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  1. few more mock up with the body and wheels thanks for looking and comments welcome and more soon! jason
  2. paul, you'll really enjoy this kit. with all the mods ive done it still just falls together. it has really been pleasure to build so much i might just build one original to display next to this one! thanks for your interest! jason
  3. installed the front air lines to the airbags got the suspension in place and made a air tank from a motorcycle exaust pipe and two hubcaps from my parts bin. the straps and mounts are scratchbuilt. will be smoothed and painted. ive also scratchbuilt these two compressors 12 pcs each i think they came out pretty good what do you think? convincing enough? and got the embossing done with a quick mock up thanks for looking and comments welcome and more soon! jason
  4. its not a 70 1/2 those were a small rear window cars this looks like a 74 or 75 camaro to me
  5. thanks jason! ill have an update up later tonight... jason
  6. paul, thanks for the comment! i dont know what kit the strombergs are from i found them in the parts bin at my club meeting and have been trying to find out what they're frome also :-) jason
  7. ill join as well il be replicating my 1 to 1 of a 72 plymouth duster if its not to late that is jason
  8. count me in! ill be building a shelby cobra 427
  9. frame and floorpan are painted and cleared thanks for looking and comments welcome and more soon! jason
  10. ok here are some shots of the engine progress. olds rocket six strombergs prewired dist. with wire looms aluminum coil and pe bracket pe throttle linkage and return springs fuel rail/line and fuel filter thanks for looking and comments welcome and more soon! jason
  11. thanks for the comments everyone ill throw a tutorial together for those hinges thanks for the interest guys! ill have a new update later today.... stay tuned jason
  12. made some hood hinges and got them working the trunk lid structure roughed in mock up thanks for looking and comments welcome and more soon! jason
  13. id have to say 1. 85 Ferrari gto 2. 69 gto judge 3. viper acr 4. Nissan skyline gtr z-tune 5. 77 trans am year one edition my current rides, 1. 65 dodge coronet 500 (max wedge clone) 2. 70 mustang mach 1 fastback (pro touring) 3. 72 plymouth duster (supercharged 383 and pro street) 4. 87 camaro z28 (carberated 350 5 speed daily driver)
  14. james, i have seen your work from s.a. the mustang is fantastic and the conversion for the metalicar looks great. anyways, glad to have you here and looking forward to your projects! jason
  15. ok after finishing some outstanding projects im back on this one. im still undecided on the wheels i like the steel wheels and white walls but i like the pegasus wheels also. the inner fenders have been removed and some new ones have been made suspension has been modified as well and the trunk structure has been roughed in keep in mind this is still in the test fitting stage all the parts are just tacked in place to make sure everything goes together nicely. thanks for looking and more progress soon! jason
  16. i have one that has been in the works for almost 8years and another thats 5 years. not a loss of intrest at all. they are both replicas of my 1 to 1 cars so i get to picky when things arent right. this is the exact reason why i havent started the other two replicas of my other two 1 to 1s lol
  17. rob, i like the ideas on this build. ive never seen fenders like that and that sets it apart from the rest. the inerior panels are fantastic. have you thought about making a set of floating rear fenders to match the front? kinda like they do on them choppers :-) just a thought.... looks great keep it goin! jason
  18. Eelco, ive got the same kit and may be able to help you with those wheels. are you needing all four wheels and the inner peices also? let me know jason
  19. yea they are easy to find. and not expensive either. the celica itself is a curbside. the wheels are real nice quality.
  20. ok guys here are the pictures the kit.... the wheels.... the mockup... I found the kit easier than the wheel set. hope this helps! jason
  21. chris, just a thought .... ive got a skyline too that i'm building like the fast five car. the wheels are hard to find but i got mine from a kit. to me they look perfect and on the body im working with they fit great. also a staggerd set up. the ones i got came out of a fujimi #04026 toyota celica xx.. if you want i can take some pictures of the wheels and a mock up on my kit. also, dont mean to jack the thread :-) but good start ill be watchin this build :-D
  22. no i sure dont. havent heard about doing it that way :-D i usually brush on flat black the sprinkle on the black powder. or, like this one, i sprayed the parts almond then sprinkled on the white powder. once it tacked up the i put a light coat over the powder. the way i think of it if you use the color paint you want as an adhesive, then you dont have to put a ton of paint on top of it. helps keep the texture. ive done it this way for a few years and never had a problem with it. jason
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