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  1. Hey Fantom There from micromark, it was one long strip, I believe 15" long. Under micro hinges. I cut them to the length I needed. Ron G
  2. Hey guys The headache rack is going to be painted to match the truck, although I my do the doors in polished aluminum. Ok I got some more work done on the big KW. I made a new fifth wheel mounting plate with scratch built gear racks (real pain in the posterior!) and lowboy trailer neck ramps. this view shows the rear of the truck with the scratch built lowboy neck ramps, movable fifth wheel and custom mounting plate and gear rack. view looking down on the fifth wheel setup. this view shows how the fifth wheel fits to the neck ramps. side view of the whole rig.
  3. Hey all I have the headache rack done. I just need to go over it with some filler and do some sanding. this view shows the rear of the headache rack. The doors are diamond plate with custom door handles and hinges. side view of the headache rack. It's a scale 12" deep. this view shows the front of the headache rack and the mounting brackets. top view of the headache rack. side view of the truck with the headache rack in place. another view of the headache rack on the truck. view looking forward of the headache rack and truck. Well that's it for now
  4. Hey all Ok, I have the lift axle done, except for some final details to the mounting brackets. this view shows the lift axle and the drives. this view shows the lift axle with the brake drums attached. I need to add some rib detail to the mounting brackets. view of the lift axle from the bottom. this view shows that the lift axle clears the drive shaft. view of the lift axle from the other side. this view shows the air bags from the 1/24 Italeri Western Star kit that I used for the axle air lift bags. view of the lift air bags from the front. th
  5. Hey all I have the lift axle fabricated. I still need to fab up the mounting brackets and lift air bags, brakes, etc. I didn't get any pictures today, but I'll take some tomorrow. Ron G
  6. Hey all Well I have the 36" sleeper done. I cut 2 scale feet out of the kit sleeper to create this. This view shows the 36" sleeper in place on the frame. I have to cut off the rear sleeper mounts from the frame and move them forward to fit the new 36" sleeper. another view of the sleeper. You can see the fender rubber lips that I added to the front fenders after grinding the opening bigger to fit the large front floats. Well that's it for now be back soon. Ron G
  7. Hey all Got some more work done on the frame. this view shows the drivers side battery box. this view shows the frame and rear wheels/tires. this view shows the drivers side battery box with the cover off. The wooden block is representing one of the (4) batteries that will be in here, the other sides box will house one of the air tanks. this view shows the truck partially assembled for pictures. The sleeper floor will be shortened to a 36" sleeper and a headache rack will be added. another view of the KW 900L heavy haul tractor. Ron G
  8. Hey all Small update, I've got the frame stretched and assembled. Took a couple of pictures while the glue dries. the axles are only there for pictures. view of the bottom of the frame. Ron G
  9. Hey guys Yeah I know another one...it's a disease...please I need help...lol😁 Ok now that thats over. I'm starting a build thread on a 1/16 scale Monogram Kenworth W900 Conventional kit. I plan on doing it as a tri-axle heavy haul, with custom made headache rack, custom made air lift axle, decals from Jerry at modeltruckin.com. I'm using the kit Caterpillar 3408 V8 engine, but I'm fully plumbing it with custom Cat oil and fuel filter decals. It's going to have aftermarket 385/65R 24.5 front floats, 385/55R 22.5 super singles for the lift axle and 12.00R 24.5 drive tires. I
  10. They have them for a 1/16 scale Kenworth W900? Ron G
  11. Hey all I think I might have found one from a guy on YouTube that had a extra one left over from his build. Ron G
  12. Hey guys Short update. this view shows the drivers side door mounted to the sleeper. this view shows the drivers side door opened. I still have to do the other side and add the trim lips, like the ones I did on the cab. Ron G
  13. Yeah, I kind realise that I'll probably have to go that route, but I fgured I would give it a try and see what comes up. There's a guy on Ebay that has a complete rolling chassis for sale, but he wants $160.00 plus shipping and tax! Thats more then I payed for the whole kit! Ron G
  14. Hey all I'm in dire need of a Monogram 1/16 scale Kenworth W900 Conventional passenger side frame rail. The one I just got is a short shot on the the two rear air bags. As you can see the bottom frame rail rear is totally messed up! It should look like the upper one in the photo (only for the other side). closer view of the problem.😭🤬🙏 praying for help. Disappointed Ron G
  15. Yeah tgere rc stuff is so so. I have there 1/24 scale RC Cat 336 excavator, it's all plastic gear drive, so so it was $99.95 #25001. The biggest thing is it's not 1/24 its more like 1/20:1. They actually came out with another one in 1/24 scale thats closer to 1/28:1 scale it's cheeper around $60.00 #25005. The trailer should be ok depending on what it costs. Ron G
  16. Look for Neurumberg toy fair 2020- part 4 diecast masters by cranes etc. tv couldn't find a actual link comes in about the 12.54 time point. Ron G
  17. The YouTube video doesn't show much, its more for the Diecast Masters 1/16 scale RC Freightliner Cascadia, and no it's not the Tamiya one. They also make a 1/16 scale RC Western Star dump truck, you csn find them at various places on the internet. Ron G
  18. They haven't released any pricing yet, probably will find out around the pre order time. When they let me know I'll post it here. If it's the same quality as their 1/50 scale trailer it should be realky sweet! Ron G
  19. Hey guys I have the doors mounted to the cab with there miniature piano hinges. This was a difficult, if not scary process. I had to grind down the surface on the inner side of tge cab and doors, both sides in order to fit the hinges. I did this with my trusty Foredom tool and various milling bits. I almost ground through the drivers side of the cab and had to do some repair, luckily all turned out good. this view shows the passenger side door mounted. this view shows the passenger side door opened. this view shows the 0.015" thk plastic I added to the inside of the cab
  20. Hey all I found this on YouTube. It's a 1/16 scale XL Specialized XL120 drop nose lowboy trailer from Diecast Masters. They are making it for there 1/16 scale RC Freightliner Cascadia truck. I've contacted them via email and they said it is definitely coming out. It will be available in China in October and probably available for pre-order for Christmas 2021. I plan on using this for my 1/16 Monogram Peterbilt 359 and my 1/16 Monogram Kenworth W900L 4 axle Heavy haul (this will be my next build after the Pete) this view is pulled from YouTube of the prototype of the trailer, that's
  21. Hey all I've been working on the big Pete. I cut the doors out of the cab. They were a real pain in the buttocks!...lol. The plastic is a 1/16" plus thick and was very difficult to cut. I started by scribing it with a needle in a pin vise followed by a sharp scalpel, it was so tuff it broke the needle!, but I finally made it through. this view shows the door in the opening held on with tape. this view shows the door in the open position. this view shows the cab with drivers door in place and the passenger door with one of the hinges I'm using for the doors. this vie
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