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  1. Hey guys I now have the gooseneck with the front flip extension done. I also have the lift cylinders for the gooseneck done. Here are some pictures of the set up. this view shows the gooseneck attached to the gooseneck base and the main pivot pins with lock pin clips. this view shows the front flip extension and the pins and pin clips. Also you can see the channel braces for the two king pins. this view shows the gooseneck front extension. The pins on top are the pivots and the pins on the bottom are the lock pins. You can just see the two king pins on the bottom. this view shows the front extension flipped up and resting on the rubber support blocks. You can see the front king pin it's made out of a 1/8" diameter aluminum tube. this view shows the gooseneck in the down position and the gooseneck flipped up. this view shows the gooseneck and the main pivot pins with pin clips. this view shows the gooseneck base and the locking cylinder. On the right is the rear of the gooseneck. this view shows the front of the gooseneck base and the attachment pin locations to the frame of the trailer base. this view shows the trailer connection pins this is were the gooseneck base attaches. this view shows the front of the trailer base and the relief area for the locking cylinder. this view shows the hydraulic lifting cylinders and how they attach to the gooseneck and the gooseneck base. this view shows the gooseneck and the front of the trailer and the approximate width of the trailer base. this is a 1/50 scale diecast set up of what I'm trying to make in 1/25 scale. It's a Kenworth T880 tridem tractor, XL Specialized XL130 HD 28' well lowboy trailer with a 3 axle jeep and 3 axle nitrogen stinger with a Cat D10T2 sitting on it for prospective...lol. you can see my scratch built lowboy trailer in the background. It's as long as the whole set up in 1/50 scale...lol. well that's it for now be back with more soon. Ron G
  2. Hey all I guess it's been a while since I posted anything on this build, so here are some pictures of where I'm at. I have the two main beams, all the braces and the gooseneck built. I used 5/8" 'I' beams for the main beams and 1/2" 'I' beams for the cross beams. I used 1/4" 'I' beams at the rear for the cross beams under the bucket well. I used 5/8" & 1/2" beams to make the rear frame. I made the gooseneck from 1/16" thick flat stock and 0.03" x 1/4" strip stock, also I made the pivot from 3/8" down to 3/16" telescopic plastic tube from Evergreen plastics. The pivit pins are made from 1/8" plastic tube with copper lock pins. The part of the gooseneck that attaches to the trailer is made from 1/16" thick plastic stock and various sizes of 'I' beams. King pin is a piece of 1/8" aluminum tube. the rear of the trailer transitions from 5/8" to 1/2" 'I' beams and has 1/4" 'H' columns for cross braces. I'm thinking about scratch building the rear air suspension, but I may use the ones from Moluminum, don't know still on the fence on this one. The wheels & tires are from Moebius this view is looking down at the gooseneck. I still have to make the front flip portion of the gooseneck, add all the lines, finish the lift cylinders, etc., etc....? this is a side view of the gooseneck area. I have the trailer posed with my AMT Kenworth 925 for the gravel train for pictures only. This has changed a little from my original concept, it's now closer to a XL Specialized HD130 with s 28' well. I plan on making a three axle 'jeep' for this also and possibly a three axle 'stinger' too! Need to order more wheels & tires. Well back to it, be back soon with more updates. Ron G
  3. Hey all Here's a little something I've been working on in Unigraphics NX11. It is the AMT Peterbilt 359 day cab kit along with the dump box from the AMT Autocar dump truck. Here are some pictures for you to look at. Let me know what you think. front isometric view with five hole 22.5 Peterbilt wheels and tires. rear isometric view. side view with the 5 hole Peterbilt 22.5 wheels and tires. side view with 24.5 6 spoke (Mack style) wheels and tires. rear isometric view of the truck with the 24.5 wheels and tires. I know that Pete's never came with 6 spokes, but look cool.? Ron G
  4. Hey James If you send me a picture/drawing of a Vortex air cleaner with some dimensions I can model it in Cad and the print it. I used the air cleaners that came in the Revell 1/25 Peterbilt kit to model the ones I used on my cad model. There the same as the ones in there 1/16 scale kits, but there are two of them. Ron G
  5. HOLY BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! ReduitRetro that thing is ASSUME! I only hope my mere 1/25 scale one will look as good. What do you plan on using for wheels and tires on this rig? If you look at my post on my Pete 359 heavy haul. I have it all modelled up on Unigraphics NX11, which means I can 3D print anything from it in 1/16 scale, like the Bridgestone tires and wheels, etc. Drop me a PM and we can discuss price's on printing stuff. Ron G
