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  1. After gathering parts for the build its time to get started building. I've cut open the trunk and separated the speaker panel from the back seat and made new mounts for the speaker panel then test fitted the body with a spare back window to check fitment . Separated the engine and transmission cleaned up the insides of the parts. The mounting flange has been filed into the plastic and ill be making an insert for the back of the block with the crank and freeze plugs. The inside of the transmission will be done also with a pump cover and input shaft to mount the torque converter. All comments welcome Jason
  2. Joe, the w30 is the amt kit. had some flash but with a little work it built up nicely thanks Jason
  3. Oscar, that one is based with tamyia pearl white and cleared with white and gold pearl Jason
  4. this is turning out real nice. the amount of detail you've done is excellent. I've done one similar and know the details and kit well. can't wait for the next update
  5. painting the wheels was a good idea they go really well with the color imo. whatever you decide will be killer keep it goin Jason
  6. thanks for all the positive feedback guys. the hurst olds is box stock other than the paint and the same goes for the w30 with The addition of wide wheels in the back. kind of a break from the long term projects. and it was nice getting a few kits done Jason
  7. Robert, the main color is called smokey carmel metallic from gm and the stripes are gold ash from ford
  8. Built these two over the weekend 69 hurst olds 69 olds w-30 All comments welcome Jason
  9. hey harry what did you need? heard you were lookin for me...
  10. russ, the paint is duplicolor medium qusar metallic Jason
  11. thanks for all the comments everyone this was a fun build and Im really pleased with the finished product. bill, i did clear over the deals i have always done it that way thank you for the comment Jason
  12. darren , I've been keeping up with your progress from your web site this one is looking real good. your attention to detail and themed ideas are fantastic. looking forward to more Jason
  13. Stone woods and cook willys with mixed decals from mid and late versions. Build took two days to complete All comments welcome Jason
  14. Filled in the fender spears and finished up the bodywork. The frame and engine are finished and body is ready for paint questions and comments are welcome Jason
  15. Thomas, those were removed and filled last night ill get some pics up tonight. thanks for the interest Jason
  16. thanks for all th positive feedback guys. i have shaved the fender spears and fitted the rest of the parts. john, the supercharger, intake, and intake tubes are from the mustang super stallion kit. the intake manifold was modified to fit the hemi. it fit so well i was surprised Jason
  17. Been working on this project slowly with not much time to update. But here it is I've decided on an engine, wheels and paint. The firewall heaters had to be removed to fit the engine and i also filled in all the holes and smoothed the inner fenders. The engine is almost finished just some small details left. Its a 426 hemi from the 41 willys and the mustang super stallion blower and intake setup. All the bodywork is finished and is in white primer so it will make it easier when the white basecoat is sprayed. all the trim/chrome was stripped and painted. After the body gets painted im not sure if ill use clear or use flat clear instead what do you guys think? also i need to come up with a color for the interior. As always questions and comments are welcome Jason
  18. Some pics with it all closed up As always questions and comments are welcome Jason
  19. Got the nerf bars on the rear roll pan and filled in the center of the roll pan. Made an exhaust tip to fit and also made a new side trim. Haven't decided if the trim will stay. What do you guys think? Also thinking about taking the rear nerf bars all the way to the exhaust tip As always questions and comments are welcome Jason
  20. thanks for all the kind comments and interest. the wheels will be done with buffing metalizer. ill have to try that q tip trick as i have never herd of that. tubbs , i remember speaking with you some time ago and remember your road runner. you should build it in scale one of these days its a gorgeous mopar :-) going to get on the bench and continue building stay tuned Jason
  21. thanks for all the positive feedback guys I've always wanted to do something custom with this car. still need to come up with an engine , wheels and choose a color. gonna try and fit the rear nerf bars and roll pan tonight. skydime , i completely agree taking off those bulky bumpers this bodystyle has great potential. nice to se someone has the same ideas.
  22. you know harry i didn't realize that Haha ill post some with it all closed up as always good observation sir! Jason
  23. Here is my version of this kit. It did start out to be a Christine replica but i decided to redo it into a mild custom. So far ive removed the bumpers and replaced them with nerf bars fronm the 49 ford. Added a thunderbird hood scoop modified the suspension to set lower and shaved the side trim and door handles. Ideas are welcome As always questions and comments are welcome Jason
  24. Ok so a little story behind this build. I bought this car when i was 13 as a slant 6 auto, a teal pantjob, white vinal top and mag wheels. When i was fifteen i worked summers at a restoration shop with my dad. After saving some money i started getting parts and working on this car. It was supposed to be a car for school but after my dad built his pro street trans am i loved the tough look it had so i decided to do the same. With his guidance i built this car from start to finish learning everything i could. I built the engine and transmission at 15 after the chassis was finished. I did all the bodywork and primed it in time to be able to drive it on my learners permit. After that the surcharger was added and the car was painted by my dad. It has been finished for 11 years now and throughout that time I've attempted replicating it in scale 3 times. Im taking another crack at it now that my skills have cought up with how i envision it. I've learned that replicating a car you are attached to is not an easy task because it seems that its got to be right Enough rambling and on to this build The 1:1 The 1 /25 scale As always questions or comments welcome jason
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