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  1. Help! I'm trying to finish up Revell's '68 Dodge Charger R/T "special edition", but the front stance is too high. I'm about to pull it apart, but wondered if anyone else had this issue?
  2. Built many years ago from the Mission Impossible kit
  3. WIP of my entry for this years Cannonball (Aussieball) cbp. Hopefully this is in the right category it's a car but it'll be getting mild 4X4 treatment, if it belongs in the Truck section by all means move it. Anyway like I said it'll be getting mild 4X4 treatment along the lines of the Off road Charger from Furious 7. So the front fenders will be cut and widened a little and the rear fenders will be wide bodied out a little too. Color hasn't been decided on yet, likely flat with some amount of weathering, not going to be show quality in the least. First time cutting fenders completely off, glad it ended well. And I though I had gotten a couple of pics of the work on the rear fenders but I guess not. Will have a few pics of it with primer up later today. Thanks for looking!
  4. I had posted a teaser on my 2013 model thread, here's what's on the bench right now. This is a replica of a van a buddy-0-mine drove back in the summer of 1978 when we delivered pizzas in Holmdel, NJ for Luigi's Pizza. Most famous customer? Bruce! He lived on Holmdel Road at the time. Anyway, this project is older than dirt, from back when Jimmy first poured this body. I did the paint job and put all the parts in the box. There were a few things that stumped me at the time, back before PCs and home printers. Now those things are just a piece of cake! We are officially up on wheels for the first time. The chassis is complete, wheels and tires are glued in place. Note that the truck was brush painted so the jagged lines etc are intentional. One dirty white wall, a loner from the bottom of my tire box. It's randomly placed, I had all four tires face down on the bench and just put them on as they were sitting. One of the things that kept this one in the box back before we had computers and such was the graphic Don had painted himself. Of course this one is printed from an Internet image of the original, modified and reduced to fit. I didn't want to mess with masking off the entire truck, so I painted some clear decal stock silver, then printed the image on clear. So it's two decals, kinda Cady decal style. And in this picture you can see how my printer is screwing up right now. At least you can't see it by eye on the truck because it's a small decal. As I worked I remembered more about the truck, and that it was an old Bell Telephone van. So I stopped production to run out and get some Testors Olive Drab. I masked off the truck and shot the inside of the shell. Then I did the extra pieces like door panels. Then I worked on the interior a bit. This is just mocked up, but I did the seat weathering and added belts. Carpet is an adhesive sheet. I honestly don't remember what color carpet he had in it, but I had red and needed to get some colors into the truck. And I don't remember the exact decor, but I had these saved with the project (from an old BMG Record Club flyer) so I just had to use them! And yes, the real truck looked just like this. Letters will be done with Alclad. The project is at the point that I can't stop thinking about it, so I will be back at it tomorrow!
  5. Hello! This was my first kit that I completed. All comments and feedback appreciated.
  6. Pick this up the other day at my local Hobby Lobby with my weekly coupon. Growing up I had a 73 Charger and this is close . Not a big fan of the orange body color but hey......Decided to go outside of my comfort zone and try to scratch build a chassis to lower it, put wider tires inside and a cage in it. This is what I have so far. I had drawn it on graph paper earlier to see what size to make things. Already had to make it smaller width wise as I want the body to fit over it and not as tight as the floor pan that came with the kit. I am using the rear end out of another kit from a dragster so to fit the wheels inside the body. NOW if any one has ideas, tips, tricks or comments please help a brother out. I am hoping that once I get this one done I want to make some kind of a jig to speed up the process for my next build. All depends on how much trouble I have with the. " The only way to learn is to try " my dad !
  7. What's up guys and girls? I have another Charger for you! This is the yellow labeled pro modeler 1969 Dodge Charger. Did not do any body modifications other than cutting the motor mounts to make the massive Hemi sit right in the bay. The wheels may not be the right year for the car but it is what i had on hand and they where free! They came from the 1968 Charger kit. Details include wired spark plugs, battery, firewall, and brake booster. I added real rubber hoses for the heater and radiator. Interior came out to be my best yet! Made seat belts using craft ribbon and BMF. The floor board was flocked using nail flocking (really cheap on eBay, $10 for an assortment of 10 colors). Center console also has a little BMF added. The chassis is pretty simple, just some painted on details. First time trying the over spray look, probably went a little over board. Pint is all rustoleum rattle can with the vinyl top being one of their satin finishes. Can not remember the exact colors but can find out if needed. Don't be scared to point any flaws, only makes me better. Hope ya'll like it! Thanks!
