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  1. Here are a couple body off pics per your request.
  2. Yes. I'll try to get to that today (Sunday) or tomorrow.
  3. That looks fantastic so far!! Beautiful work!
  4. As a long time fan of Don Prudhomme, I've built about every model out there that is associated with his career. I was excited to hear that there was going to be a model of his Wedge dragster, but when it was released, the reviews were brutal to say the least. I looked at many posts both here and on other sites and finally decided it probably wasn't worth the cost and the time to turn the kit in to a decent model. Thankfully, my wife had other ideas and got me the kit for my 65th birthday and with the virus lockdown I started on it about a month ago. I decided to sand down the dreaded rivets (no completely, tried to leave just a "hint" of their presence) and scratch built the rear supports of the roll cage. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to visit the Don Garlics museum in Ocala, Florida a couple of years ago, where a partially restored version of the Prudhomme Wedge dragster resides and I had several pictures for reference. No, it is not perfect, and unfortunately, the kit is pretty poorly engineered, but overall, I am pretty pleased with the results. It turned out to be a pretty decent shelf model, and was fun to build. Thank you all for looking!!
  5. Mr. Laski, I appreciate the comment. Your Indy Cars and other open wheel cars are outstanding!! I esp. love the Lloyd Ruby #25 you did a couple years back.
  6. Mods, if this is the wrong place for this, please delete. I'm not really sure where to put it. Since we probably won't be able to see any live sprint car racing for at least another month, I decided to build one. Well, at least a 1/25 version of one. Yeah, I know the tires still need lettering, but I'm out of tire decals and my hands aren't steady enough any more to hand letter the tires. Not perfect by along shot, but something to do during this lockdown!
  7. You captured the perfect gasser stance! Great job!!
  8. Nice one!! You did a nice job on this!!
  9. You are absolutely correct!! My error. I had put the kit in an old Monogram box and didn't even look at the logo on the instruction sheet. Thanks!!
  10. Although I've built some NASCAR cars in the past, it is not my usual subject. For the last several months, I've had the "brown" touch with every drag model I've tried to build. You name it, it's happened: paint issues, decal issues, I've had two "in process" models fall off the "waiting something" shelf (one might be salvageable, the other probably not) etc. As a result, I had kind of lost my motivation to build. I finally decided to try a different build. Although this model is little more than a snap kit, I figured it minimized my opportunity to muck it up. It's certainly not perfect, but most importantly to me, IT'S DONE, I had some fun doing it, and it actually built up in to a decent shelf model. Hope you guys like it!!
  11. W-409, great job with that Long John!! The one I have I built when I was 8 years old, in 1963. Yes, I still have it!!
  12. Great work!! Cool project and it looks fantastic!
  13. That turned out beautiful!! Nice job!!
  14. Great, GREAT job on this!!! It turned out fantastic!!
  15. You have done a GREAT job with this!! Fantastic work!!
  16. Glad I could help you! Did you see the post TODAY of the three turbines together?? The #20, #60 and #70 were brought together. As I understand it from another site, the #70 has been authenticated, but there is some question as to whether the #60, owned by the IMS museum is authentic or not. There is another page on FB that may be of benefit to you as well, called "1960's Indy Cars"
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