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  1. thanks for the kind words brian! the carpet is white embossing powder sprayed almond to match the interior :-D jason
  2. update time! the bmf work is done and the body has been cleared but not polished. and with the wheels on thanks for looking comments welcone jason
  3. got the b pillar back on and cut open the door and trunk. still need to finish the other door and b pillar for the passanger side and here is the door and a mock up thanks for looking comments welcome jason
  4. nice i like it. its looking really good so far keep it going
  5. thanks for all the kind words everyone! i am really pleased with this build so far it has been a great kit. the bmf work is almost done so i can get this thing cleared. ill have some pics up soon stay tuned :-) jason
  6. niko, i agree with you once their in the weeds, the top looks too tall lol. since the roof was cut and moved forward it was really easy to work with. taking the window frame out before the chop it allowed it to lay flat giving it that fastback look and also the glass wont need modification it just falls into place. this is acctually my first chop top so only time will tell how it turns out :-D thanks for watching! jason
  7. ok time for an update. the rear pillar was ground out to make a new pannel so the fillwork is minimal. also since the doors and trunk will be opened, it will look just as nice on the inside. and the replacement pannels in the b pillars will be put back on once the doors are cut open. and here are the wheels with the new ride height. comments welcome and thanks for watching :-) jason
  8. tom, the color is called madori green. it comes factory on 99-02 honda civic and i got it from sherwin williams. thanks, jason
  9. ok small update on this one... got the parts and body painted and working on the bmf before the clear coat thanks for watching! coments welcome jason
  10. ok small update on this one. the molded in driveshaft was removed from the axle, a new one was made from aluminum tube. the rear end was put together and the seam was filled and sanded smooth. chassis painted (still some more detailind to be done) and i decided on a powerplant. some detail work still neds to be done on the engine but that wont happen untill final assy. ill make some better headders for it and put a 5speed behind it. comments welcome and thanks for watching! jason
  11. thanks! thats a great idea! i really apreciate all your help with this build. jason
  12. brian, the tub was cut on the floor board on each side then the sides were pulled out untill they were straight with the body. after that was fitted, some wedged shaped peices were made to close the gap. also, there is a post from 62rebel on page one that i followed to correct mine. need any help with it let me know ill do the best i can jason
  13. been making some good progress on this one. got the interior tub cut and widened to fix the door jambs door jambs finished and primered body sanded and primered firewall and inner fenders sanded smooth and shaved got the stance finalized. and some mock up shots radiator support smoothed as well thanks for looking.... comments welcome jason
  14. man this is wild! ill be watchin this
  15. thanks everyone for all the kind words! im really enjoying this kit. dan, originally i was going to lay the spare down flat between the wheel tubs. but now i thhink i may have found a tire that fits the original location. if it does, i will open that back up. mark, the green on the steelies is the color the car will be. the color itself is what inspired the build in the first place! lol ive had the kit for a while but never knew what to do with it. when i came across that green for some reason this kit and some wide whites were the first thing to pop in my head thanks again and comments/ideas are always welcome! jason
  16. like where your heading with this. i have the same kit so ill be watching this closely...
  17. ive been looking at getting this kit. ill be wathing your build for sure.
  18. you got my intrest with those wide whites! love the idea man keep it going.
  19. hello everyone got a small update... got the inner structure done... the new floor pan the trunk hinges and the latch.. thanks for looking comments and ideas welcome! jason
  20. 62rebel, thanks for all the information on the 49. i am going to wedge the tub and get the jambs thinned down. i think i might use some bucket seats for this rod and i have plated over the gas tank and spare tire holder as the spare will be moved to a differnt area. the hinges on the trunk are shaved so ill make a more traditional hinge. jason
  21. thanks for all the feedback everyone! i have got a few small things done today. mostly been working on the trunk getting the inner bracing, latch and striker done. rob, thanks for the tip on the rear axle. doing that may get me the look im going for. yours looks killer with the shaved parts man jhon, i really like the looks of your ride. verry clean and well done. also like that door latch
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