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  1. Every adjective has already been used. Amazing, astounding and beautiful! Great job!!
  2. Nice job!! Looks like a rig headed to the local Saturday night track!!
  3. Just fanfreakingtastic work Mr Sobak! The J hook work is unbelievable!! And the paint work on the blower is beyond incredible. As I said before, this is becoming more like artwork than a model. The detail is incredible. I bow in awe!! Steve
  4. Absolutely stunning work on the body and tin. This isn't any model any more. It has transitioned from a model to a work of art!! Steve
  5. The transmisson/bell housing assembly has turned out just beautiful. Amazing work sir, amazing!! Steve
  6. Mr. Sobak, I would agree with others that Mix 2 is the closest color match to the picture of the actual car. As several have pointed out, getting an EXACT match is going to be almost impossible, as duplicating real fabric materials is shooting at a moving target. The materials change due to time, heat, wear, etc., and the colors can be misleading due to lighting, angle etc. Get as close a match as possible and just go with it. I know you are striving for as near exact detail as you can, and your attention to detail is somewhere WAY beyond amazing, but when it comes to fabrics, duplicating colors exactly just may drive you crazy. Steve
  7. Amazing craftsmanship throughout on this work of art! Calling it a model is not appropriate any more!! Beautiful El too. Steve
  8. Amazing work! I can't hardly wait to see this piece of art completed!! Just fantastic work!!
  9. Amazing detail work!! This isn't going to be scale model when you are through, it is going to be a work of art!! Your patience and thoroughness are fantastic. This has been and continues to be a joy to follow! Steve
  10. Beautiful work!! Would you please share what paint and color you used for the blue? It looks to be almost a perfect match for the pictures I've seen the real car. Thank you!! Steve
  11. Raymond Beadle, of Blue Max fame, passed away yesterday (really, Sunday evening, I guess). Hot Rod Magazine on line has a very nice tribute in pictures on their website. There are several good pictures of a couple of the Blue Max Funny Cars. They may be old readily available pictures, but thought I'd let everyone on here know. Link: http://www.hotrod.com/news/funny_car_legend_raymond_beadle_has_died/ Steve
  12. Mr. Sobak, This may be old news to you, and maybe you have already been down this road, but there is a gentleman by the name of Skip Allum that has been Don Prudhomme's right hand man for many years. As I understand it, he was very involved and instrumental in several of Prudhomme's restoration projects. I don't know how to get in touch with him directly, but if you attempted to contact him through the Snake Racing site, perhaps he could help you with some of the information that the Hendricks organization will not. Just a thought. Steve
  13. Mr. Chris Sobak, Info for you more than anything else....at the time the Prudhomme Army Vega would have originally been campaigned, the blower most likely would have been an original GM 6-71 blower. There is an outside chance it could have been a GM 8-71. They were about the only blowers used by successful teams in the 60's and 70's. Littlefield blowers did not begin manufacturing blowers until about 1980. As an aside, I actually worked as an engineer on the manufacturing line for the GM 6-71 and 8-71 blowers for a couple of years in the early 80's. The manufacturing tolerances on the rotors were incredibly small....much smaller than many people might think. Unfortunately, no free samples!! Steve
  14. OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, AWESOME and any other adjective you can come up with. Beautiful work!! Steve
  15. I too followed the build thread. You did an amazing job with this! You should be very proud of your efforts!
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