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  1. started a new project yesterday got most of the engine detailed and wired then modified the hood thanks for looking!
  2. thanks everyone! I appreciate your comments
  3. the paint is valspar aerosol from home depot. I think it was called light gold or something like that? I'll check the can tonight
  4. I noticed the markers but I overlooked the trim on the valance lol easy fixes. i did know about the wiper motor but dont have one for it. i looked in my other two kits and they are missing the wiper motor also so I'll have to figure out something for all of them. the a/c hose doesnt fit with the air cleaner, distributor, rad and heater hoses all in that area. but now that I think about it, I may just make one to fit and parts of the original line. also would like to put a washer bottle on the fender. it's a shame the bee didnt come with the door louvers they look good on these cars. I just used a car I found online for reference. no offense taken at all. cant know everything everyone here is always helpful when it comes to the details!
  5. this is such a great build. the concept and the scratch building gives me more ideas. your building is inspiring
  6. really great work here I'll be watching this one I've got a couple of these in the stash
  7. that wheel flare treatment is nice and simple definitely going go try that. this is a nice build
  8. this one was a mix of kits and parts. hit a few roadblocks during the build but overall it came out nice. cut up and set decals from different kits to make it look the part. texture coated the valve covers, added the "dip" color to the control arms little but of overspray and some light weathering on the drivetrain
  9. thank you! thanks cobraman both were fun builds thanks! thank you thank you appreciate it thanks! thanks thanks slusher! thank you thanks!
  10. your doing yours the same way as far as body cuts. it's such a good looking car. I have plans to build another one and also the Corvette corvair concept. keep on that project looks like you've got a great start would love to see it finished
  11. the concept car was built from the 55 nomad. the only reason I used a 56 was because I had it on hand. this was built for a 2 month build off. the 55, 56 and 57 are the same cars (I own a 57 bel-air 2d hard top). the way I built mine was cutting and building the body then I centered the wheels and extended the chassis to match. I couldent tell you how much that was. then used the stove bolt coupe engine since it was the correct engine for the concept car. hope this helps! thank you. thanks. this is more or less finished i would just like to make some side trim to finish it off
  12. I've got the iron horse version I want to make the stock mach 1 since those are big bucks. but haven had any luck locating a set of correct wheels. such a cool looking car
  13. actually finished 8 total more than I thought had alot going on in 2019 bit managed to get a few good builds out of it. the corvette took the longest to build using three kits to finish. the hudson and charger really came out better than expected and were a blast to build amt 29 ford woody monogram 29 ford pickup (cosworth powerd) revell 32 ford coupe moebius 53 Hudson hornet 54 corvette nomad concept car (kitbash) revell 68 charger R/T revell 90 mustang lx 2017 Camaro 50th anniversary
  14. that thing is sharp! really nice work all around excellent build
  15. thank you! thanks! thanks it's getting there it's been a fun challenge so far! yes I have removed them to make room for the turbos. will probably make the front clip removable also wheels and tires are from futurattraction. the rim's are billet specialties not often you se a full size Chevy done plus it's an opportunity to try making a chassis to fit thank you
  16. finished the assembly on the rear axle, wheel studs and lug nuts, brakes, 4 link, and brackets. fit everything together now time for rear shocks and fron struts
  17. just some beautiful work going on here the attention to detail is outstanding! wish they would make a kit of this truck one day or even a resin one. keep it up looking forward to your updates
  18. looking real good keep up the great work! awesome build
  19. such a cool build with all the peices your making it's going to look excellent.
  20. great start this will be a cool build. you've got a nice concept looking forward to see how this evolves
  21. count me in I'll build the 65 mustang from cherry 2000
  22. hello all! small update set the engine in place (temporarily) to set up the turbos, firewall and front rails. may move the engine back a bit depending how where the turbos and piping set. also cut a turbo scoop from a resin hood and fitted to the impala hood still a little work to go but I'm liking the look. engine is a sonny's 932 powergide trans. thanks for looking
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