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  1. made a mount for the rear bumper just like the front then made the bumper itself started modifying the engine bay to get all the 67 parts fitting
  2. really wild custom looks great!
  3. cant say I've heard of this cobra before. really interesting how they used the cougar concept car. but I guess if any one would know about an obscure cobra it would be you! anyway great progress love the solution for the hood vents this is coming together nicely
  4. hey Dann that body is really taking shape beautiful work so far
  5. thanks they were thin an weak after all that just glad I didnt break one that means alot thank you thank you this has been a really fun project! gold would be a great color cant wait to see it I've seen them run in front of and behind the wheel and since this is a "what if" build I didnt stress about it. they are the 69 camaro decals thanks I appreciate it thanks! nothin fancy I used duplicolor low gloss black aerosol sprayed from a distance for a textured appearance. thanks jim!
  6. kurt, this is a great project looking real nice so far never realized the 1UZ v8 was in a kit. may have to find one. looking forward to more
  7. some more progress. made a mount for the front bumper/bashbar so the bumper can be easily attached. also made a wench with the motor and spool. wrapped some wire around it just to see how it looked. this snaps in place so when it comes to detailing and painting it will be much easier. wench set in place needs some fine tuning but I'm happy with it. this is becoming a fun project thanks for looking!
  8. thanks kit! thank you Francis thanks Tim that's what makes these cars so great something most newer car wont have. yes the steelie is from the mpc corvette thanks!
  9. almost finished with this one body. now some more wireing and hoses in the engine bay finish up the cowl vents and finish the light lenses and trim. thanks for looking!
  10. some really good work going on here finally my cherry 2000 build also posted on the workbench
  11. hi all! I've wanted to build this car for so long finally going to start it. also building it for this years cannonball! a really odd movie most never heard of but it had a cool car. finally gathered the parts to get going. I'm using a amt 65 mustang and a amt 67 mustang since the chassis is all molded together. ill be building it pre-fire most likely. to start I trimmed the wheel wells on the 67 frame to fit under the body. modified the firewall so it mounts the way it should (for mockup) found some rear leafs for the rear that will fit the tires so trimmed off the 67 springs and added these then made some blocks for the front to set ride height. now I can make a front suspension knowing where it needs to set. trim the wheel wells and bring the tires in some. thanks for looking! comments always welcome and appreciated jason
  12. great progress so far and nice jig this one is going to be wild!
  13. this is a great build and some good info here. the gtx chassis and parts are a good fit to the 68. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever find a 68 to replicate my dad's! anyway great work looking forward to more
  14. very interesting project and car. nice to see something different. fantastic work so far definitely following this one
  15. got the interior together and firewall. body is painted and cleared now time for bmf thanks for looking!
  16. the scoop part is from the revell nickey Camaro kit thanks kit! I never knew that. pretty cool seem to just use whatever they had avalable then
  17. spent some time on the wheels today. taking the bare rally from the mpc Corvette the centercaps from the chevelle kit wheels and the trim rings from the 32 Ford. the trimming of the centercaps from the kit had to trim the rings so they set into the wheel added some wash to the ribs and centercaps thinned down the body through the wheel openings then mounted to the tires and a quick mock up for ride height. pretty happy with how the wheels look and fit. alot of time to do some wheels and tires but it's better looking than the kit part and was better to detail. still need to put the decals on the centercaps to complete them thanks for looking! comments welcome
  18. small progress update the kit frame was open at the top and really noticable. I boxed in the front part of the frame and painted it. sprayed the floor pan and started detailing. also sprayed the exhaust in a different way than I normally do with a mix of aluminum, stainless steel and jet exhaust colors. stull going to add washes and some weathering to the chassis just like the engine to give that used but clean look. thanks for looking!
  19. thanks for the heads up I'll address these before paint
  20. thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments on this build! some very kind people here
  21. finally finished this one up and It is a great kit. built this one stock after a 1:1 i restored. some wiring brake lines and fuel lines were added. some slight weathering/grime added to look more realistic and made some trim for the fine to break the two tone have a couple more wagons and sedans in the stash good to know they build well thanks for looking! on to the next build...
  22. took me a while to find it again but here it is
  23. this chevelle is what inspired me to build this one! I am painting it yellow and black. it's nice to see a build thread and all the work that went into the build. i came across a picture of this car on a resin website and just fell in love with it
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