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  1. Hey guys Another small update. I have the two air cleaners done and primed. first primer coat on. I removed the printed in screens and added some stainless steel mesh ones. I added interior parts to them also. I know have to sand them and probably add some filler then paint them chrome. Well that's it for now be back soon. Ron G
  2. Hey all Thanks guys Not much of an update, just a couple of pictures showing the frame decals. this view shows the rear frame decals. this view shows the front frame decal. These are from Jerry at Model trucking. Ron G
  3. Hey guys Did some more work on the big Pete. I have the fuel tanks done. I'm making the tank mounts now. I mounted the shocks. The next thing to mount is the engine, radiator and hoses. this view shows the passenger side fuel tank temporarily mounted to the frame. The Tamiya tape will be replaced with black electrical tape and chrome custom made straps. Still undecided on how to paint them. this view shows the tank and tool box cover. I did the covers and deck plate with Vallejo dull aluminum metal paint. this view shows the truck temporarily assembled for pictures.
  4. Hey all Well I have the chassis painted! Whoo hoo! It came out a little flat, so I'm going to go over it with some X22 gloss. overall view of the rolling chassis. I have to paint the yellow peices chrome silver. I think I'm going to do the tanks dark green with chrome straps to match the frame, not sure what do you guys think? rear of chassis. front of chassis. center of chassis. Well that's it for now be back soon. Ron G
  5. Thanks guys Ok, I got started on the fuel tanks. These are made from 1 1/4" PVC pipe with Formufit PVC internal domed end caps 1 1/4" diameter. These are also available for 3/4c PVC pipe which works out to a scale 25.2" in 1/24 scale and 26.25" in 1/25 scale. They are available in multiple colors along with the pipe. this view shows the pipe and caps on the left and finished tank on the right. this view shows the kit tank on the left and my custom made tank on the right. end view of the same thing. this view shows that the tank is a scale 26" diameter. this vie
  6. Thanks guys OK! the brakes and air bag plumbing is DONE! The brakes went pretty good, but the air bags were a real f#%*n pain in the but! I had to drill out some Meng 1.8mm bolt heads so I could use them as fittings (I ran out of my Detail Masters aluminum ones). I only needed 17 of them, but I end up drilling out twice as many because I was a real fumble finger modeller today! I guess I'm getting old, because I kept dropping my nuts...lol. I bet I dropped at least 20 of them lost and gone to the carpet monster. I think the chassis is ready for paint. I'll have to check tomorrow a
  7. Hey all I have the brakes plumbed, But I still have a few lines left to do. I made air pressure gauges for the rear air tanks. I used some gauge decals and photo etch bezels from Airscale to create them. I also painted the shocks yellow and added some Monroe logos to them. this view shows the line from the front brakes to the right rear air tank. this view shows the air line, on the left, from the drivers side wet tank to the passenger side supply tank. this view shows the air lines from the passenger side front air tank to the left side rear air tank. this view sho
  8. Hey guys Small update, I did some work on the big Pete's grill shell. I carved out the cast in grill detail and added a screen mesh to the rear. this view shows the grill after I modified it and added the stainless steel mesh. I will be painting this like dull polished aluminum. (It's a work truck) close up view of the stainless steel mesh grill. This is temporarily assembled, I will be refining it later. Ron G
  9. Hey guys I've been working on the big Pete. I've started on plumbing the brakes and the air bags, I also added the missing panard/sway bars and brackets to tge rear axles. this view shows the scratch built front quick release valve for the front brakes, also you can see the passenger front brake line. this view shows the front drive side brake line. These are braided stainless steel lines. this view shows the scratch built front rear wheel lock control modulator valve. You can also see the scratch built front rear axle panard bar. this view shows the scratch built
  10. Hey guys Here are some more pictures for yous to look at. this view shows the 3D printed air cleaners. another view of the air cleaners. this view shows the engine, I modified the turbo intake and exhaust manifold and custom made air intake rubber elbows to look more like a big cam set up. this view shows the fan belts that I made from 1.5mm diameter rubber tubing. this view shows the wires from the starter to the alternator l. this view shows the wires from the alternator to the starter. this view shows Mr. Bruder working on the engine...lol. well th
  11. Small update. Found some decals to make truck look better, what do you think? I also got some scrole work decals in gold to match the outline strips. Now, I have some scratch building to do so I'm going down to the work bench, see you later Ron G
  12. Thanks, it will be Tamiya x-5 & x-15 gloss. I'm not sure what I want to do for the interior colors, I'm kinda leaning toward tans, I think it will look good with the greens. Ron G
  13. Hey Jim I found front floats, but I think I'm going to save them for a future Kenworth heavy haul Tri-drive tractor. I couldn't find any rears. I have some modeled up on Unigraphics NX16, but my printer took a dump😪 so have to figure out how I want to proceed from here. Ron G
  14. Hey Nitro She's going to be a work truck, not much chrome more polished aluminum, and yes it will be weathered properly...lol here's a picture of what I want to do. Ron G
  15. Thanks guys Small update, got some parts for the big Pete from Ebay and Shapeways. 3D printed swan hood ornament. This was described as being 1/24 scale, but it sure looks right for 1/16th. 3D printed fire extinguisher for cab. 3D printed Grammer air ride seats. side view of the seat. 3D printed oval slot Peterbilt rear rims. front 3D printed Peterbilt rims with moon caps. Ron G
  16. Thanks guys I have done some more work on the Pete. I purchased a 3D printed Cummins NTA855 big cam from a guy, Chucky's precision pullers & parts, I believe he is in Iowa. The engine is pretty nicely detailed, but it was missing some of the real engines components. So, I had to make them from scratch. They weren't really hard to make, just time consuming. I have the frame, cab, hood and sleeper assembled. this view shows the tractor temporarily assembled for pictures. this view shows the engine sitting in the frame and the front floats that are from a 1/16 Ertl d
  17. Yeah Mike, but like I said, I don't want super singles. I think I found what I was looking for on the Ertl 1/16 Peterbilt dump truck, floats and more aggressive rear tires. Waiting for it to come in the mail. Ron G
  18. Hey guys I kinda started on this, Monograms 1/16 Peterbilt 359 119" bbc with 63" flat top sleeper. I ordered some custom 3D printed Peterbilt oval hole wheels. I'd like to find some front floats and some more aggressive rear rubber. Things I'm planning on doing to this rig: 1) already did the front steering. 2) custom made Cummins NTC-400 big cam with the kit transmission. 3) 8" (1/2" actual size) custom made stacks. 4) opening doors on the cab and sleeper. 5) detailed cab and sleeper interior. 6) 3D printed chrome air cleaners. 7) custom drop v
  19. Thanks Casey, but I don't want super singles, just regular 22.5 heavy haul tractor tires, like Moluminum has in 1/25. Ron G
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