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  1. if you widen the interior tub to make the door jambs more realistic, did you have to widen the rear seat to match the interior tub? thanks for the tip! jason
  2. finished this one a while back. just got around to getting it under glass enjoy thanks for looking and comments welcome jason
  3. started this project today. got this kit from my club for 2 bucks. it was a paint bomb lol but after the dip in purple power here is what i had started with.... got as far as opening up the doors and trunk and thinned down all the parts. also made the door jambs and trunk ledge. and a quick mock up. note: it just setting together still need to make the jamb on the door side and the hinges for the doors and trunk. also gonna atempt latches and strikers for the hood, doors and trunk. overall made some pretty decent progress today comments and ideas welcome! thanks for looking jason
  4. steve, the grille is made from sheet brass mesh cut and bent to fit. ill have to dig around for it to tell you the company who makes it. comes in a 2x4 sheet.
  5. ray, that is ironic! way cool though. and here i was thinking i never seen a blue mini. wild.
  6. jeff, it is the revell kit. one of these days ill find the convertible and build it up the same way for a pair
  7. sean, the wheel kit is by fujimi and its called rs wantanabe. comes with wheels tires and brakes. jason
  8. the color is fire red. its a vht metallic headder paint. think i got it from napa lol
  9. steve thats some incredible work! thank you so much for the pictures of the hinge. im gonna look for those wheels and as soon as i can locate that dub car ill start on it . although it will be my first big scale it wont nearly be as great as yours but it will be a fun project.
  10. one more thing, what did you use for the hood hinge? thanks. jason
  11. this 57 is beautiful. ive always wonderd what to do with mine.... may i use some of your ideas? lol this is fantastic perfect for referance
  12. john this one is fantastic. i constantly watch your builds because there inspiring and i always learn something from them. but i got a long way to go on my alclaid skills lol jason
  13. i gotta say the the detail and paintwork is amazing. its hard enough doing this work on a 1:1 and you did it in scale! great job man i can really appreciate the time and effort that went into this build. jason
  14. thanks for the commets everyone!
  15. ron, good call on the paint! due to the shape of the door its a challenging task to open doors on theese but after some trial and error i finally got it right lol. as far as the red lines go, they are the kit decals. the easist way i found to work with them is to put one at a time in some warm water and let the decal seperate from the paper and come up to the surface of the water. after that i dunk the tire under the water center it up then bring it out and throw some microsol sealant on it. keeping it on the water the decal holds its shape rather than pushing it around a tire hope this helps thanks for the comment jason
  16. dominik, ill get some pictres posted of the hinges for you. they are verry small indeed
  17. yes it is a tamiya kit. and yes tedious time with the masking tape to get it right lol. thsnks for the comment jb jason
  18. thanks for the comment ian. i didnt know what those tabs were for so i left them lol but now that i know, ill chop them off. thanks for the tip! jason
  19. here is my take on the revell willys kit mods frenched headlights lowerd suspension opening doors and trunk scratchbuilt fuel tank roll cage door jambs and door hinges trunk hinge comments welcome and thanks for looking
  20. the checkerborad roof and stripes are painted on. comments welcome and thanks for looking
  21. this one is box stock other than the opening doors. scratchbuilt hinges and jambs. comments welcome and thanks for looking
  22. this project was started aabout six years ago. up untill this year i put it back on the workbench and finished her up. scratchbuilt parts fender flares louverd rear window rear spoiler headders and sidepipes brass rear leaf spring door jambs door hinges modified parts shortened and smoothed bumpers painted to match body grand sport hood scoop lowered suspension with disk brakes and fujimi wheels narrowed rear suspension (for larger tires) reset tailights photoetch wiperblades flares sidepipes louvered rear window thanks for looking and comments welcome
  23. thanks tyler. the wheels are from fujimi comes as a wheel, tire and brakes kit. there called rs wantanabe. i picked a few packs up at pegasus hobbies when i went to cali. but you can find em on ebay and such for 10-15 bucks
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