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  1. I'm on a roll this month getting projects finished. Managed to get two completed already (38 Ford Woody wagon and 96 Dodge Ramcharger) and I've moved on to finishing this rebuild project. I got this one as a built-up and started redoing it earlier this year.



    The body is airbrushed with nail polish (silver and one called Mermaid) and I cleared it with HOK clear with some microflakes added in for a bit more sparkle.


    Tonight I began the BMF and detailing the badges. I should be able to finish the BMF in my next session.

    20230916_205802.thumb.jpg.6ea9a84643869a9261f4d5118ddbd493.jpg20230730_190908.thumb.jpg.c38e2c9b456f090a4edf6e315f3a5b4a.jpg20230730_224146.thumb.jpg.5a8e966d0d1ce859845ef2b3e21fa39f.jpgI need to dig through the parts bin and find an appropriate door mirror. I should be able to get this finished in a couple more bench sessions.

    Here is where it sits tonight. Just mocked up.



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  2. I finished this earlier this week (my second this week). My local club has a build-off of any kit from Ollie's. I started with the 96 Ram VTS pickup. Wanting to do something different I thought- Why not a "what if Dodge offered a Ramcharger based on this pickup" idea.

    I left off the rear cab wall and scratched in a pass through bed floor. I had to convert the front bench seat into two amd narrowed a second bench for the rear of the bed. I modified a 80's Ramcharger 4x4 frame and suspension and added modified fender flares from my parts box. Tires and wheels are from the Revell Jeep kit. Scratchbuilt ehaust.(needs paint touched up.)

    The hardest part was scratchbuilding a roll cage to fit from the dash to the tailgate.

    The hood is modified using a center section from a Viper ACR kit. The rear of the Viper hood hat to be trimmed and the grilles in the hood had to be cut out and moved forward. The paint isn't the best but then, either was the paint on the 1/1's back then.

    That's about all. Easy Peasy......not!











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  3. 8 hours ago, moparmike619 said:

    This thing is beautiful! I have always been partial to the front end of the ‘38, and the wood panels and the lines they create just accentuate the shape and make it even better. Very well done, and excellent vision! It came out great

    Thank you. It has a great look to me too.


    8 hours ago, XYHARRY said:

    Nice custom work on this Tom. Colours, wheels and stance look spot on. Well done.


    David. 😎👍

    Thank you. I appreciate it David.


    7 hours ago, Yeah Nah said:

    Wow! Everything great about this! Man, those wheels/tyres.......🤩

    Thank you. It turned out much better than I expected.


  4. 1 hour ago, ColonelKrypton said:

    very nice. Looks good in blue with the wood panels.

    cheers, Graham


    Thank you!


    1 hour ago, karbuildr said:

    Sweet ride. Very well done customizing. I agree, Icy Blue is a great color.

    Thanks! I agree.


  5. Just finished this build. I combined the front clip from the Testors 38 Ford Vantastic kit with the rear of the AMT Wagon Rod. I had to section the body through the doors in a couple of spots to keep the hood from sitting like a ramp, which means I had to adjust a bit of the height of the dash and door panels. First picture shows the cuts and second shows how much the height was reduced. Other than that the only other change was some 3D printed tires and wheels and some parts box taillights. Color is Testors Icy Blue over grey primer and I brushed several colors of paints for the wood grain. Enjoy!













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  6. Got these in the mail today. Now I can start using some of the tires in the package. I was afraid to before because I only had one of the tire sets.

    The 305 has been a kit I have wanted for years. My Dad had a 65 305 Dream all throughout my childhood. Now that I have this he tells me the kit is of a Super Hawk and not a Dream. Oh Well. Close enough of a starting point to build a model of his Dream.



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