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  1. It was a wise decision to build something else from this kit. I also tried to build this kit back in the late 70's (my kit has copyright year 1978), but I didn't finnish it as it was too far from what it was supposed to be and I gave up...I had seen the Convoy movie so I knew how it should to look like and it didn't by far. I still have it but it's not complete anymore.
  2. Yes I noticed that in another thread and looked if I could get the picture bigger...but no. Peterbilt also had a bicentennial paint scheme called "Patriot" and as with Kenworth only 200 was built, I suspect 100 of the 352 model and 100 of the 359 model.
  3. The Showboat kit is a fiddly kit to build and the pipes are not easy to get right at all, so I understand if you don't want to do it over again and again. When I saw Wagonmaster at the NHRA Museum at Pomona, and on all pictures I have seen, it has another layout of the exhaust pipes, they are shorter and point straight up so they are not leaned backwards as on the Showboat...yes the Wagonmaster is built on the original Showboat but the pipes was appearantly changed at the same time as the Buick wagon body came on. The Showboat they show today is a replica of the original that was built some
  4. Yes 2 pipes are pointing downwards and if you count the pipes on the black and white picture you see that the middle pipes are grouped 3,4,3,4...there are some hight difference so it's quite easy to see.
  5. Well the tooling for the Pro Stock Camaro has been developed into 4 further evolutions so the extra parts are probably from one of those. The Reher-Morrison/Frank Iaconio versions was the first issues of this tooling from 1984, after them they did a Pro Street Firebird in 1987 based on the same tooling, after that came the Tony Foti LAPD Camaro 1991, then they released the Pennzoil/STP Firebirds in 1992, and finally the Goodwrench/Summit Firebirds in 1999 with further updates and new body wich are the same as the Model King issue except for decals. But the engines in all issuses has been a n
  6. I think the Joe Lepone Jr driven Jenkins car is a 1982 or 83 model so it should work fine if the Reher-Morrison kit is in it's original state...I dont have it yet so I cant compare with the original, you have to change the wheels and modify the hood scoop though. As far as I know Reher-Morrison started to use the Generation 3 Camaro body 1982 so it should be very similar to the Jenkins car, and the kit is most likely done after the 1983 car as it takes some time to tool up a new kit. The Reher-Morrison and Frank Iaconio Camaro's was the first of the modern style Pro Stock kits together with
  7. I hope you mean that MPC sold the tooing to Ertl. And yes the stars and stripe livery was for Mack's 70th anniversary in 1970 so it was 6 years before.
  8. Well the SOHC is probably unaltered and the same engine that allways has been in this kit (and the '69 Mr Gasket Gasser), it's not up to the AMT '33 Willys standard as that's the best one you can get, but it's decent.
  9. lapazleo: Yes I thought it was earlier, I have a picture of a Mach R700 in the stars and stripes livery in Rod Adams book Big Rigs Of The 70's, I have now found out that the Stars & Stripes paint scheme was for Mack's 70th anniversary 1970. Austin: Here is one picture I found. http://www.flickr.com/photos/granitefan713/10584671733/in/photostream/ Another, same truck I believe. http://i941.photobucket.com/albums/ad252/RichReinhart/DSCN1571.jpg The old MPC/ERTL Mack DM 800 Heavy Duty Truck and DM 800 with Rex Cement Mixer kits has the stars & stripes paint scheme on
  10. Mack had the patriotic All-American with Stars And Stripes paint scheme, but I don't know if it was for the bicentennial celebration...could be earlier. Here are links to pictures of the R series and F series. http://www.hankstruckpictures.com/pix/trucks/robert_dick/mack_r_series_ss.jpg http://www.hankstruckpictures.com/pix/trucks/robert_dick/mack_f_series_ss.jpg Also the old MPC/ERTL Mack DM800 kits had this paint scheme on the box.
  11. Yup, after what I have seen the Challenge Transit Mixer had torsion bars so it's a true W 925. But the KW torsion bar suspension was meant to be a lightweight on road suspension so it seems a bit strange on this truck, the Hendrickson Walking Beam is on the other hand the kind of suspension you can expect from a concrete mixer as it's more to the heavy duty side. So the Hendrickson must have came in at a later time after the Challenge Transit Mixer.
