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  1. Hey Force Yeah I know I bought one of there's along with their 13/18 spd. Transmission, although there engine doesn't look like it comes with the turbos, so I bought the Berliet R352ch/Renault R360 kit# 3902. Ron G
  2. Hey guys I just purchased this for parts on the Mack Superliner build. I just found out after some deep research on the net that Renault used Mack E9 V8's in there trucks and French military vehicles. Makes sense since they owned Mack at the time. this view shows the sprue from the 3902 kit. As you can see, poorly I admit, heres my Mack E9 engine, not sure about the trans, I don't know what they used. closer view of the engine block and heads. Mack also collaborated with Scania on there V8 engines, but they use individual cylinder heads (8 total heads) where Renault/Mack
  3. I just realized I have the fuel, brake and the clutch pedels bass ackwords...Opps! Easy fix though. Ron G
  4. Hey guys Here's the final art work for the mural. I'm going to add a round tag under his collar that will be red with a white "U" on it. I also did some work on the Mack Superliner cab interior. I took the left hand drive dash from the Western Star and cut it up to fit in the Mack. It's not as wide and way deeper then the original dash for the Mack, but after some plastic magic...lol it fits great. this view shows the Mack interior with the driver figure that I kit bashed together. I also removed the arm rests from the two seats snd added them to the driver's seat in the down
  5. The 1/24 Italeri Mack Superliner kit and the 1/24 truck accessories kit showed up today. The Aussie parts from the Western Star will be going on this. this is the basic kit, there will be alot of changes made to it to make it into a Aussie road train hauler! this view shows the truck accessories kit. I purchased this to get the rear Mack 6 spoke wheels for the Mack Superliner, I had to customize them to make them work. this view shows the Mack E9 that I'm adding to the Mack. YES,...I bought a bunch of stuff from Auslowe model trucks, shh!!!...don't tell the wife, I don't want to
  6. Hey guys Here's a picture of the Italeri 1/24 Peterbilt 378 that I converted into a Tri-drive by using pieces from a old old Italeri 1/24 Peterbilt 377AE that I did eons ago and found in a box that I haven't opened since we moved 7 years ago. this view shows the kit I used. this view shows the old 377 cab (I haven't assembled the new one yet) and the 63" stand up sleeper from the 377 kit with the 378 hood. I put my custom made headache rack from my Revell Peterbilt 359 heavy haul tractor on it (I plan on making one for the 378) for the picture. This is going to look sweet pull
  7. Hey all I bought this kit for the Cummins NTC-400 engine so I can put it in the 1/24 Italeri Peterbilt 378 that I purchased off of Ebay to pull the 6 axle flatbed, and it is in the mail as we speak. I'm going to take the Detroit diesel series 60 out of the Pete and put it in the Western Star. Does anyone know how hard it would be to convert the Detroit 60 into an early Cummins X15? I'm hoping I can, as I don't really want to have a Detroit diesel. So, I started by putting the Cummins NTC-400 together so I could detail it, and that led to building the Western Star. I also h
  8. Hey Straightliner I have a set of the ones from Shapways. They are printed in the high detail resin/plastic which makes them really detailed, but they are VERY!!!!! brittle. You cant put any tension on them or they will brake. If you can get a hold of the person thet designed them (available on Shapways site) have him print them in the white smooth detail plastic, they wont be as detailed (they'll have some fine ridges from the print process) but they will be way stronger. Ron G
  9. Hey Straightliner Try Kit Form Services, there in England but have some great truck stuff. They only do 1/24 scale, but that shouldn't be a problem with load binders. Ron G
  10. Hey all Well I did it, I started another project. I purchased some air suspensions from Shapways for the lowboy, but they were to tall, they were meant for a standard height trailer...sooo, I decided to start a new project so I could use them. I'm making a 6 axle heavy haul/steel hauler 48' flatbed trailer based off of info form the internet and kind like the AMT flatbed trailer, but different. here is my drawing that I built it from. side view of 6 axle flatbed trailer. this view shows the air suspensions that I'm using, they still need a lot of work. I now need 6 compl
  11. Hey metalhead Where did you get your kit, I can't find one any where, need one for up coming build project. Ron G
  12. Hey all I'm looking for the dash panel part and the dash decal in order to covert the Australian truck #719 to a left hand drive American truck. I would even be interested in the whole interior. Ron G
  13. Hello Steve I used to work for Chrysler (FCA), but I've been retired for 7 years. I have done some work on Unigraphics NX16 on trailers,trucks, excavators, dozers, etc. I've been using my wifes computer that she has from FCA, she works there, but she is furloughed at home now, so I have access to it, temporarily sadly to say. The trailer, jeep and booster/stinger are all made from Evergreen or Plastistruc plastic with a few 3D printed items from Shapways and Moluminum. Wheels/tires are from Moebius, the rest is from the parts box. The excavator tracks are from Bruder toys, the
  14. Hey all Small update for you all. this view shows the support legs that I added to the booster/stinger and that I moved the nitrogen tank to the mounting bracket for the trailer. Also the frame braces between the tires. this view shows the support legs and crank mechanism. Well that's it, be back soon. Ron G
  15. Try TDR Inovations on Shapways, he has 3D printed various engines and parts. Ron G
  16. Hey guys Small update. I did some more work on the booster/stinger. side view of the XL 42 PMB booster/stinger. I drilled some lightning holes in it. view looking down at the booster/stinger. You can see the nitrogen bag with mounting bracket I added, I also added a power pack, its under the cover with the handle, you can see the exhaust pipe for it sticking up and I added a nitrogen holding tank just above the hydraulic cylinder. this view shows the nitrogen bag, nitrogen tank and the power pack cover and exhaust. view looking down at the nitrogen tank and power p
  17. Hey guys I have the booster/stinger almost completely built, I'd say about 80%. I assembled everything temporarily together to see how it looks, and WOW!!!! It's Lloooonngg!!! So here are some pictures for you all to perose. this view shows the mounting bracket, the attachment/pivot bracket with the hydraulic cylinder and the booster/stinger. I have to add tge power pack, hydraulic lines and nitrogen cylinder/tank. same thing from above. this view shows the whole set up, WOW! It's over 5' long! this view shows the Peterbilt 359 heavy haul tractor attached to the j
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