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  1. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed..............Live version from the Fillmore East album.
  2. Started this one. Seems to be a nice kit. Working on the cockpit first.
  3. As Dave has already said, you need to prime. I use Mr. Hobby Primer. Sometimes I will not prime small parts, but if you handle them much the paint will rub off. The craft paints have lots of metallic colors but the flake is way big. Tamiya has some metallic and it looks ok to me.
  4. Interior is finished. I should be getting the body paint in the next couple of days. I've got it prepped and primed, ready for the color coat.
  5. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks Jim.
  6. I used to use Rustoleum, then I got an airbrush and starting using craft acrylics, which work pretty good and can be purchased cheap at Walmart and Hobby Lobby. I also tried the Createx paints from HL and they worked good, but are a bit more expensive. Then I tried the Tamiya acrylics using Mr. Hobby Leveling thinner and they are the best I've tried. I get them online from Hobbylinc, they are around 3.00 dollars for the 23ml bottle, the mini 10ml bottles are 2.00 dollars. Try the craft acrylics, they are cheap and may be what you are looking for. Tamiya also has spray cans and can be purchased from Hobbylinc but I have not tried them. They are a little more expensive compared to the acrylics.
  7. Got the interior panels and the dashboard done.
  8. Thanks Jim. Our family car at the time I bought the 66 was a 61 Impala with the 348 engine. I drove it some for about year after I got my license at age 16. I got my first ticket in it, which was for loud mufflers. My Dad had replaced the mufflers with glass packs because they were cheaper. When I showed him the ticket he took straight to the Sheriff, whom he knew, and ask him why do they sell glass packs if they are illegal. The Sheriff tore up the ticket.
  9. Yes, that is why I included the inch measurement in my OP. That is the size of the wire including the insulation. 30 awg wire is only 0.10 inch without the insulation. And insulation varies in thickness. For our purpose we need the measurement of the wire with the insulation included. In my eyes anything from 0.11 to 0.16 looks to be close to scale for 1/24, 1/25. Most 30 awg just looks too big IMO, although I have used it in many builds because it is easy to find. I think the tone arm wire I got is going to look much better. The wire James posted coming from China looks like it would work very well also.
  10. That is a cool build. Love it. Nice work.
  11. I have been using 30awg wrapping wire for my plug wires. But it just seemed too large and out of scale especially in photos. It measures out at about .026 inch. I found some .015 inch beading wire at Michaels and tried it. It seemed to be the right size for scale, but it was so stiff and unmanageable, it looked like hula hoops around the engine. Found some smaller that was workable, but it looked too small for scale measuring out at .008 inch. Now I'm going to try this, it is 34awg and measures out at .016 inch and is very flexible. It is advertised as tone arm wire on ebay and cost 10 bucks for 20 ft.
  12. I was unable to use the kit tires because the Pegasus wheels and tires are a little bigger than the kits. You can see the difference in the second photo. I was able to cut the center post out of the wheels and the kit wheels backs fit right in. (first photo) Although they are bigger I think they will look ok.
  13. Thanks Mike. Not sure yet, I haven't had a chance to try them, but I thought I may be able to drill them out. I'm not sure if I want to use those tires that came with the wheels, think maybe the kit tires look better. Thanks. Yea, I remember that sound when that 4 barrel was opened up, sweet.
  14. Welcome Rick. I am also a old guy in Georgia. South Georgia.
  15. Got my wheels. Now to figure out how I'm going to mount them to the kits suspension. Looks like I'll need to do some surgery.
  16. Got the engine installed, front suspension done. Working on the rear. Getting the rear end/ upper control arms straight and level is a pain in the neck. It's ironic that I had problems with the upper control arms on my 1:1 also. I broke them loose twice, granted I was doing burn outs at the time, but hey it's a 396 4 speed. Still waiting on the paint for the body, it has been delayed getting here.
  17. Picked this up at Ollies today. A little different for me as I usually like American muscle or hot rods. But I'll give this one a try in the near future.
  18. I graduated high school in 1969, went to work with my Father in the logging business and bought my first car, a 1966 Impala SS 396, Muncie 4-speed. I am going to try and replicate it with this kit. I don't remember too much about it, and I have no pictures. If I remember correctly it was Aztec Bronze color. I have that ordered from MCW Finishes. I do remember installing chrome reverse wheels, which were the thing then, got some ordered from Pegasus. I also installed a chrome open filter air cleaner, that was the thing then also. You could buy them from Gibson's dept. stores back then. Found one in my parts box. I have finished the engine, working on the chassis now and doing some cleanup on the body and other parts while I wait on the paint. All comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  19. Hobbynut Models did not have the Aztec Bronze I needed. It's only available in lacquer, Hobbynut only carries the enamels.
  20. I'm about 250 miles from Hobbylinc, and once my order ships, which takes a few days, I get it within 2 days. But with Hobbylinc you can at least follow the process through your order status page.
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