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  1. Fantastic build Mario. Always love your photo presentations also.
  2. Thanks Carl. Thanks. Thanks Jim. Yes, that is something I need to watch out for, don't want to overdo it. I called that a bumper in my photo, it is actually the grille, there will be no bumper on it.
  3. I got it on 4 wheels. The wheels and tires will be new. I also weathered the front bumper. I first dulled the chrome with some dullcote, then added some black panel liner, and finished with dry brushing some Testors Rust Enamel on it. I think it came out ok.
  4. Thanks David. Thanks Jim. Thank you. It is fun. Thanks Steve.
  5. I used a small chisel blade and a regular number 11 to remove the trim, then tried sanding with emery boards. Still left a faint line, but I think it will work out, gives me an idea where to drill the holes. Which brings another question, what size bit for the holes? I drilled three holes on the hood where I removed the emblem, but I may have got them a large for scale.
  6. No problem Jim. These will help. Thanks.
  7. I have removed the front fender trim on the drivers side and the door trim on the passenger side. I painted the hood a ugly flat black like it was just picked up and put on, (forgot to take picture). I also removed the front emblem from it. I sprayed on another coat of the rust base coat, and then sprayed on a good coat of dullcote over it. I weathered all of the chassis except the suspension, rear end/drivehaft and the exhaust system. I wanted those to look just replaced. I'll start the glue stage in a couple of days. The color will be a flat green, I may paint one of the doors another color to make it look like a replacement. My first time doing a build like this so not sure how it will turn out, but I'm having fun with it.
  8. Thanks. I am going to try the white glue method. Thanks Carl.
  9. Buggered up the interior. Looks ok I guess. The front bench seat was removed and 2 good buckets added, gives a little contrast to the old dirty interior. Also a new steering wheel was installed.
  10. Thanks. Jim, I been thinking about what I need to do with the trim. I don't think I want to remove any, never tried that before. But I don't want to foil it either. Not sure how would be the best way to handle it, maybe go over it with a dull silver pencil or something. And when is the best stage to do it. I want to start the glue stage, then shoot some dullcote on it, then the final color before I start removing the glue. Not sure when I should do the trim work.
  11. Went ahead and finished the engine. Next I will try to figure out how I'm going to weather the body and interior.
  12. Picked up this Hot Wheels 32 Ford at Ollie's................
  13. Thanks. That is actually decals that were in the kit. The texture is in the hood, I used some setting fluid to get the decals to form over the texture. Thanks.
  14. Got the "rust" coat on the body. Actually it's Tamiya Nato Brown.
  15. Thanks. I envy the weathering guys too, this will be my first attempt. I may be throwing to whole thing in the can before it finished. Thanks Bob. I have a couple Ollie's I check from time to time. They usually have a few. Thanks David. I'm not going to try and replicate the show car, just gonna try something new to me.
  16. I just saw the episode featuring the 56. That's what gave me idea because I knew I had the 56 I got at Ollie's. I also have the Nomad. I'm not going to try and replicate their 56, I just want to try my hand at weathering a body and interior. I have weathered a chassis before, but that was just dirt and grime.
  17. I watch a show on Motortrend TV called Roadkill. These 2 guys take an old beat up, torn up junk car and get in running again. They put effort into the engine/trans and suspension but don't bother with making the exterior or the interior look good. And some of the ones they do are really ragged out. So I'm going to try my hand at building this 56 in that style. It will be my first attempt at weathering a body and interior, so this may be a disaster. The guys always name their creation, they once got a 69 Barracuda that was burnt to a crisp in one of the big California fires, got it running and named it BBQuda. So I'll call this one Roadkill. The bucket seats on the kit don't have backs, so I made some and will trim to fit. The custom engine in the kit looks to be a SBC, maybe a 283, but it comes with a blower and 2 4's. I am going to try the white glue method on weathering the body. I'll see how this works out.
  18. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks Michelle. Thanks David. Thank you. Thanks Garry. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks Andrew. Thanks.
  19. Very nice kit. The paint is Tamiya Light Green on the body, turned out a little brighter than expected. A different green probably would have looked better. Interior is Tamiya Semi Gloss Black. Built OOB stock except for a few details under the hood. Had a few probelms getting the body mated to the frame, broke off some parts trying to get them together and found out it worked better to install the interior as a separate unit into the body first, then fit the frame on. The bumpers were also a little finicky, not much contact points for glue. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  20. Almost done. Got a few items to take care of before I put it under glass. I had my usual problem with this type kit getting the body on the chassis, and the bumpers were finicky.
  21. Thanks. Yea the green turned out a little too bright, but I like it.
  22. After all the problems you had Bob it still came out looking great. Nice work.
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