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  1. Radretireddad.............those are some good looking builds. And don't take this wrong, but you should start your own thread for your builds, you will get more looks and comments that way as it will not get confused with the other builds.
  2. Thanks Bob. Thanks Thanks David. Thanks. Thanks David. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you.
  3. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Yes I use Mr. Hobby Surfacer 1000, buy it at Hobby Lobby. I thin the Tamiya Acrylic with generic lacquer thinner.
  4. Revell 32 Ford 5 window kit. Paint is Tamiya Titanium Silver and Tamiya Red. Floor polish clear coat. I think the combo looks pretty good. No problems with the kit except for my fumbling fingers messing up stuff. I was missing some parts from the kit, so I got some from ebay and some others from the parts box. I noticed while taking the photos I had lost one of the front nerf bars, I'll need to look for it, but probably will not find it. All comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks. It was good with a plate of white acre peas, cornbread, and cucumbers. Thanks Bob.
  6. I used the Elmers white glue method on this 56 Chevy. Painted it first with a brown, then dabbed on the glue and painted over it with the green. Then wash the Elmers off with a toothbrush and water.
  7. I've used mod podge, it works fine. I also use Evergreen canopy glue, it works too.
  8. Interior, chassis/suspension done. Engine installed.
  9. Thanks Jim. I did consider a light green, but I had saw one in silver and thought it looked good.
  10. Looking good Bob. I like the old 41 Willys, need to get me a kit.
  11. Thanks. Thanks. Going to be a while yet, still waiting on some parts.
  12. Tamiya Thin, regular and quick setting, Tamiya Cement, Loctite Superglue Gel.
  13. Thanks Bill. Thanks Bob. Thanks Mike. Thanks Carl. Thanks Greg. Thank you.
  14. Working on a Revell 32 Ford. Building a Highboy but using the Ford engine. Paint is Tamiya x-32 Titanium Silver and Tamiya x-7 Red. I am missing some chassis and suspension parts, have them on order. All comments welcome and thanks for looking. Yes that's a green tomato on the upper right, I'm thinking of slicing it up and frying it.
  15. That's a great looking Mustang Michelle. Nice work.
  16. Thanks. Thanks Mike. Thank you. Thank you.
  17. Thanks David. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks Bob. Thanks Tim. Thank you. Thanks David. Thanks.
  18. I use a cordless dremel. Charge the battery to about half power and it works great.
  19. Had a few problems with this one, but finally got it together, warts and all. The color is ScratchesHappen Azure Metallic Blue. This was a bottle of touchup paint I had for my Buick Encore GX. It mixed well with some cheap lacquer thinner and sprayed good through my airbrush. The interior is Tamiya Acylic Blue. Clear is floor polish sprayed with airbrush. Straight out of box build, I added plug wires and a fuel line to the carb. I had the kit in my stash for about 2 years, the chrome trees were spotted, looking like the plating was coming off. The small bits were ok like that, but I stripped the bumpers and grille, then sprayed them with Krylon Original Chrome. It looks good but not as bright as the kit chrome. I did the side trim with BMF, and really messed it up. After that I finished the rest of the trim with a Molotow pen. Lost one of the rear backup lights bezel, so had to make do without it. Not a show car, so it will do. All comments welcome, and thanks for looking.
  20. How am I just finding this. I remember your awesome D-100 build. Really enjoyed following it, and I will enjoy following this one. Now to go back and catch up.
  21. Nice. I like the green.
  22. I've been handling the bumpers and grille I did with the Krylon and it's holding up well. And from some of the photos I've seen my 6 dollar can of Krylon Chrome looks just as good as the Revell and Molotow stuff.
  23. Looks great. Nice work.
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