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  1. Too bad about the resin body. But I like the goofy build Bob. Find a rat fink to put on it.
  2. Due to a ill fitting kit and broken parts this build has been abandoned.
  3. That would be cool. Maybe you can find a big ole rat fink driver to stick out the top.
  4. Does anyone make decals for the NASCAR #8 Daytona winning car driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr. This would be Budweiser decals with the born on date decal for the hood.
  5. Looks great michelle. Nice work.
  6. Thanks Mike. IMO the 66 is the best looking Chevelle made. Thanks Carl. They are painted with Rustoleum Bright Coat.
  7. Monogram kit, decals from Mike's. Sits a little too high, but best I could do.
  8. Looks great. That blue is real nice.
  9. Thanks. Yea, I think part of my problem is the cold weather here, I don't have much heat in my work shed.
  10. Got the interior done. Going with only 2 front seats. This will be a street/strip car.
  11. Yea, didn't mean that the way it sounded. I know it's not MIkes fault and I will buy from him again. It's the powerslide decals I was referring to. But It was taking so long to get them to release I started leaving them in the water too long and apparently that was causing them to break. I have now figured out about the right time to leave them in to get them to release and stay together. So it's working out.
  12. Decaling is going slow. It takes almost 30 minutes sitting in water for the decals to release. And some of them are breaking apart trying to get them positioned. No more Power Slide decals from Mike's for me.
  13. Started this one. It says 2n1 one, but looks like it can only be built as a highly modified street machine. That's the way I'm going build it anyway. Got the engine ready. I think I like a gloss yellow for this one. I don't care for the decals in the kit.
  14. I really like Nova gassers, and yours is a beauty Jim. Nice work.
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