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  1. Got the trim done and got clear on the body. Finished up the chassis and got it on 4 wheels.
  2. Got the interior done and mated up the frame/subframe. Finished a few small details.
  3. Sub frame painted, engine installed. Tamiya light green on the body.
  4. Rain moved in today, so no painting. But I did get the engine finished. Kit provides a nice 396, I added plug wires, fuel line and a bypass hose.
  5. Thanks. Thanks Mario. Thanks Carl.
  6. Those are some good looking Chevelles. I will probably just go with Tamiya light green.
  7. Looking good Bob. I like that blue.
  8. Your Chevelle is looking great. Nice work. I just started this kit myself.
  9. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you.
  10. Finished up the 69 Camaro, now starting a 69 Chevelle. This is the Revell SS396 kit. Going over the parts it looks really nice, should build out good if I don't mess it up. Got the body primed, thinking I may go with a green. It will be a stock oob build. Maybe I'll add a few details under the hood.
  11. Thanks Mike. Yea, I like that old school look. Thanks Bob. Thanks David. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks Michelle. Ollie's had these for 12.99, and it was 33% off that when I got it during the holidays.
  12. Same as Mike. I really like the Tamiya Acrylics, they go on great using Mr Hobby Leveling Thinner. The only primer I use now is the Mr. Surfacer 1500. I have used the Createx also, it works well but as Mike said you must use their thinner. I use Vallejo model color for brushing details, and just lately tried air brushing with it and it did very good, may start using it more.
  13. This is the Monogram Classic Cruiser kit I picked up from Ollie's. It's a nice kit, went together well except the header pipes/side pipes were kinda a pain. The engine is a 302 with dual turbos. The battery location seems wrong for this car. There was no rad hose in the kit, had to make my own. I left off the horn, it just looked too big and out of place under the hood. The body paint is Tamiya Metallic Grey, the interior is Rustoleum Nutmeg Brown. All comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  14. Got the chassis done. The molded in battery is in a weird place. I don't think I have ever seen a 69 z/28 with the battery in that location.
  15. I like the stance, old school 60's. Last 2 photos are with the decals and clear coat on. Trim is done with a molotow pen, but it doesn't show well on the metallic grey body. I would have done BMF, but I don't have any right now.
  16. Thanks Bob. Thank you. Yes, it will be the final color. I will do some trim work with a molotow pen. I did a 51 Chevy pickup in this color and thought it looked good. Decided to do a matching Camaro.
  17. The dual turbo SBC is ready.
  18. Oh yeah Bob, that is going to be cool.
  19. Thanks Carl. Thanks Mike. I have two Ollie's in my area, but both are about 35 miles away from me.
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