  8. Does someone make one to convert a '69 to a '70 Dodge Charger. If so how much? Thanks!
  9. Owing to the fact that Round2 is on a good run with the MPC reissues , I wonder if the 1973-1974 Charger Rallye is slated for reissue ? Correct me if I'm wrong , but didn't it make its last appearance in c.1983 in street machine livery ? Its stock tyres and wheels were in absentia , but it was otherwise "stock" ( never kind that horrible "limo tint" phase that MPC went through in the early-mid 80's ! ) . Any Idea Whose Beautiful Work This One Is ?
  10. Picked up the 09 Challenger special edition kit from Revell over the holidays and decided it needed something different. Was ging to drop in an old school Hemi from an old AMT kit and do a drag car, but decided instead to build up the modern Hemi with a scratch built centrifugal supercharger, shave off the 6.1L badging and add 7.0L badging to it. I kept the engine near stock, with the addition of fuel injectors and fuel rails. fuel lines will be added once I am satisfied with the supercharger and related ductwork. I will post images of that once it all comes together. body was clean overall and needed little smoothing before it was ready for paint. All the body pieces fit rather well. hood hinges need a little shaving down to let the hood rest in place properly, but that's typical. I did however spend some quaility time with the nose of the car. I like to open up the grill along with any other front end openings that typically just get painted in black. Typically one would just buy some photo-etched pieces for a new grill, but I decided instead to carefully shave the back side of the grill area and opened up the grill that way. It came out really nice and leaves the badges in place without having to reattach them later. After the paint sat for a week, I laid down some bare metal foil on the badges and painted the grill area semigloss black, rubbing the raised letters clean after the black set up a little. picture doesn't do it justice, it's hard to get good pictures with this dark color. The under body is left fairly mod free, with only addition of more foil to the exhaust pipes for that stainless exhaust look. I may weather the exhaust and underbody a little for that used look, but I am not decided on that yet. Going to have to either make some white stripes myself or see if any of the lesser challenger kits out there have what I'm looking for, since the red stripes supplied with the kit just arn't going to cut it. More to come as the build progresses, may be a while, I'm tend to let things sit between stages, as I ponder different ways to take the build.
  11. My favorite Mopar of all!
  12. So I plan on doing a replica of my Grandfathers 1972 Dodge Charger, I was wanting to know if anyone has attempted to do the hide away headlights? If so, how? Also seeking mopar afficianados in help explaining any differences between the 71 Dirty Donny kit and a 72? I am planning on using this kit as the basis of this project. I believe the car to be an R/T. Not 100% positive atm. I do know its Honey Dew Y4 yellow, with Black stripes. To Scalefinishes I go!!
  13. Build thread for my entry to this years Cannonball run (Sleeperball) over in the cbp. I'm taking the Color Me Gone 330 on making it into a rusty crusty Polara Wagon. I'm going to put a modern Hemi in it, may upgrade with a supercharger might not, they are kind of loud. A arm suspension and all wheel disk brakes being donated from what's left of a Viper (Top right in Red) I picked up months ago. Got other plans that I'll disclose when I get them to sell the sleeper look. Starting point Where it's at right now. Didn't like how the rear window looked so I'm cutting and shorting it some. Might be a gutsy move with only 36 days left but I think it'll look closer to the 1:1 now. More to come. Thanks for looking!
  14. Here's my entry for this year's Sleeper themed Cannonball. It's a 64' Polara Wagon converted from the 64' 330 Color Me gone Drag kit. Built up to balance out performance and range with a paint job to look the part of a car fresh out of a junkyard. Build thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/107243-64-polara-wagon-cannonball-sleeper-build-completed/ Features: 6.1 Liter HEMI with implied CNC Stage 2 Intake and Heads. Front and rear suspension with all wheel disk brakes out of a 96-03' Dodge Viper. Dual exhaust systems, one set piped to single short glass packs for some punch. Another set piped to the rear with dual turbo-ish mufflers to keep her nice and quite when needed. Dribbler system into the rear mufflers to make it appear to smoke. Valve stems for the tires and a good old fashion antenna to really sell the look. Pictures: Thanks for looking, comment and critic's more than welcome.
