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  1. You did a fantastic job on this build!! Nice job!! Very unique race cars that have a long history in several different regions of the US and have evolved differently in each region. Super effort sir!!
  2. That is AMAZING!! Fantastic work sir!! Absolutely off the charts!!
  3. Great job!! It looks like it just came off the strip and is back in the pits! Fantastic!!
  4. That turned out exceptional! Beautiful!!
  5. VERY Nice!! Great work and a beautiful paint job!!
  6. While I was waiting on the part to arrive for the JoHan Petty Superbird I had started (see previous post!) I decided to build up the Polar Lights Petty Talladega I had sitting in my stash. I have built other versions of this kit and I have a definite "Love/Hate" relationship with these kits. They are a pretty accurate representation of a NASCAR car from that era, but they can be a real PITA to build up, and I've found that SOME of the bodies have a "funky" upturn at the front wheelwell. Paint is Tamiya TS23 for the body, Testors Gull Gray for the frame and interior and various other Tamiya and Testors paints for the remainder. Window trim was done with a Molotow 1mm chrome pen. As an aside, I actually got to see this car run and WIN in 1969 at Smoky Mountain Raceway in Marysville TN. My one and only NASCAR CUP level race I have ever attended. Thanks for looking!! Comments welcome!
  7. I received this kit as a gift MANY years ago. It had sat in my "to do" pile until this pandemic hit and I decided to build it. Diving in to it, I unfortunately discovered that the drivers side wing support was missing from the kit. I placed an appeal on the "Parts Needed" part of the forums and thankfully two members responded. Hakan "Force" Persson had a part that he shipped out and rescued me, and I am very thankful and eternally grateful for his kindness and generosity!! As has been stated by others before, this is not a very accurate representation of a NASCAR stock car of that era, but with care, it builds up in to a reasonable shelf model. Paint is Tamiya TS23, as well as appropriate Testor's metalizers on the engine and exhaust. Decals are a combination of the original 50 year old decals and a set of Powerslide decals from Mike's Decals. I hope you all enjoy looking. Comments welcome! Again, THANK YOU to Hakan "Force" Persson for his help!
  8. That looks GOOD!! Well done
  9. That turned out REALLY well!! Nice work!!
  10. Supermodifieds (or supers) are VERY regional, limited to about 3 areas, Northern NY (Oswego area) and the NE, Northern Ohio (Toledo to Cleveland-primarily Lorain, OH area) and the NW (Primarily Idaho, Northern Utah, Eastern Wash. and Easter Oregon) and each area 's supers are unique to their area. Oswego and the NE are considered the most active and competitive. Many consider the Oswego supers to be the natural evolution of the Indy roadster. There is a 200 lap race run annually at Oswego that is considered the Indy 500 of supermodified racing and most of the cars run big block engines, many up to (I believe) 500 CI. Spooky fast!! You are off to a great start and I look forward to seeing how you progress.
  11. Here are some additional pictures of the Clare Sanders driven Dodge Demon Ramchargers car.
  12. I've always been big fan of the Ramchargers team. I've built 3 of their most successful funny cars. The Dodge Dart is the original MPC kit and is 51 years old. The body and decals got damaged in our last move, so I have done some work to it in the last 10 years, but otherwise the car is original. The Dodge Demon is a converted Revell Ed McCollough kit that I built in the mid 90's. Unfortunately, the windshield on this car got damaged in a move shortly after I built it. The Dodge Challenger is a Model King kit I built about 7 years ago. I can take and post additional pictures of each car if there is any interest.
  13. I guess my answer is "It depends". And I answer that way because it is a function of how the kit is engineered. Sometimes I find it easier to paint the parts separately and then assemble them, other times I put it all together and paint it as a unit. Be aware that it is sometimes difficult to get paint coverage after you assemble it all as the roll cage can make it difficult to get paint in to all the locations. Sometimes I assemble the cage as a subassembly and paint it and the chassis side by side, then assemble. Sorry to not give you a direct, concise answer, but this is how I do it.
  14. That turned out beautiful! Great craftsmanship!!
  15. Beautiful work Mr. Laski!! It turned out great.
  16. Amazing work Mr. Laski!! How in Heavens name do you paint the numbers and the names on the gauges?? There is no way my hands are are steady enough to do that, and haven't been for 30 years. Same with the eyesight to see it! Impressive work sir!!
  17. The only reason I built it with the long headers was because that is the way the real car is at the Garlics Museum. Since I had photos, it was easier for me to make sure I got it close to right.
  18. Great job! Thanks for putting the scale in some of the pictures. Love what you are doing here!!
  19. Here are a couple body off pics per your request.
  20. Yes. I'll try to get to that today (Sunday) or tomorrow.
  21. That looks fantastic so far!! Beautiful work!
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