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  1. I think the ready made NASCAR diecast models killed off the market for the more modern NASCAR model kits, back in the day when nothing else were available you had to get a model kit of your favourite drivers car and build it if you wanted to have one on your shelf, now you can just buy a diecast model and you're done.
  2. Amen to that. They ran so many cars over the years in different classes and sanctioning bodys, with both Ronnie Sox, Herb McCandless and some other drivers doing the driving, so it's hard to keep up with what they were doing.
  3. I don't say you are wrong by any means Water, I know you know your Mopars. But I found this text at the Mopar Hall Of Fame: Jake King was the power-maker behind the Sox & Martin race team. King really began his career in drag racing not as an engine builder, but as a driver. Jake drove Super Stock Fords for Atwood Ford before he was recruited away from the steering wheel by Buddy Martin. King’s real passion and his supreme talent was in building engines that were light years ahead of what just about everyone else in the sport was capable of engineering - he was a true mechanical
  4. Not only TF and FC but NHRA Pro Stock engines also have a 500 cid restriction. Since 2007-2008 John Force calls his engines Ford Boss 500 but it's pretty much the same Mopar 426 Hemi based aftermarket billet aluminum engine all others have, the difference is some strengthening here and there, moved intake lifters, the main bearings has Ford part numbers, and the engine block is anodized blue, otherwise they have the same bore spacing and other specs as the other Mopar based Nitro Hemi's as nothing else is allowed in NHRA Nitro competition today.
  5. I have seen larger pics of this diecast model of the Sox & Martin 69 Road Runner and if it's correct the motor is a 440 6BBL (six pack), I haven't seen any good underhood pics of any of the real Sox & Martin 69 Road Runners or GTX's so I can't confirm if it is. But as I said, they ran several cars each season and in different classes and this Road Runner is one of them.
  6. Sox & Martin raced Road Runner and GTX's in both Super Stock and Modified Production and the engine could be different depending on wich class it ran. I just checked all pics I have saved of the Sox & Martin 68-69 Road Runner and GTX's but I didn't have anything showing engines for them...so I'm not much help there. I do know that they had one 68 GTX with a 440 and a 68 Road Runner with a Hemi and as they raced several cars in both NHRA, AHRA and did match racing each season they could have had one of each for 69 aswell.
  7. Of course you can paint the engine whatever color you like Alan, it's your model and you do as you want with it. This kit is one of my favourites too and I built one several years ago (before I got a computer and internet) and painted the engine Hemi Orange, I didn't know better at the time and didn't have any good references but as all Hemis was either Race Hemi Orange or Street Hemi Orange from the factory I painted it that color. But I'm going to do a more correct model sometime, I have more of these kits and since I got a computer and started with internet I have done some research o
  8. Well 13 ft 6 inches is 4 meters and 11.48 centimeters to be exact and converted to 1:25th scale it's 16.45 centimeters, any higher than that you will hit bridges, overpasses and tunnel roofs...but with your model being 15.8 centimeters you're good to go.
  9. Oldscool is right, Most of the Sox & Martin Mopar engines was blue as their mechanic Jake King who was a former Ford racer himself painted the engines he built Ford engine blue as a tribute to his blue oval roots and to easily identify his work. And if you google Sox & Martin and Jake King you'll find lots of pics of blue Hemi's. As for re-issue this kit, Testors had the tooling for the Jo-Han Sox & Martin 71 'Cuda last when they did the HSO "metal wheel series" version of it together with the 69 (66) Pro Street Rambler S/C, the 70 Olds Cutlass, and the 71 Mercury Comet maybe
  10. And the Massey Ferguson 1155 and the International Harvester 1466 with Semi Mounted Plow and Farm Wagon for each one. The John Deere 4430 was last out in the late 90's or early 2000's together with the John Deere 310 Backhoe.
  11. I don't know who does a Cummins 6.7 engine, all engines I have listed are for large class 8 trucks, so I don't know what engine he refers to either. I didn't list European manufacturers as they are'nt that common in USA, Volvos are available in the US but they are US made and are not the same as in Europe. The old Ertl Volvo is in fact a N10 and has a 10 litre Volvo TD100 Volvo engine, it's very similar to the larger 12 litre Volvo TD120 wich would have been in a N12. Revell AG did F12's and AMT/Matchbox did a kit labeled F10/F12 and I believe they both have a Volvo TD120. Heller has
  12. As far as I understood the article when I read it the "Black Plate Program" is for classic cars only. But as I said, there are lots of valid usable old license plates available at several places as lots of classic cars has been exported from California and other dessert states over the years...to for example Sweden amongst other nations...I have imported a classic car from California myself about 10 years ago...so the demand for newly made old style plates is maybe not that high right now. 1972Coronet: Try to hold down the Alt key and type 134 on your number pad on your keyboard and let g
  13. Here you go: http://www.carcraft.com/dragtimes/1342_reher_morrison_era_pro_stock/photo_26.html There are lots more photos at that link if you scroll down. For the Tony Foti L.A.P.D. car the rollcage is modified with a funny car style cage around the driver and I think the passenger seat is deleted as it wasn't required that also goes for the later Pro Stock cars) and the engine is different, otherwise it's based on the same tooling as the Reher & Morrison car.