  12. I believe another reason is that some think the modern lowered custom trucks with loooooong chassis looks cool...it's not necessary with all that length...and definately not without a sleeper. Over here in Sweden we also have lenght restrictions and the longest legal vehicle combination over here is 25.25 meters (82 feet 10 inches) and a legal gross weight of 60 metric tonnes (just over 66 US Tonnes) but there are trials with even longer combinations up to 30 meters (100 feet) and higher gross weights on some roads (up to 75 metric tonnes (82.6 US). But that's not that much as you Aussies
  13. Well the Ford LN Race Transporter has been re-issued several times and difference between the Petty version and the other ones are only the decals, the Dart kit in the set has also been re-issued and both kits are out right now...that's why I didn't mention it as the kits themselves are not hard to find at all. The AMT Pete Small Window 359 and the KW W925 and K125 with torsion bar suspension, and the Ertl IH Transstar Eagle II with air ride has been modified a long time ago and I don't think they can be re-issued in their original form. The KW Challenge Transit Mixer has only been out once
  14. I agree with Rob. The Torsion bar suspensioned Kenworth K-125 and W-925, the Transit Mixer and the small window Peterbilt 359 with Detroit Diesel 8V71, both the Wrecker and California Hauler fetches a lot of money nowadays...So does the Tyrone Malone trucks, Super Boss, Papa Truck, Bandag Bandit and Hideout Truck. Another kit that's a bit hard to find...not true AMT kits but...is the Ertl International Transstar II Eagle with air ride (most of them has Hendrickson Walking Beam) and the Great Dane Reefer Trailer.
  15. On almost every engine the oil pumps are mounted in a straight line directly under the distributor as it's driven from the camshaft via the distributor through a shaft. The Ford Y-block engine has the oil pump on the outside of the engine at the bottom rear on the drivers side, and the oil pickup inside the sump is connected with an outside tube from the sump to the oil pump, so if you change the oil pickup tube to a shorter one you can use a rear sump instead of front wich is the case on early Thunderbird's and Pickups. On most other engines the oil pump are mounted inside the oil pan and i
  16. Does anyone cast the Thermo King reefer unit with fuel tank and battery/electric boxes from the old Ertl Great Dane Reefer Trailer in resin?? - I need a couple of the old style Thermo King units for a couple of upcomming TV and Movie truck projects of mine, I'm planning to build the Smokie & The Bandit truck and trailer, and the BJ & The Bear truck and trailer and both trailers has the old style Thermo King units.. As far as I know the Ertl #8033 Great Dane Reefer Trailer has never been been re-issued since the early 80's, but the Dry Goods Van trailer (Ertl #8932) has been out at l
  17. Yes I got your email the other day, It will usually take about 8-10 days but now with the huge ammount of Christmas mail this time of the year it will probably take a bit longer... but I'm so eager to look at the products so I nearly can't wait. I'll let you know when they arrives. Thanks a lot for the fast service and it will most likely be more orders comming your way in the future. - American cars has allways been big over here in Sweden, they were sold new here up to the early 70's, more sparcely after that, but many American cars has been imported from the US the last 20 years, so we
  18. I did it when I was younger and didn't have the cash to buy new kits, but now I rather buy and build a new one if they are available.
  19. I would go for the engines from either the old Monogram 66 Malibu Street Rat or 70 Chevelle 3 'n 1 as both are the only supercharged engines I know of in 1/24th scale.
  20. I also have an old order from some years back with him that not has been filled yet...also paid in advance through Paypal. As I said, I haven't heard from him in about 3 years...so I have given up and don't expect to get anything...if I do it would be a big surprice. So I believe my money also are lost as too much time has passed since I paid for the order. It's sad as he had good quality castings and was great to deal with when I bought from him the time before...well you learn from your misstakes and this time it did cost me 62 bucks.
  21. Well most highway trucks has air ride rear suspensions and this kit has the Peterbilt airleaf suspension so it allready has air bags, if you want it lower you have to modify it slightly. In front they usually put in an axle with more drop and lower leafs, but there are also air ride suspension available for front axles.
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