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  1. Got these today from a guy my buddy knows. All complete except for the Charger Daytona. It's just parts. 

    I asked the guy what he wanted for them and he said that since the 62 Chrysler wasn't a high quality kit he was only asking $10 for it. I told him "No, it is worth more than that. I'll give you $30 for it." I felt bad only offering him that for it but I didn't have much on me and felt better not just taking it for $10. Got all of this for what I had in my wallet-$57.






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  2. Beautiful work so far. You had me going on pulling that pinstripe. I zoomed in to check it out and thought "Man, that took some patience and skill." Then I scrolled down to the next picture....."You a funny guy!" Lol

    Great work either way. Looking forward to more.


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  3. 21 minutes ago, GLMFAA1 said:

    On the B windows they are reversed A windows so there is a none moving rear quarter window piece.




    That is good to know. That qill help me to make sure the sizes are right.

    I'm glad you posted that pic. What I have made with those strips I installed was supposed to be the center post of what looks like three bars- what is actually the window frame (opens with the door) and a center stationary post. My work above depicts the narrow stationary posts and now I need to go back and create the window frames. So, what I scratchbuilt above may not be too narrow after all.


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  4. 8 hours ago, GLMFAA1 said:

    I would suggest a little thicker piece for the window frames, two 40x40 glued together or 80 piece with scibed line. with that huge sun roof what a great base for a famous ambulance. keep on fabricating.




    Thanks for the pictures. Those are cool.

    The window frames are not finished. These are just the posts between the actual window frames, although I may need to go a little bit wider.



  5. I haven't had any time at the bench this week. Last night I got a bit of time while packing things for a model show in Somerset, KY today.

    While looking at pics of a 72 Suburban and planning how to build the side windows I saw that they have a slim post between each window frame. I  measured out the locations for these. Using thin strips of styrene doubled up to approximate the thickness I glued these in place. I cut small grooves in the half round at the top for these to slide into so that it would add a bit of strength. 

    Then, on the passenger side, I trimmed the bottom of the half round to shape the opening for the windows a bit better. Next will be the driver's side and then adding the strips for the actual window fames.

    Not much progress but I'm moving forward.





  6. It has been a very busy week for me and last night was the first chance I've gotten all week to sit at the bench. 

    I had wetsanded the hood a week ago to try and remove the faint lines left by the tape. Eventually I resprayed another light coat of clear and stuck the hood in the dehydrator for a couple days.

    Last night I polished it and then added the PE letters using Future floor polish as glue. (I see now that I need to reposition the L. It is sitting too high.) I also installed the chrome hood strip on the front.

    That's all I got done on this project for now. I boxed it up to take with me to a model show today in Somerset, KY.



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  7. Heather,

    I, too, am sorry for the untimely loss of your Father. I only knew him from this forum but he was a great model builder and influence on many of us here.

    I moved to Kentucky a couple of years ago and was looking to visit and make contact with him shortly before he passed. I wanted to see his work up close and get some tips from him. I was really interested in the GTO wagon that he was working on since I was also working on a GTO at the time. Unfortunately my plans to come visit him and see his GTO were too late. 

    He is very much missed on the forum and, again, I am sorry for your loss. May you and your family be comforted knowing that he was looked up to by all here.



  8. Man, I like what you have done and glad to see you have gotten this far on it. The paint color is perfect for it. 

    I am currently building a 72 Suburban on here but I went a different route by using the 72 Pickup. I'm hoping it will work. I had to use it as it is for a common kit build-off. After seeing that your starting point was the Blazer I am curious if the height of the sides of the  lazer are taller than the sides of the pickup bed. I ask because I had to add a square styrene rod the length of the bed in order to match the height of the cab. I like your idea of using the Blazer roofs. I am using flat sheet for mine but I am also including a sliding canvas roof so I won't have to worry too much about curves.



  9. 2 hours ago, slusher said:

    Keep up the good work sir!

    Thank you!

    Tonight's progress.

    Starting from the front. I removed the inner wheel wells to allow for tire clearance and to allow the 3d frame to sit where it needs to.

    I added two strips of plastic for roof panels instead of one large piece since I am building this with a simuated sliding soft top. I then added a piece of half round for the rolled side of the roof. This will be sanded to shape later.


    I removed a part of the bed floor for clearance of the c notch on the frame. 

    The 3d printed frame needed some work as it was warped and the part behind the c notch did not extend far enough to allow the frame to sit flat.

    This pic shows how much I need ed to press the frame to get it into shape. This will not work.


    After modifications the frame sits as it should.



    Well, that's it for tonight.

    Next will be to widen the rear tubs and start some sanding.



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  10. 1 hour ago, espo said:

    I agree with Slusher on the paint finish. Looks like it already has been polished.  

    Thanks, but no. There is a small bit of sanding that needs done. I sprayed the final clear on Thanksgiving and have let it sit to harden. This past Thursday I taped the hood off to spray the underside and the tape still left faint lines in the clearcoat. Could have sworn it was dry by now.

    I got a used dehydrator yesterday. After I clean it up I am going to put it in the dehydrator for a good day before I wetsand.


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  11. 1 hour ago, James2 said:

    Coming along nicely. What frame is that? I'm interested in the bending process....

    Thanks. The frame I got from a guy on FB named Brandon White. It comes in two pieces so it is adjustable. Comes with the rear axle, front a arms, rear 4 link and bags.

    For the bend I am thinking about soaking it in warm water and then bending it from side to side over the edge of a table, similar to using an english wheel. Nothing fancy, just need to work it a bit.


  12. I did a bit more on this one last night for about a half hour. 

    I think I've settled on this 3d printed frame. I set the wheelbase on it as it is adjustable and glued the two pieces together. I added some styrene bits for a bit of strength where they join.



    I then measured the height of the window opening on the front door from the top of the door to the bottom of the window opening. 21/32. I then tacked two 21/32 strips of styrene at the rear of the body at what will be the side window opening to act as temporary rests for the rear roof while gluing it in place. This way I am certain that the rear roof is level and the window openings match front to rear.


    Last thing for the night was to cut a roof panel to fit the giant opening. This is just sitting in place for now as it needs to be bent into the curved shape of the roof.


    That was it for the night. Thanks for looking.


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