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  1. Ken, you did a beautiful job on this kit! I've built a few of these and know the kit well. Everything looks great especially the wheel change and the paint. I like watching your builds and can't wait for the next one Jason
  2. Finished this one up a few weeks ago. It's been a long road with this one. I started this kit about 12 years ago making the christene version. After paint issues and every other kind of problem I boxed it up and waited till my modeling skills got good enough to get it done. All the parts were stripped of paint. After I realized how many christene versions are done I decided to do a custom insted. At the end of this long road I'm Verry happy with the result and the new take on an old kit. Thanks for looking! Questions and comments welcome Jason
  3. Danno, I'd like to see that I have a few 1:1 mustangs myself Jason
  4. Got this finished up last night. More pictures posted under glass Jason Got this finished up last night. More pictures posted under glass Jason
  5. Bought this kit for the mustang II suspension. Since it cones with the straight axle, I figured I would build the kit for fun. Thanks for looking. Questions and comments welcome Jason
  6. Jeff, the wheels are from a dicast. I get them from Walmart for 5$ Thanks! Jason
  7. Thanks for your comment Jim and the color is madori green from a 2000 Honda civic. It's a really nice color I've used it on a few builds
  8. Thanks Jeff and it's the kit license plate with a new decal over it Jason
  9. Alan, I didn't even notice lol I know what I'm doin when I get home :-)
  10. Thanks guy's! Haven't had a chance to get some time to build but the interior is ready to go. See if I can the glass and trim done tonight Jason
  11. Chassis and body cleared This one us now finally finished! Will post under glass soon thanks for watching Jason
  12. Started this one sanded mold lines primed painted and cleared the body then painted the rest of the pieces and started assembly. Hoping to finish this up tonight. Comments welcome Jason
  13. Box stock build with the exception of opening up the grille. Did the overspray on the bell housing. Not the most detailed but it was a fun weekend build. Let me know what you think all comments welcome.
  14. Mad (Morgan automotive detail) makes a resin hei distributor in all colors. Just got a few myself and there real nice. Here's the link www.madmodeling.com/store/ccp0-catshow/8heidist.html
  15. Sean, not sure if you know but Vaughn heart makes a resin 72 duster grille if your still in need of one. I recently purchased a few for my current project and there done real nice. There about 5 bucks after shipping here's the linkhttps://sites.google.com/site/hartspartsresin/resin-parts-list/amt Jason
  16. finally got this one painted. Decided to go with Tamyia ts-45 pearl white the window surrounds will be nickel to match the bumpers, grill, and other parts. After that's done ill wait for a nice day to spray the clear. The frame and floor are finished also ill post those tonight All comments welcome Jason
  17. i do this is a build of my real duster that I've had for 11 years i also own a b body mopar as well Jason
  18. lookin good so far i like that paint scheme its nice to see something different Jason
  19. bob, thank you and the rear floor pan is from the 67 chevelle pro street kit its a wide floor but that gave me enough material for the wheel tubs to fit snug on the body without any gaps. and no question is stupid that's how we learn! so ask away friend that's what were here for Jason
  20. thanks roger! I've been test fitting and mocking up constantly. I've been looking forward to this project for years and can't wait for it to take shape Jason
  21. Michael, the torque converter is a resin piece from scenes unlimited and the lower half will be seen when its together. depending on how the build goes i may make it removable thanks Jason
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