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  1. Thanks Bob. Liking it so far. This is my first Moebius kit. So far I like it.
  2. Got this a few weeks ago. The box is damaged a little, but contents were ok. I'm thinking of painting it black, but haven't really decided yet.
  3. Pretty in pink. Nice build.
  4. Thanks Bill. I never think to do that.
  5. Deleted. Wrong forum.
  6. Thanks Mike. Thanks Bob. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  7. Thanks Michelle. It is a nice kit. I built the custom version, but you can also build it stock from the kit. I have owned several 1:1 Buicks over the years but never a gsX. Thank you.
  8. Calling it done. Thanks for looking and the comments. Photos in the under glass section.
  9. Not too happy the way this one came out. Paint was not smooth and never fully dried. It's a nice kit, no problems with it, most of the problems were my fault. Paint is Testors Metallic Gold enamel, interior is Tamiya Semi Gloss Black acrylic. I lost both side mirrors moving it to the photo area, didn't even notice until I had already taken a few shots, found the driver side and got it back on, but never found the passenger side. All comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  10. Never saw this on a kit manifold before. Firing Order. Got the trim done on the body.........front suspension and exhaust done on the chassis.
  11. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks Bob.
  12. Calling it done. Photos under glass. This was a fun kit, happy with the way it came out.
  13. Finished this nice little kit. Paint is Testor's Gloss Grape. Interior is Tamiya Cockpit Green. Engine wired, rebuilt the stock exhaust to have the pipes exit just in front of the rear tires. I forgot to take a photo of the underside. Fun kit. All comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  14. Thanks Bob. The gold didn't turn out as good as I wanted, it's not very smooth. And I completely overlooked the parting lines on the C pillar. I went back and tried to sand them out and re-spray it and put another light coat all over. Looks better, but I didn't get all the lines out. I'm going with it though.
  15. I should have been more precise with that one. Any of the number 3 black Chevrolets DE drove in Winston Cup, and any of the number 8 or 88 that Junior drove in Cup. Also any number 3 Junior drove in the Busch Series. And any of the number 9 Fords that Elliot drove in Cup. The 66 Impala is my number one choice though.
  16. I have a Revell Ford GT Le Mans 2017. Would like to trade for a Revell 66 Chevy Impala SS 396 2n1 as first choice. Second choice would be a Revell/Monogram NASCAR kit of either: Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., or Bill Elliott.
  17. Yea, after doing more research it seems most agree that manifold vacuum will give better performance than ported carb vacuum. Not really important on the build, the distributor has the advance and since I'm wiring it, I though I may as well run a line off it. I'm building it as a street custom per the kit. I'll run it to the manifold/tunnel ram.
  18. Very nice Mario. Great color combo.
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