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  1. Nicely done. Real clean engine bay Jason
  2. Ron.. thanks I wasnt sure about the wheels at first I kew I wanted something differnt I think they worked out well Danno... thank you Jason
  3. Mike.... thanks buddy... I started with the streetburner re-issue Jason
  4. Thank you for all your comments everybody I really apreaciate them Ron... the hood is from the super stallion kit I cut the center out of both hoods and sectioned them together Stan.. the color is called calipso metallic a ford color Jason
  5. Made some progress on this one. Made some firewall bodymounts and brake line tabs for the subframe. Finished the interior floor and started on the engine. oversprayed the bell housing with orange. Questions and comments welcome Jason
  6. 85 svo with coyote 5.0 swap not super detailed just a fun quick build. Questions and comments welcome Jason
  7. X2 glad to see you back at it let the class begin....
  8. Working on relocating the sump. Shoula realized its on wrong. It will be just a street car but I cant leave it that way I think I may have been up too late that night haha The e-brake cables are made from 26 gauge wire painted black and wrapped with smallar wire. Ends are crimp beads Thank you for all your comments I appreciate all of them also for correcting my mistake haha Jason
  9. Thanks for all the comments everyone The wheels I got off ebay from a vendor in Australia. They are resin two peice and come with turned aluminum valve stems. They were about 17.00 after shipping Jason
  10. got the Front subframe painted and rear axke done. Added u-bolts, brake lines, t-fitting and energency brake cables. Fuel pump and fuel lines Rear axle And a test fit Questions and comments welcome Jason
  11. Haha nuff said. Looks good jim!
  12. Started working on the front subframe Filled in the top side of the subframe. Filed and sanded mold lines and injector marks Then a coat of primer I'll block out the primer and Mabie get some paint on it tonight. Questions and comments welcome Jason
  13. Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! Jason
  14. Count me in also. I'll be building this.... Jason
  15. Finished this one up last week. Nothing fancy it's been about 13 years since I built a nascar. [/url[url=http://s1064.photobucket.com/user/Streetmacine11/media/finished%20projects/20140422_072721.jpg.html] Questions and comments welcome Jason
  16. Started this last night. Got all the parts washed and the floor pan painted. Going to finish detailing this tonight then start working on the sub frame and suspension. Questions and comments welcome. Jason
  17. Started off as a paint experiment and came out good enough to build the kit. First attempt at true fire flames with the help and guidance of a good friend. Sorry for the dust black is hard to keep clean even for five minutes lol Questions and comments welcome Jason
  18. Thank you for all the comments everyone! Jeff, between the chrome that was good, the chrome that was scratched badly and the parts I made it was the simplest solution to make them all match. And it has a completely different look. Jason
  19. Thanks for all your comments everyone! David, you nailed it! I've bought quite a few of those little things for the wheels Jason
  20. Thats a sweet iroc I'm a bit of a fan your replica turned out fantastic makes me want to start on the replica of my 1:1 Jason
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