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  1. I use Evergreen Canopy Glue. Get it at Hobby Lobby.
  2. Trade has been made.
  3. I will. It will be a few weeks before I get started on it. Trying to get some parts together. I replaced the wheels on mine not long after I got it, installed chrome reverse wheels, so I need to find a set of those. Also the Revell kit has front bucket seats, mine had a bench seat. I may have one that will work in my parts. It was a great car, mine had the L78 version with 375hp, rochester 4 barrel and muncie 4 speed trans. Did pretty well at the Saturday night grudge matches.
  4. Looks pretty doggone good like it is IMO.
  5. Looking really good Bob. Is that Tamiya Semi Gloss black? I use it a lot for chassis and interiors. It looks great on that body.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I ordered the Aztec Bronze. Shipping is a little high, but I only needed the one, it would have been ok if I ordered more. But I wanted the OEM color for the Impala. I'll use my Mr. Surfacer 1000 primer, and if it looks ok after paint I'll probably skip the clear.
  7. Chassis is ready, just need to get the wheels on.
  8. Looking good so far Bob.
  9. Thanks guys. I use Mr. Hobby Mr. Surfacer 1000 primer under acrylics and enamel. I wonder if it would be ok. I'll need to test it I guess, but I think it's about the same as Tamiya primer. I've tried Duplicolor primer and didn't like it, went on too thick.
  10. Anyone use these paints? I'm going to be building a replica of my first car, the 66 Impala SS. I want the original paint color which was Aztez Bronze. MCW has it in a lacquer. I've never used a lacquer, only acrylics and enamel. Would I need their primer and clear also or can I use any primer and clear?
  11. The 66 Impala has been acquired. The Ford GT is still for trade.
  12. Thanks Jim. Thanks Bob. Thanks David.
  13. The engine is in the frame, front suspension done, and wheels/tires are together. Here's a tip if you are planning to build this kit. The wheels have ribs all around the inside, and they are tight going into the tire, in fact I had to trim the ribs back a little. But they still leave marks on the tires when you mount them. You need to mount the wheels from the backside, pushing them in with the outside of the wheels going in first so the marks left on the tires will be not be seen. First photo shows what I mean.
  14. Got the color on..............
  15. Great looking vette Michelle. Nice job.
  16. Looks awesome Mike. Nice job.
  17. Thanks Jim. I will not be adding lines and linkage, little too much for me. I sometimes will do battery cables and fuel line, but mostly only do plug wires.
  18. Engine is ready.........tried adding a little wash to it, may need to add a little more. I know my plug wires look a little small, but it's all I had. I have been using 30awg which looked too large so I went with 34awg, but now too small. I need to find some 32awg.
  19. I like the yellow. I think I've decided on Tamiya X-6 orange.
  20. Well now I'm rethinking black again.......
  21. Installed front and rear panels and got primer on the body, but of course I forgot the hood. Rethinking that black, I've never been able to get a good black paint job. I want to use Tamiya acrylic so I'll look at what I've got, maybe a yellow or orange. Working on the engine now.
  22. Thanks Bob. Liking it so far. This is my first Moebius kit. So far I like it.
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