  14. If you read the Hemmings article it says that this program started 2013...and as far as I know from what I've heard the times I've been i California (98, 03, 06. 09, 11, and 12) you could register an old car on old vintage plates long before that...and not just in California, more States has that possibillity, Virginia is one. If you go deeper in the article and read some of the links to other related articles you'll find this text: "The Legacy License Plate Program would create new license plates in the familiar vintage color schemes, though the new plates would most likely be required t
  15. As far as I know you have been able to register your older car with an older license plate not belonging to that car originally in California for a long time. Those 1956 yellow plates and 1963 black plates, and plates even older than that, are quite expensive at swap meets in SoCal if they are checked valid and possible to use...I know, I have tried to get some older plates when I have been over there but the valid plate sets have been way out of my price range, as I only can use them on my garage wall here in Sweden I don't want to pay that much for them and I have only bought some singles a
  16. I believe the engine in the Italeri and Revell AG Ford Aeromax kits (same tooling) was supposed to be a Cummins N14, but it's a bad one as it looks like an older NTC with an air to air Intercooler instead of the normal for NTC Aftercooler. Italeri isn't known to do accurate kits and they often take shortcuts here and there to save some money when they develop new kits, and the chassis and engines are often the things they save on...so there are lots of inaccurate kits from Italeri and Revell AG as they share some tooling with Italeri.
  17. 1968 is the only year Hemi Dart's and Barracuda's are legal for NHRA Super Stock Eliminator, 1967 and 1969 are not even though they have the same basic body style.
  18. TRaymo: P&P Resinworks has a nice KTA 600 and are the most likely place to get one fairly fast http://www.ppvintagekits.com/ lapazleo: Yes I know some of the N14's had stamped sheet metal rocker covers but they are still square in shape and not shaped like the older NTA-NTC style rocker covers. Here is a pic of the older style NTA/NTC type Rocker Covers N14 Rocker Covers, first the cast cover. And the N14 stamped sheet metal covers. But the intake they made looks like the ones on the N14 with Intercooler.
  19. There is a huge void in these under hood decals, I like to see more of them too, and except for the hoses, batteries and those things I would like to see. For Ford the round white gold and black decals that denotes the cui on the valve covers on the older black FE engines, 352, 390, 406...and the 427 birds, the cui decals for the later air cleaners would also be nice to have a selection of, as the different Y-Block valve cover decals For Chevrolet the different cui markings for their engines, both the ones on the air cleaner and the HP decals for the valve covers on the engines that has t
  20. Yes they started with a six pack scoop in 1970 but it was modified sometime during the year and got taller with a bigger opening, and two bolts were added one third in from the sides for strength as often were done to the older 68 Hemi Barracuda/Dart scoops. Hopefully Revell will do something that looks fairly correct or at least a flat hood that can be modified to a correct appearance.
  21. No you could get the W 900 and K 100 VIT 200 Bicentennial trucks with the same Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel engine options as the regular KW trucks. When this kit was first introduced in the Monogram 1980 catalog it had the Bicentennial graphics on the picture...but I don't remember if any kits were released with them.
  22. The 250 SWB California is one of my favourite Ferraris together with the 250 GTO, great work of a very nice car. By the way, doesn't Replicas & Miniatures Co Of Mayland have more accurate things for this model?
  23. From what I can see from your pics this "new re-issue" has a mish-mash of parts from all the previous issues of this tooling and it seems like many of the original parts is missing.
  24. If the frame needs to be shortened or stretched to do a correct build of the subject I'm building I'll do it, and sometimes when I do a more generic build I'll eyeball the length, leave it as is or modify to my liking. The frame in this AMT kit is unnecessary long as it was meant to go under the transporter bed of Tyrone Malone's Papa Truck and Hideout Truck and was modified for them, but for a tractor that's supposed to haul a trailer it's far too long and doesn't look right...not ot my eyes anyway...and the BJ truck was quite short.
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