  15. Hi all! I am new to the forum and would like to share pictures of my Dodge Charger model which I'm currently building: I picked this up from a yard sale last year for maybe $5. The model quality is quite bad, so I figured I'd do something custom and not build it as the General Lee. The chrome on this model was terrible, I stripped everything for re-chroming with Alclad. The engine was primed and sprayed using Zero Paints Orange. The valve covers which came chrome were stripped and painted matte black. The wheels and roll cage were painted in Zero Paints Gold. The wheels actually had great detail after stripping off the old thick chrome. Detailing the wheels. After spraying the stripped parts with Alclad you can really see a difference in quality. Stripping the chrome basically saved this model from looking like a cheap kids toy. Detailed the engine with some spark plug wires which was a first for me. Also created my own pulleys and fan belt using black tape. For the interior I wanted to do something stock so I went with a blue interior. I sprayed Zero Paints light blue metallic over black so that it will be a couple shades darker then the exterior which will be done over white primer. I added a touch of red to the tachometer for something different.
  16. Can someone please tell me the correct color of blue can be used for "Color Me Gone" Dodge? I don't airbrush, so it needs to be a rattle can. Thanks!
  17. Well here's my first attempt at building a drag car, and I've chosen to start with Bill Maverick's Little Red Wagon. I started building it yesterday and am really liking how it's turning out.
  18. So another step closer to getting in the swing of building again. I saw these kits on the shelves of Wal-Mart along with the Camaro and Mustang. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart pulled the kits before I made a purchase. Hobby Lobby had this one discounted, so I bought it. The paint finish is excellent, too bad Revell doesn't smooth the parting lines before painting. I guess Revell is trying to help the beginner builder by molding parts in different colors and painting the body. The interior is molded in a dark charcoal and the chassis is molded in a metallic charcoal. The builder is given some simple paint instructions to enhance the kit. I didn't put a lot of effort into detailing, because it's just a shelf model. The chassis and interior are simple, but can be detailed to look good. The exhaust is wrong for the 2013 SRT8 and the primary muffler (nicknamed the suitcase) should be two smaller mufflers. The only disappointment are the wheels. I think they are supposed to be Vapor wheels which should be a black chrome. The mold is soft and the detail is lost after chroming. I just painted them metallic black and rubbed the edge to give a different look. One other thing, I forgot to paint the rear lower valence black. Have a look.
  19. Oh it`s him with those never ending projects lol. The weather and location makes it very hard to get some painting done so it takes longer then planned. But it`s getting warmer,also i have made and deal with my grandparents where i can borrow a room for painting. I cant do it where i live now. To the subject,it`s an 63 Polara from Flintstone,pretty okay cast but very thick some places so it an never ending sanding story. Been sanding on and off for two days now and the chassis starting to fit pretty nice. The donor is the 64 Color Me Gone from Lindberg. It`s got the same 119 wheelbase and also some goodies as the engine and hoodscoop. It`s not going to any exact replica of an Max wedge car,but a street machine with factory looks. Obviously the interior will be wrong since its 64. Not decided on color yet,but it stand between black,red or white,non metallics and steelies. The headers from this kit does not look like the one i wanted,if anyone know where to get replicas of the factory 413/426 headers i really appriciate it. Here is the progress so far.
  20. I've been building models for about a year now, and I have been a fan of Fast and Furious. When watching Furious 7, The Charger in this movie is the best looking one yet, so i want to build it in 1/25 scale. I have read some of spencer1984.com posts and have become quite confused. So here are my questions 1) Base Kit? Should I use the Revell Die-cast Fast and Furious Charger and transplant pieces into another charger 2) Blower? Should I use the Revell DIe cast blower or another one 3) Bumper? I've read that the ModelHaus one is good for build off of a plastic kit 4) Rims? If anyone knows where I could find a close or almost exact replica of the rims, I would be very grateful Thanks Attached are picture of the charger from the movie
  21. Guys: A short while ago I bought the Dodge L-700, the one with the flatbed and the '40 Ford Coupe. While I've been working on the cab, and the cab working on me (why won't those doors line up????) I put the other parts aside. But now that I'm working on the trailer I can only find 2 of the outer rims. Either I lost them somehow, or they weren't in the box to begin with. Has anyone else had that problem? Thanks John
  22. Well i am waiting on parts for my 78 ford havent felt the mini trucks and my silverado and escalade are on the back burner. Ill give ya a hint it aint a Ford. But it was scrap pieces from ebay. I did invest in a resin suspension because it was broken, a resin grille and bumpers, a resin cummins, and some resin mud tires. I will be doing the decals for it myself.
  23. I hope I got this close. My only gripe with it is the "high-low" carb setup which messes up the hood alignment. Also, I wish I had done more homework before painting the intake manifold. It really needed to be the same hemi color.....
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