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  1. thanks guys i appreciate all the kind comments Jason
  2. Got this one wrapped up a little while back time to put it under glass questions or comments welcome jason
  3. This project is now finished and will be moved under glass questions or comments welcome jason
  4. This project is finally finished! Time to put it under glass and bring out the next one. Modifications include Wheel flares Custom front bumper Opening doors and trunk Door and trunk hinges Door jams Raised wheel wells on body and chassis Fully plumbed engine with electrical harness fuel injection and ac lines. Modified front chin spoiler Modified rear spoiler Side vents on fenders And side scoops questions or comments welcome jason
  5. This project is finished now. Here are some finished photos and this will be posted in the under glass section. This build really tested some skills with the engine harness, body mods and all the chassis mods to get the stance. thanks for watching! any questions or comments welcome jason
  6. Jonathan, the color is cherry red metallic. its made by duplicolor Jason
  7. Got some base color on and the body with the completed chassis for the last test fit. wheels are just sitting under it thanks for looking and questions or comments welcome jason
  8. Cesar, ive never thought about it honestly ill keep that in mind. That 67 mustang in your photobucket has a nice mustang II type suspension is that all scratchbuilt? It looks like a nice WIP jason
  9. yes everything is painted the only addition is the foil on the heat Shields for the exhaust Jason
  10. Body in primer and bodywork started thanks for looking and questions or comments welcome jason
  11. Matt T, thank you the wheels and tires are from Geronimo works and were orderd through strada sports. nice fotki album I like The Crimson Coffin of yours Jason
  12. Matt, other than the brakes and wheels its done. Im not goin too crazy on this one :-) thanks for you comment! Jason
  13. Thanks Chris for your comments. And I know how you feel mustangs are one of my favorite cars as well. I own two 1:1's at the moment. Jason
  14. New update chassis completed and detailed thanks for looking and questions or comments welcome jason
  15. time for a much needed update. this project has come a long way since the last post i just havent had a chance to post :-) it was finished in time for the gearz entry date but didnt get it entered as I fought with sizing issues on the pics and ran out of time. Anyway, on to the progress Opened the doors and trunk. The black plastic in the engine bay is the raised wheel Wells raised wheel Wells and driveshaft tunnel Painted the wheels with alclaid. For my first attempt im happy with the results. Drilled out crossmember thanks for looking and questions or comments welcome jason
  16. hench, on this particular build the sharp line where the flare meets the body is intentional. it will be cleanned up a little but wont be filled. but normally i use the tamyia putty or automotive glazing putty to blend in flares. just keep in mind when you do flares or a widebody to build as much as possible with styrene. this makes your bodywork little to none also gives you a better product and something that wont crack overtime
  17. john- the mustang will be metallic red, flat black and carbon fiber thanks- jason
  18. got a lot of progress done in this project. to get the ride height where i wanted it i raised the wheel wells and wheel well openings about 1 1/2 to 2 scale inches. before the drop.... wheelwell modifications after the raised wheel wells, lowerd suspension and fender flares and the spoiler rear spoiler with front splitter. thanks for looking and questions or comments welcome jason
  19. james, thanks for the comment! and the paint is aerosol vht flat blue jason
  20. ok so here is a small update. the temp sensor and wire is in also the hoses with hose clamps amd belt system is on. here is the engine bay with the brake lines from the master cylinder to the abs controller. also both a/c lines with the fill tube and fitting cap. there is also a small body harness. and with the engine set in place with body in place i plan on doing the heater hoses, battary harness, and wheel wells tonight. thanks for looking and questions or comments welcome jason
  21. Eric, the fuel injection harness is made from 32 gauge wire and the wire harness loom is made from 24 gauge wire wrapped with the 32 gauge wire then it was all painted semi-gloss black. this is my first attempt at detailing a newer car so it took some time but im happy with the outcome thanks for the comment :-) jason
  22. here's my new project i picked up last weekend. plan on finishing this up for the gearz contest but well see what happens. started on the engine and made a fuel injection/engine harness to add some more detail. and the harness.... block backwashed and valvecovers finished harness mocked up thanks for looking and questions or comments welcome jason
  23. hey Richard this came out great! love the look and all the speed holes! keep up the great work cant wait to see whats next jason
  24. yes it sure is. old swamp cooler :-) the air conditioner is scratchbuilt :-)
  25. a few more.... thanks for looking and questions or comments welcome jason
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