  6. Hey all Well I said I was going to design a bigger trailer and I did! It's a 3 x 3 x 3 Rogers 3 axle drop nose lowboy with 3 axle jeep and 3 axle stinger, and it is a llooonnngg beast! Here are some pictures of it. here it is with the Cat 390FL. here it is from the rear with the Cat 390FL here it is from the side with the Cat 390FL. You see what I mean by being long! here it is from the front with the Cat D11T. here it is from the rear with the Cat D11T. here it is from the sude with the Cat D11T. I know, you would have to remove the stick and bucket from the 390FL and the blade from the D11T in order to haul them. Well that's it for now be back with more soon. Ron G
  7. Hey all Here are a couple of pictures of the 359 Pete, 3 axle drop nose lowboy trailer and the Cat D8H. the Cat D8H looks great sitting on the 3 axle trailer. I have the trailer pretty close to being done. I've started doing some drawings with dimensions so I can print them off to use for building templates. Some parts I'm going to try and 3D print. Stuff like - air cylinders, air bags, suspension components, hydraulic power pack, glad hands for air connections, electrical connectors, rear lights, etc. view from the rear, I think I'm going to modify the headache rack so I can add chains and load binders to it. Well that's it for now see you soon with more updates. Ron G
  8. Hey all Here are some update photos of the D8H I'm doing on Unigraphics NX11. front isometric view. I now have the blade lift cylinders, blade tilt cylinder, air cleaner intake, batterys and battery box done. I also started on the R.O.P.S. (roll over protection system) it still needs the mounting brackets and hardware added. rear isometric view. I also added the Cat logos and lettering to the sides, front and rear. top isometric view. I have to add the wire mesh protection to the R.O.P.S. side view. front view. rear view top view. side view of the engine and transmission. left side view of the engine. right side view of the engine. This view also shows the 3 belt pulley system. That's it for now be back with more updates soon. Ron G
  9. No problem, your welcome. Any time you need something let me know, if I can help I will. Ron G
  10. Hey Reduitretro WOW! Very impressive looking engine. You did a great job on it. The details look just right, but don't forget the lines from the air compressor to the water manifolds, other then that you knocked it out of the park! Ron G
  11. Yeah I wish I had it too, this is on my wifes work laptop, because she is furloughed home because of Covid. UG NX 11 (Unigraphics) costs about $11,000.00 to $15,000.00 for a complete setup. Right now thats beyond my means, why beyond...lol Ron G
  12. Hey all Here are some updated photos of the D8H. front isometric view. Rear isometric view.this view shows the grill and all the Gazillion! holes I added to it. this view shows the operator area and some of the controls. view of the D342 Cat engine. side view of the engine and all tge bolt heads that I added to it. other side of the engine. Well that's it for now be back with more soon. Ron G
  13. Hey Marcos Did you put any kind of coating or protective covering over the Molotow chrome on the wheels? They look fzntastic! Ron G
  14. Hey OldMopar Check out my posts on my Pete 359 4 axle heavy haul tractor, my 3 axle Loadking drop nose lowboy trailer, and my 4 axle drop nose lowboy trailer with flip up rear axle. The 3 axle is a 70 ton and the 4 axle is 120 ton capacity. I plan on 3D printing some of the 3 axle and 4 axle trailer parts. The main bed/well of the trailers will be made out of Plastsruct styrene plastic "I" beams, 5/8", 1/2", 3/8" and various other plastic shapes. Right now I only have them designed on Unigraphics NX11, I haven't started them in plastic yet, but there are lots of pictures of them in the posts. The Pete 359 is being built out of an old Revell "Can Do" wrecker kit. It has a Cummins ntc-475 twin turbo, which when worked on can put out over 800 hp! I'm detailing it with all the fuel, oil, air and water lines. Check it out you my get some ideas. Ron G
  15. Hey guys Found this CAD model on the internet, it's a Cat D11...BIG!!!... It's a pretty good model, but it needed some tweaking here and there. I redid the crapy tracks that were on it. And adjusted some of the dimensions. So here are some pictures. here she is and she's a big mother! It does fit on the 4 axle trailer, just barely though. side view. view from the rear. this view shows the D11 next to the D8H, big difference! This thing actually has a model of the engine, although it's just sheet bodys not actual solids, so not sure if I could print it. Ron G
  16. Hey all Here are some pictures of the Cat D8h I'm doing on Unigraphics NX11. It's only in a preliminary stage, still needs a lot of work to get it to be done. So here they are. this view shows the D8H on the 3 axle Loadking drop nose lowboy trailer being pulled by the lloonngg! Pete 359 heavy haul tractor. same view from the rear. Its only about 50% done. Ron G
  17. Hey Force Thats alot of cool toys to play with...lol You must have a very large sand box...lol?? Ron G
  18. Hey steel tiger There's a video on YouTube of someone moving a complete with bucket 390fl from Conexpo 2020 on a what looks like a nelso tyoe 3x3x3 trailer, so it is possible. Although not inder any 16' 6" clearance bridges...lol Ron G
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