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  1. Awesome work...and great save after the "incident". I can't wait to see pictures of the tins in their final paint! Steve
  2. Great job on what can be a "finicky" build. Love the scratchbuilt fuel tank. Beautiful work all around! Steve
  3. I'm sorry, but I too think the mocked up wheels look to big. IMO, scaled shopping cart or even go-cart wheels would seem about right. Steve
  4. Great work sir. That looks fantastic!! Steve
  5. Yes Chuck I did buy the decals from you. It's okay, I have an extra Revell Blue Max kit that I can use too. Man, I appreciate you letting me know!! Do you have anything interesting for the MPC Mustang kit since I now have an extra one of those?
  6. Thanks gentlemen!! Am I looking at an Italian Red or just a standard red? Steve
  7. Hey all! I'm going to build a model of the 72-73 Cecil Lankford Brand X Mustang Funny Car from the Connie Kalitta kit. I've found some pictures of the car on various sites, and I'm trying to determine the color of the car. In some of the pictures, it looks red, in others orange. Anybody have any insight as to what is the correct color? Thanks for the input!! Steve
  8. I believe the C & H Cuda kit is the same kit as the Schumacher and Mazmanian kits. I've built several of each and they build up VERY well, although as noted, the assembly of the frame can test your patience. ALL of the Polar Lights kits require some "fiddling" with the interior tinwork to get the body to sit down to give the model a proper late 60's stance. Even with the frame fussiness and stance issues, the Polar Lights kits were and remain some of the better late 60's Funny Car kits out there IMO.
  9. The key to the whole thing is what are YOU willing to pay for it. YOUR circumstances and YOUR situation need to dictate what you are willing to pay. As has been said before, these kits are getting more scarce, but they do show up with some frequency. The fact you are going to build the kit (many of the older kits are being held by "collector's") should also have impact on what you are willing to pay.
  10. The effort you are putting in to this is phenomenal. The hatch looks like it is on a 1:1 Funny Car. Fantastic work sir!!
  11. Thanks for the comments guys!! I appreciate them! Steve
  12. While I was fighting with the decals for the "Trojan Horse" I built the re-released MPC 'the young American" FED. There has been a fair amount of negative comments about this kit, and while there were some aspects of it that were difficult and frustrating, overall I thought the kit was a little above average. The body is painted with Testor's Pearl White and the frame is painted with Testor's Sapphire Blue. The front wheels were brush painted with Ruby Red Metalflake. Color pictures of the car are somewhat difficult to come by on the internet, but those I did find showed the car had a rather unique gold colored blower and timing cover plate, so I attempted to replicate the color with a mix of lime gold and champaign gold. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up very well on the pictures. I took one picture of the car with the front body panels off just because. Thanks for looking! Comments welcome. Steve
  13. Some time ago I requested photos of Larry Fullerton's Mustang II Trojan Horse. I received several replies for which I am VERY grateful. After a very trying time I have FINALLY finished the model. I found this kit at an old estate sale and it was not in the best of shape. The body was warped some, although not severely, as was the frame. The model itself went together pretty well, although as you can see from the pictures, some additional work is required on the stance, as right now the body sits way too high. The body is painted with Testor's Diamond Dust Laquer and Testor's "Purplicious" Laquer. I will clear coat the car at some time. The decals almost drove me crazy! The decals from the kit were unusable, although they were mostly intact on the sheet. I copied them to my computer and then using the photos that so many of you supplied, tried to create a comprehensive set to use. After MANY hours and burning up at least a couple of color cartridges on my printer, I got the decals you see. Thanks for looking! Comments welcome. Steve http://i1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii580/sflam123/Larry%20Fullerton%20Trojan%20Horse/DSC_0434_zps0d9a432c.jpg http://i1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii580/sflam123/Larry%20Fullerton%20Trojan%20Horse/DSC_0433_zpsc3922d2c.jpg http://i1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii580/sflam123/Larry%20Fullerton%20Trojan%20Horse/DSC_0437_zpse54383c6.jpg
  14. Definitely the brass bolts look the best, IMO. The motor looks FANTASTIC setting between the frame rails. The work you have done thus far is just amazing!! In truth, probably the only one still at Prudhomme Racing that would know much about the Army Vega is "The Snake" himself. When Prudhomme closed his racing shop and retired, almost all of the people who were actually associated with (and knew about) racing and the race cars went either to other teams or retired themselves. I had a friend that worked at Prudhomme racing for many years, and now runs a custom auto shop near Indianapolis. Steve
  15. I think Roger Lindamood (of Color Me Gone fame) ran a 67 Charger. It was very popular on the match race circuit and was considered one of the prettiest cars to come out of the Midwest.
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