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  1. Amazing work Mr. Teresi!! I'm old enough to remember reading the Hot Rod magazine article on this car, which, though groundbreaking, was a colossal failure. I love the detail of the monocoque! I am definitely following this to its fantastic completion!
  2. Thanks for all the advice!! I have some Testor's 9200 decal bonder, so I'll try that on the rest of the decal sheet and see if I have any more issues with this sheet. I'll contact SLIXX and get another sheet for this model and coat it before ever trying to use it too. Again, THANKS to everyone for the feedback!! I appreciate it!!
  3. Hello all! I'll start this post by saying this is IN NO WAY a post to bash Slixx decals. They are great people. I use a quite a few Slixx decals as I like to build old models I find at garage sales and auctions. Recently, I've had issues with some of the decals "shattering". I have included a photo of one that just happened for a Johan Gene Snow Challenger I just built. If you look closely, you can see other cracks in the decal in addition to the area where the decal is gone. I use a glass bowl, filled about half full with lukewarm tapwater and when they shatter it is usually before I can ever get the decal out of the bowl. I usually let the decal sit in the bowl of water for about 20 seconds (depends upon the size) and then take the decal out and let it rest on a paper towel for another minute or so. I'm not new at model building, as I've been building for about 58 years, so I've tried everything I know to try to keep this from happening. I'm open to any thoughts anyone has to help me try to prevent this from happening in the future. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Yeah...I hadn't noticed that. Corrected now.
  5. Thank you all for the comments. They are much appreciated!
  6. I was a big fan of the A/Fx cars and early Funny Cars of the mid/late 60's There has been lot of negative written about the Bonner/WARBUCKS Mustang kit , and after building it I think a lot if it is deserved. However, if you just take it for what it is, a poorly designed and historically inaccurate model, it can be built in to a decent version of a mid 60's era A/Fx car. The one major issue I did run in to was the decals, especially the pinstripes, which shattered upon introducing them to water. Some of the larger deals broke in to big pieces, but I was able to salvage them. The pinstripes never had a chance. I built it mostly box stock, just to see how it would look, and I'm not dissatisfied with the results. I don't build models to compete, I do it just for fun. Paint is Tamiya Italian Red accompanied by Testors Metallizer Aluminum and Gunmetal for the undercarriage and suspension parts. Hope y'all like it.
  7. Great progress so far! Looking forward to watching this one.
  8. I've been in a terrible building slump lately. I've been unable to get enthused about starting a new project or finishing some old ones. I was looking at my old models and just decided to build a new version of an old one. I happened to have a rerelease of the Monogram Hurst Hairy Olds in my stash and thought "Why not." So here they are...the version I did in 1968 with brush paints and the version I did 50 years later. I didn't wire or detail the motor, as I just wanted to accomplish a completion. Hope y'all like it. The 1968 version The 2018 version
  9. Great job! I LOVE Chaparrals. The 2E and 2F were my favorite ones, and you did this one proud.
  10. Great job!! Probably saw this car run a time or two.
  11. Great job on this. It turned out beautiful!!
  12. Beautiful work!! The 70's is my favorite era of short track late models. Such variety. There were 1957 Chevy's racing against 1965 Chevelle's racing against 1970's Camaro's.
  13. Exceptional job with a difficult kit. As noted, the Ford J-car was a development car that was used to bridge the Ford GT Mark II and the Ford Mark IV. Ford endurance/sports car driver Ken Miles lost his life in the car during testing at Riverside Raceway in August of 1966. There are pictures, though of pretty poor quality, to be found on the internet. Do a search for Ford J car pictures.
  14. Just freaking amazing, fantastic, awesome, stunning, stupendous, outstanding (insert adjective here) work. The pictures are just eye-catching. Great job. Truly a work of art. Very, VERY nice job with this!!
  15. Amazing work by all of you. Mr Teresi, your Garlits car is stunning!! Thank you all for this thread!
  16. I have no more superlatives sir. This build has been an absolute joy to watch and follow along. The hose clamps are amazing and just add to the realism. This build has gone past being a model and has become a work of art. Thank you!!
  17. This is going to be a great, fun thread!! Thanks to all three of you!
  18. A very nice job on this kit. Turned out looking awesome!
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