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  1. Great looking gasser. Nice work.
  2. Awesome build Bob. Nice work.
  3. Gregg Allman covers Muddy Waters I Can't Be Satisfied.
  4. The dash and seats will be black. The body and rest of the interior will be Tamiya x-4 blue. Been working on the front suspension which is very fiddly.
  5. The tire decals were fiddly but I got them on there.
  6. Levon Helm as the old ballistics guy in Shooter. Best scene in the movie.
  7. I checked mine and yes it looks like it will be a problem. I'll try to sort it out. Meanwhile the engine is done and I got primer on the body. I'm not liking the headers much, look too cartoony, but I didn't have anything else.
  8. Thanks Mike, I'll check mine. Haven't done much with it yet, been cleaning up the body and worked a little on the engine.
  9. Next victim. I'll be building the street version.
  10. Thanks guys for the comments and the likes. I appreciate it.
  11. Turned out ok. OOB build. Tamiya Deep Green exterior, Tamiya Nato Black interior. Bed planks painted Tamiya Deck Tan, molotow pen used on the strips. Rims painted Rustoleum semi gloss black with baby moons from parts box.
  12. Looks awesome. Great weathering.
  13. Not sure what happened but the front wheels seem not centered correctly. I don't know if I glued the front axle on wrong or what. The frame is as far forward as it will go and the rear wheels look ok. Also, the exhaust tips are in the way of the rear bumper or vice versa, don't know what happened there. I had to tilt the tips down to get the bumper on. I still need to get the tail lights and decals on before calling it done. Hope to finish it today.
  14. Sorry about the problems Bob, I've BTDT. But it looks great to me. I like the orange and the clear hood. Nice work.
  15. Thanks John. The wiring was fiddly, I tried a few different ways and couldn't get it like I wanted. I finally just took some small rubber tubing and pushed the wires in one end and glued the other end onto the distributor. It's really not the way it's supposed to be, the tubes should have been longer with the wires coming out at intervals along the way.
  16. Progress on this is slow. The weather has been hot and humid, and my work shed has no AC. I can't stay in it very long at a time. I did get the cab/interior almost done. The interior is hard to see, I should have taken a photo before installing it.
  17. Looking good. I'm building one now. Also went with a green, Tamiya Deep Green.
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