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  1. 16 hours ago, Keef said:

    I want that 63 Galaxie!! 😱😱😱

    You and me both! I have seen the 64 for the last two years and drooled over it. When I finally stopped earlier this week and walked out back I was floored to see the 63 427 4 speed!! That emediately moved to the top of my wanted list. What a shame to have any of them just sitting there.


  2. 5 hours ago, Khils said:

    I've came across items like that during hunting season.... The question that crosses my mind is "How many" times have these been "asked about"  😃...are they For Sale??  ...only to hear NOPE! I've got plans for them & Never Happens!!

    I hate that too! I found a guy once who had a 66 Big Block Corvette sitting in about the same condition in his front yard. I asked about it and he told me that he was going to rebuild it and give it to his son the following year for his 16th birthday. I didn't know the guy at all but did not hesitate to tell him he was an idiot. I got quickly ran off.


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  3. I like what you are doing with this. Your weathering is perfect! Sorry I didn't see this one earlier. For the taillights I would have BMF'ed the bottom half then painted half of that clear amber. For the back up lens mix some pearl white with future floor polish or clearcoat to get a slightly milky color and brush it on the lower portion of the BMF.

    I just started a build of this kit myself. Going with a 90's- 2000's low budget mini truckin theme. Still very early stages on mine.

    Looking forward to your finished project.


  4. I got a box of broken up rebuilders recently. I pulled out what parts went with this and decided it would make a great quick build. The style I was after was for something several decades ago so I didn't try to slam it to the ground.

    Dug through the parts boxes for suspension parts, tires and wheels, and a steering wheel. Scratchbuilt the exhaust and headlight stalks and headlight. (realized I forgot taillights and could probably use a small step on each side to enter- I'll remedy that soon.) A bit of paint touch up here and there and I was done in about 12 hrs time over a couple weeks.

    Nothing outstanding but a nice piece to put on the shelf.









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  5. 2 hours ago, chryslerjunkandstuff said:

    I've got other unused Jo-Han parts too, MoPar oval air cleaners, wheel covers, bumpers and grilles and steering wheels and s#!t that I'd planned on keeping, but I dunno, probably could be included with the other stuff..

    I need a front and rear bumper for a 64 Caddy and one taillight for a 62 Chrysler 300.


  6. Did a bit more work on this. Spent some time digging through my tire and wheel stash for the right set. I don't think I found it but these will do for now. Had to lower the rear suspension and put together a front suspension from the parts box. Going with a 70's style so I'm alright with it sitting a bit high but thiss may be too much. The tires and wheels are just mocked up for now. Still need to get some headlights and taillights together.




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  7. On 2/11/2024 at 11:42 AM, Exotics_Builder said:

    Went to a swap meet yesterday and came back with these.  Some are on the edge of my interest area but could be future trade fodder.





    Ooh! I NEED that PE 36 Ford grill since I just got this in the mail today from a FB purchase.

    PM me if it is up for coming home with me. (And any of the flathead parts)






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  8. Every once in a while it's fun just to build like I'm a 12 yr old again.

    I recently got a box full of broken up builds. Tonight I pulled out the main parts of one and started putting it back together, adding a few parts box pieces and minor scratch building.


    After 4 hours of building here is where I'm at. 


    After one or two more sessions at the bench I should have a completed build for my shelf.


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  9. Just finished this today for the 18th annual 24 Hr build. Widened the rear wheels, lowered the suspension, molded in different taillights, wired the engine, added rare earth magnets to hold the hood in place, altered the kit exhaust and added turned aluminum mufflers.
    Airbrushed Testors "Colors by Boyds" (remember them?) Purple Pearl for the body and a custom mix of House of Kolor for the frame. A few aftermarket parts (MSD ignition box, Aluminum mufflers).

    The Rat Fink decal was one that I had in a parts box that I inherited from my buddy, Mike Flynn.
    A fun night of building and now I have another one for the shelf!

    If you haven't done one of the 24 Hr builds, you should. They are a blast to see the variety of builds from many different entrants (think we were somewhere between 150-200 this year- most tied in over Zoom)
















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  10. 5 hours ago, 68shortfleet said:

    Darn good poking build.

    FYI, fair warning, the coupe body to fender fitment isn't nearly as good as this sedan kit. The rear area around the rear fenders and tail panel needs a bit of attention before the body will sit all the way down onto the fenders.

    Good luck on the 24 hour build. Buddy of mine did this kit for the 24hr a few years ago.

    Thanks for the warning. I actually started one of the coupes at the same time as this one. I just didn't get as far on it. I did see where I would need to give attention to that area. Here is the coupe I started. It is just mocked up on the wheels but I'm liking it.




  11. Nice looking build! I've always thought about getting this and some of the other "fluff" kits to build for fun but never have. You're making me think again.


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  12. 1 hour ago, Yeah Nah said:

    Nice job on the 37! 

    I'd never come across mention of a Thermador car cooling system till now. Just Googled so now I know. The stuff we take for granted in today's cars!

    Yep, early style air conditioner (a swamp cooler). You see them a lot on the lowrider bomb style cars.


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  13. 3 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

    Well that's one darn cool clean looking '37 Tom.  Great paint job with the nail polish👍

    If I may ask, what did you thin the nail polish with?


    Thank you! I thin the paint 50/50 with Mr Hobby Leveling thinner. You can also use good ol lacquer thinner.


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