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  1. WOW! Dave sweet build. I love that Sonny Leonard hemi bbc. I was thinking of using one of those in my next build. It's going to be a '65 promod/street race mustang in 1/12 scale. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this.
  2. Hey gasser 59 The floor is supposed to be sheet aluminum, there for the reason why it's so thin. The firewall is sheet aluminum too. It needs to be incorporated with the "A" pillars and dash before it's complete. All of it still needs to be finished, these photos are just mock up shots so everyone can see the progress, I still have a long way to go. I really appreciate your comments, keep em coming they help me keep on my toes. Thanks RonG
  3. Hey all Well I now have a temporary work area setup. So I got a little more work done on the 57. So here are some pics for you to look at. For some reason site is not allowing me to add text after inserting a picture. So I will add text here. First pic shows the frame with the roll bar on it. I have about 50% of it done as you can see in the photo. Second picture shows the roll bar detached from the frame I did this so I could paint everything before assembly. I hope this works the way I have planned, we'll see as we go along. Third picture is a side view, the seat is just for scale purposes, it's not the one I'm going to use. The sheet plastic will be painted to simulate aluminum panels the frame I'm thinking of painting black along with the roll cage. I may change my mind once I decide what color to paint the body. So look em over and let me know what you think. All comments are appreciated. Thanks RonG This view shows the finished passenger side header and the scratch built blower belt. Another view showing the blower belt. I made it from masking tape and colored it with a black sharpie. It's not what I want but it will due for know until I can print one in rubber with teeth.View showing the scratch built Optima red top 34 (I colored it with sharpies).Another view of the battery.Another view of the battery.View of the drive shaft, it has working u-joints and aluminum shaft 3 1/2" diameter.Close up view of the u-joint. So look em over and let me know what you think. Thanks RonG
  4. Hey 97dustang Try 3Dspecialties Ron has some modern Weld racing wheels, like the ones on the crowmod and murder nova from Street Outlaws. He has alot of other stuff too. RONG
  5. Thanks Guys I'm working on my work bench, so I should be able to get started back on the 57 soon. Thanks RonG
  6. Thought I would post a few more pictures, these are extras that show some different angles.This view shows the body and the separate doors, deck lid and hood.Close up view showing the moulded in bumber.View showing front suspension, frame, blown 392 hemi and rear suspension.View showing front spindle, disc and caliper also shows one of the front springs.View showing bottom o header mounting flange.This view shows driver side header on left and passenger side header (unfinished) on right.This view shows the rear dsc and caliper and how they fit to the rear wheel This is a side view showing the stance. Just some pics to look over and keep everyone interested. I will post some more pics when I get some more work done on this beast. So look em over and let me know what you think. If you see something I need to do please let me know. Thanks RonG
  7. Sweet looking gasser, we're did you get the blower belt with the lettering on it? I sure could use one in 1/12 scale, actually I could use a bunch of em! lol RonG
  8. Thanks comp1839 Had to set everything aside, wife wanted the kitchen table back to get ready for Easter. I'm trying to get my hobby bench set up in the basement, need to rearrange some stuff. It may be a while before I get up and running. Hopefully it won't be to long. Thanks RonG
  9. Hey all Here's some more pics.This view shows the working front axle and front of frame.View showing the front suspension.This view shows the driveshaft safety loop and rear end track bar set-up.View showing the motor and motor mounts. You can see some of the driver's side header also.This view shows the front spring these are all scratch built with separate eye 6 leaves and mounting parts. They actually have a little spring to them. So enjoy em and let me know what you think. Thanks RonG
  10. Thanks Guys I appreciate your responses keep em up Thanks again RonG
  11. Thanks nitrozilla I'll watch for Dave lol, I have all my pictures stored in an archive for future reference. Thanks RonG
  12. Thanks Guys Here's some more pics, so look em over and let me know what you think. Your comments are most welcome. If you see something I might have missed please let me know. Thanks RonG This is the 392 Chrysler hemi from TDR Inovations This is the 9" Ford rear end assembly I modifed it with a rear brace and 4-link brackets and track bar mount.picture of the rear slicks and centerline wheels.View showing the width of the rear slicks.View of the front tires and centerline wheels.View showing the width of the front tires.This shows how I narrowed the front tires.This shows how the rear suspension works. The coil overs are from a Tamiya Lotus f1 kit.This is a view of the front axle and springs the whole front axle assembly is scratch built except for the front calipers.another view of the front axle assembly. The wheels and tires actually turn and will be connected to the steering box.here's a shot of the headers the one on the right still needs to be finished. These are scratch built.This view shows the headers mounted to the motor.
  13. Comp1839 thanks I did some stuff in1/8 scale a long time ago. A 460 Ford block, 1 head (was going to cast the other one),Cobra front sump oil pan (the aluminum one) also a custom independent rear working suspension. I got away from 1/8 because I don't have the room to display them anymore, we moved into a condo and I barely have room for the 1/12 scale stuff I'm working on know. I always wanted to build a 1/8 scale 1932 3 window coupe with a 392 hemi maybe one day if I can find 32 kit for a decent price. Thanks RonG
  14. Hey all Posted this in Bigboys, not much action so I thought I would post it here. I dumped the date to much hassle to change all the time.This is the body, I started this about 20 some years ago, maybe more. I cut out the doors and deck lid so I could make them open. Plan on gluing the hood on and make a tilt front end. I have to figure out how to make the cowl and front door "A" pillar area. I have some pics of the real thing for a guide, so we will see how that goes.This is how it's going to look, I have it mocked up for picture purposes.These are the drawings to scale. I used these to create the frame, front axle, rear axle and numerous other parts. I was a automotive tool designer/draftsmen I made drawings of the machines and welding equipment that is used to assemble cars for the auto industry. I worked for all 3 manufacturers Ford, GM and Chrysler. I also built a few hot rods in my day. I had a 69 Z28, 64 Galaxie 500 390 tri-power and 53 Ford sedan delivery I planned to pro street with a 460 Ford blown motor, but I ran out of mullah, o well that's the way the cookie crumbles.This picture shows the frame, front axle, rear axle and the TDR Inovations 392 blown Chrysler Hemi with dual Holleys and 4spd Muncie. It also shows the TDR Inovations 9" Ford rear end. I modifed it with a rear brace and 4-link brackets and track bar mount. The front tires are Firestones from the 57 kit. I had to use 4 to make 2 witch gave me 4 narrow halves and 4 wide halves I used the narrow halves for my build and the left over wide halves I used to make 2 G-70ish sized tires that I will use on another build later. The narrow set are 6 1/2" section width and 4" tread width, the rear tires are the slicks from the old Monogram Red Baron kit. I had to use 4 of them to get 2. Remember I started this over 20 plus years ago when you could still go to your local hobby shop and get em off the shelf! I had to cut them down the tread area close to the edge in order to get 4 halves that I glued together to create two 16 1/2" section width by 13 1/4" tread width Goodyear blue streak drag special slicks. I have a ton more pics, so if you want to see more let me know what you think and I will post some more pics. Thanks RonG
  15. Don't forget the hot rods 32 Ford 3 and 5 window coupe 34 3 window coupe 41 Willys coupe 23 T bucket Just to mention a few.
  16. Hi all I've been modeling since I was 5 (I'm 66) off and on. I have decided to finish something I started around 20 years ago. It's a 1/12 scale Monogram 57 chevy. Going to make it into a 60's gasser. I will try to post pics as I go. Thanks RonG
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