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  1. Got the Tamiya Metallic Grey on the body.
  2. Great looking 40 Ford Mike. Nice paint. I've got some Createx I need to start using.
  3. That turned out real nice Bob. Great job.
  4. Thanks Bob. The wheels do look good. I'm wondering what the engine is supposed to be. A duel turbo 350 maybe, IDK.
  5. Well, I think I will build it. I build mostly OOB, maybe put some plug wires on the engine.
  6. The interior will be Rustoleum Nutmeg Brown. Going with Tamiya Metallic Grey for the body.
  7. Time for some muscle. Picked up at Ollie's during the holiday sale, it was 33% off the 12.99 price.
  8. Tried a different paint for this one. Vallejo Model Color Gun Metal Blue. It thinned well with Mr. Hobby leveling thinner. Came out ok. This was the Coke kit, but I didn't use any of the decals. Nice kit. Mostly OOB build, I added plug wires and I didn't like the looks of the big chrome headlight bezels so I just kinda frenched them in and put some foil behind them. I lost the center post for the windshield, made another one, but forgot to install it before I took the photos. All comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  9. I didn't like the big chrome headlight bezels, so I gave it a kinda custom look pushing the lens into the opening and putting some foil behind them.
  10. Looking great Bob. That blue is real nice.
  11. Jim, your 41 is looking good. You are doing a lot more mods than I am on mine. Looking forward to seeing your finished work.
  12. Thanks. Thanks Jim. I think it's supposed to be a 340 Mopar. Thanks. Thanks Bob. Thanks.
  13. Thanks Mike. Yea, I pick up the Les Paul every now and then.
  14. Got the paint on.........................Vallejo Model Color Gun Metal Blue.
  15. Got the engine ready, primer on the body, got some more work to do on it. And got the chassis painted in Tamiya Black. Going to try some Vallejo Model Color in Gunmetal Blue on the body.
  16. Connkur makes some nice pre-wired ones. https://connkurmodelparts.com/
  17. I used the Testors solution. The problem was they were too big for the car. Lots of overlap where it should not be.
  18. Nice kit. The decals are nice, but they don't fit the body very well.
  19. It has the custom engine and wheels, not sure what else if anything. Suspension has choice of stock height or lowered.
  20. Next on the bench. I'll be building the OOB custom, I will not be using the Coke decals. Nothing special, so not much to see. Just thought I would put it up. Comments always welcome.
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