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  1. Thanks guys I did some work on the interior. I added some very thin grey velour with adhesive backing to make the carpet. I got these off of Amazon, I got 2 sheets 8 1/2 x 11 of light grey, dark charcoal, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, beige and dark wine red. It works great for carpeting on 1/25-1/24 models, and it sticks pretty good. this view shows the arm rests I added to the inner sides of the seats, also the seat backs that I added. The velour carpeting looks kinda beige, but it is light grey. this view shows the clutch, brake and gas/fuel pedels that I added.
  2. Thanks guys I have the brake lines almost done, I ran out of the purple wire I was using for the air lines, so now I have to switch to green, but it's all going to be painted the frame color so it doesn't matter. this view shows the rear area if the truck. this view shows the rear brake modulator and the height control valve. this view shows the front brake modulator valve on the left and the rear brake anti-lockup modulator on the right. this view shows the Cummins NTC-400 and the front brake line, I used braided line for these. this view shows what this truck
  3. Hey guys I've been working on the Peterbilt 379 exhd custom. I decided to leave it stock at 246.0" W/B. I have the frame assembled and I started in on plumbing the air suspension system. The air brakes and fuel lines will come next. this view shows the scratch built rear air bag height control valve and the air lines to the rear airbags. this view shows the scratch built front airbag height control valve and air lines to the airbags. this view shows the whole rear section. this view shows the three air tanks. this view shows the main supply air tank on the bot
  4. πŸΏπŸ˜€ I'll tag along. Pretty ambitious project. Ron G
  5. Hey guys As I said yesterday I would post pictures of the 379exhd and 63" flat top sleeper, so here are some pictures. this view shows the final setup for the 1/24 Italeri Peterbilt 378 Tri-drive. rear view of the rig. front view of the rig, these are just sitting together for pictures. this view shows the Unibilt 63" large opening sleeper, 379 raised roof cab with custom made lower extensions and the 379exhd hood. view from the front. downward view. passenger side view of the 379 setup. This will be going on a stock length kit frame (maybe) with 4 sin
  6. Hey guys I've been working on the Tri-drive Pete. I recently bought another Pete, the 1/24 AMT Long hauler (repop of the Italeri kit), got it for a great price $50.00 bucks. So anyway, I started cutting it up and I now have a high roof, large opening cab to sleeper 378, I think? I also made one of the hoods into a extended hood 379. Here's some pics for you to look at. this view shows the stock 378 hood, modified cab with raised roof and modified 63" Unibilt sleeper with enlarged cab to sleeper opening. front view of the cab, you can see the interior and seats that will know
  7. My bid is for a 1/24 Peterbilt 379exhd with high cab roof and with unibilt 63" walk in sleeper with the larger sleeper opening to the cab. Most of the parts are available from the Italeri/AMT 378 kit, just needs some reworking. It also needs deep Texas bumper, drop visor, loads of chicken lights, 7 - 9 roof lights, low frame mounted air horns and Cat C15 twin turbo with 18 spd. transmission. ...hey wait a minute I'm scratch building one of these as we speak! ...lol Also a 1/24 Kenworth w900L decked out the same way.πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ Ron G
  8. Hey Gator It will be 4 large rolls of sheet steel, I have to figure out how to make them. I my try to 3D print them. Ron G
  9. Hey Wayne Nice build, l would like to get one of these Internationals to add to my collection. Check out my build "oh no I did it again" of my 1/24 379 Peterbilt and custom made 6 axle flatbed trailer. Good luck with your wrist, I know surgery and recovery can be a bitch! Ron G
  10. Hey all Some more progress on the 6 axle flatbed trailer. this view shows the whole thing. this view shows the deck boards in place on the trailer. top view of the trailer deck boards. View looking rearward of the Pete 379 and 6 axle flatbed trailer. That's it for now be back soon. Ron G
  11. Hey all Did some work on the 6 axle flatbed trailer. The wheels that I ordered from Italeri finally got here, along with some more Italeri 1/24 truck tires, so I made up some axles and temporarily installed the wheels/tires to the trailer. this view shows the whole setup and its 35 1/2" long! this view shows just the trailer and its a scale 48' long. Ron G
  12. OK! but when is it supposed to be released? Ron G
  13. Any news on when this Pete is going to be released? I would like to get one, because it looks very similar construction to Revells "Can do" wrecker kits. Ron G
  14. Hey all It's been a while on this build. I did some more work on the Tri-drive Pete. I made new longer tanks out of some 3/4" (1.05" O.D.) pvc pipe and ends from some 0.08" plastic sheet. I also made a rear step to get up on the frame to hook up the air/elec. Lines. I did some more work on the engine intercooler pipes and air intake pipes. So, here are some pictures for you to look at. this view shows the intercooler and air intake pipes. I have to fix the radiator, it's crooked!!!... BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! Oh well no big deal. view from the front of the truck showing the exhaus
  15. The Renault 360 that I ordered from Italeri finally showed up yesterday so I got started with assembling the Mack E9. This is a European version and a lot of stuff had to be changed to make this correct to what I'm modeling. Ok, here we go. I have the E9 together. I had to do some modifications to it to make it more like a actual E9, not a European version. I had to move the starter from this side to the other side, also I added the chrome part to make the oil cooler. I put the rear piece from the Cummins NTC-400 with the trans cooler on the E9 transmission. closer view of the
  16. Dark orange frame, wheel centers. Gray/blue engine and gunmetal/black transmission. Orange with black stripes. Ron G
  17. Hey all I did a little more work on the Superliner. I got the frame primed with flat black. this view shows the front air lines. hey Force, this view shows the air line guards I made to protect the lines runnig along the rear ends. This was the best I could come up with. this view shows the refrigerator and two drawers I added opposite of the closet. another view of the refrigerator cabinet. view from the top. I added reinforcements to the hood. this view shows the hood that I copied. Ron G l
  18. Hey Force I thought of that right after I finished them, I will look into rerouting them. Ron G
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