!!!!
  15. I searched on here but photo bucket has killed most of the photos. YouTube How to make a metal tension spoke wheel- Great Guide Plastic Models A Guide to Respoking Wire Wheels- The Motor Museum in Miniature Thanks Michael.........sort of.
  16. Made some slight changes on this body. I'm diggin' it now. S.O.H.C. motor and 12 spoke americans will be added.Thanks for looking.
  17. And I thought I was the only one !!!!!! Primered gray WIPs are my favorite!!!!!
  18. I'm not a fan of the p.e. wheels. I started making my own using the fishing line method. It's pretty easy and looks MUCH better. For the how to on the jig do a search.
  19. Yes, buy, just received my Porsche decals last week and they're beauties !!!!!
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