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  1. hello all! small update set the engine in place (temporarily) to set up the turbos, firewall and front rails. may move the engine back a bit depending how where the turbos and piping set. also cut a turbo scoop from a resin hood and fitted to the impala hood still a little work to go but I'm liking the look. engine is a sonny's 932 powergide trans. thanks for looking
  2. I used the 57 pro mod as a guide for the main rail placement because there set up for a big block and that's what I'm going with
  3. thanks! thank you rob thanks Bruce its coming along nice so far alot more to come
  4. hey dave thank you for taking the time to post those photos. the will be a great help. I'm really just winging it and going by other builders and pictures. didnt have much luck finding stuff like this and have learned alot being my first attempt. I've got some smaller tube sizes and will work on the chassis more tonight. thanks again! jason
  5. claude, the rear axle and 4link are from futurattraction
  6. hey claude, thanks for this idea I may have to look into that. I thought of using kit tubbs but most seem to be to narrow for this body. defenitly making some probably going to be decaled with carbon fiber. thanks jason
  7. some more on the 61 impala. assembled the rear axle and 4link bars just to fit in the chassis. after the 4 like is in place I'll disassemble and paint. thanks for looking
  8. I used model master aged white for that washer reservoir.
  9. thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments I really appreciate them!
  10. thanks! the valve covers were sprayed with rustoleum texture black the hood spring is small gauge wire wrapped around a small set of tweezers and the brake lines are 24gauge wire wrapped around a toothpick
  11. small update made a jig to hold the body and chassis together and at ride height. got more of the main cage done finished the floor braces and got the rear rails in place still alot of tubes to go. thanks for looking comments and criticisms welcome
  12. revell 68 charger this went together very well and was a blast to build. not original kind of went street car with this one thanks for looking comments and criticisms welcome
  13. PappyD340 Mariojr thanks! its its labor intensive building from scratch but that's the fun part
  14. small update.wheels came in today. polished up the spokes and assembled beadlocks and centers. now the rear frame can be built now that I know where the tires are. time to build the rear end thanks for looking
  15. hi all, going to attempt a tube chassis build on this one. never done anything like this mostly just used a doner kit. I wanted to try a more uncommon car as the 61 is a favorite thought I'd give it a shot. layed out the body on graph paper and made some basic rails and a hoop bar. thanks for looking
  16. iBorg, thank you most of them are from a gasser mini sheet by slixx and the others are from my decal drawer at home. edit: gasser mini sheet #13
  17. thank you everyone for all your comments I really appreciate it! I've sanded down the body and almost done polishing the clear. still need to make a roll cage but really pleased with the paint
  18. current project. got most everything painted and final test fit to make the roll bar. got the lace pattern in candy red over gold with a gold pinstripe and copper for the main color. still needs a sand and polish but came out nice
  19. Finished up the interior and added the photoetch keys. Wired and plumbed engine and fuel tank sender Made/modified exhaust to fit
  20. Made some good progress this past week Got the Bodywork roughed in and body in primer. Used the vette engine bay but removed the molded in battery to repace it with a better one. painted and detailed the chassis. Chassis was stretched to fit modified body. New motor/trans mounts
  21. Some more progress yesterday Had to lengthen the 56 chassis Now set up with the corvette wheels and tiresmostly still fitting things together now once everything fits properly it will be disassembled and bodyworked thanks for looking! comments always welcome
  22. Thank you Jonathan! I never knew there was a resin kit
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