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  1. A couple of weeks ago I managed to get this kit from Evil-Bay & thought I'd share the contents. When I got the kit it was still sealed :-) so I just had to smell that smog laced 1992 air that was in the box :-) The box cover models look really good, I give kudos to the person(s) who built them. One side showing the red "custom" version and 2 of the 3 engine options.. The other side giving the specs of the car and kit. Cool huh? The sheet is not too bad, two sets of stripes in red and black, the trunk lid "25th anniversary" decal, and some under hood markings. Not to shabby although I wish they had included a dash decal as well. The stock wheels are molded closed, so I'm going to have to open up those slots by sanding down the back of them. A pretty good set of Goodyear tires. The only bad place on the body after a quick examination. Shouldn't be too hard to fix. One of the better small blocks AMT/MPC made, lots of detail and separate parts :-) The funky "O Ring" equipped exhaust manifolds are for the turbo installation. Yes, they were still putting on a single exhaust system on Camaros in 92! Roll cage & car phone! Remember those? A fairly decently detailed suspension system with pose-able front wheels, cool! To do the nose right, I should cut out the driving lights and open those slots up. Not sure if I will or not though. Some choice selections from the instructions. The basic engine assembly, here you choose which intake to use. We can't forget that radar detector now can we? Cool place for the car phone. Thanks for joining me in this trip down memory lane :-)
  2. Wow,,been seeing some great stuff on here today,,{not refering to mine as much} Anyways,,I dig the NNL shows here in SE Mich. I was at last one DAMM show,,and its cool the stuff you find in ziplock bags for 3-5$,,1/2 started glueblobs of beauty. This was such a case,,its supposed to be a turbo mtr,,and it came w/the turbo setup,but I like the reg mtr setup,,so modified that to reg carb setup,scratch built some side pipes,scratch built roll bar,did some minor wiring.plumbing in mtr bay. Painted w/testors quikdry enamel,,and flat sand interior. It didnt have the stock front grill in kit,so I got a grill from the spare parts bx,mounted behind air inlet in front grill area. All in all,it was worth the 5$. Just a hats off to MCM for adding my 1/12 67 Vette in your 2016 contest mag,,i grabbed 3 copies! Thanks so much,,S
  3. A great eBay purchase. Bought on Wednesday and arrived today. Have some duplicates of the Mustangs, but that is quite alright! This is my second attempt. Sorry Harry, but would you please move this to "What did you get today" Thanks
  4. C1 Models from the UK. The Mustang kit consists of fender flares, deck lid spoiler, front splitter and intake ducts
  5. My good friends bought this restored 327 1967 Camaro last year and of course with the excellent Revell kit out, had to build a tribute for them. Hand made the cowl hood, steering wheel, BM QuickShifter and hand-painted the "Camaro Club of the Rockies" logo sticker on the rear window, and photo-shopped their actual Colorado Vintage license plate. Pretty happy with the build. The 1:1... of course The tribute... The actual car and Club decal 1:1 Hand made steering wheel with Camaro PE center, added door locks and hand-made BM Quickshifter Handmade triangle air-cleaner and MSD system on firewall
  6. So, im back, unfortunatly the bel air and the f1 im planning to build has to go on the back burner as i need to get my 1:1 scale car on the road by july for bug jam, if i can, and i need every penny i can for that, so i will be doing some stuff with the kits i have that are in boxes or that im part way through,i got this and a vw beetle that i will be working on for the mean time. So, i got this kit a little while just for the sake of it, it was cheap, i like the camaro, the '69 aint my fave year but its the best set the model shop had. Not sure what i will do to it, i will probably just go stock, or close to it, which will be strange for me as i like to just go all or nothing with kits and my 1:1 car, but it will be some good practice. And here is the build so far, engine painted, chassis put together, the rest is just dry fitted: And there it is for now, i will be painting the dash and sorting that out tomorow, and will look more into the engine in question, i dont know how that particular dual carb setup works, i understand the dual carbs that are in front of each other, but im not sure where the throtle goes, or where teh fuel plumbs in, i also havent got the distributor on yet, i lost it... i will also be putting up my vw beetle build, and try to work on both. there is also a secret project that im working on, but im not happy with brush painting after painting that set, so im waiting until i paint it with a car before i upload that one.
  7. The El Camaro you see here is a project I started during Winter 2014, and just recently completed a couple of days ago. The Model is a mix of an unfinished Revell 1978 El Camino Model I had laying around, and Monogram's Frank Iaconio's Pro Stock Camaro. I have always wanted to see what an IROC style El Camino would have looked like, so this was a great chance to try something and have a bit of fun with the surgery. The final bodywork is not my best but I just wanted to wrap up the project and move on to something new. The Interior is basically the stock El Camino interior except for the seats which are from another IROC donor model. I hope you guys enjoy the pics!
  8. My last model of this year, a Camaro modified to look like a Pontiac trans am (please don’t killme) a little work on the front the rest is out of the box, yes I design and print the decal, no more to say enjoy and comment
  9. Hey folks Could do with a little guidance. I have the Revell Yenko Camaro which to my eye is a superb kit, so nice that I'd like to get at least one more, but I'm a wee bit unsure as to which of the currently available kits are (relatively) new releases and which are re-treads of the older Monogram kit. Over to you folks, any help is very welcome. Ian.
  10. Big Tire N/T Camaro "Copper Head" with a 5.3 Bore Space Nitrous car pics do no justice to this color im thinking a decal on the scoop not sure what grill to go with will most likely be black. Backhalf car = stock location firewall and stock front frame rails w.i.p still. Pics are outside
  11. Hello. I'm new to these forums. I've got a few post-apocalypse cars in my collection that I'd love to share. Here's my favorite and the last model that I have completed. It's a AMT1970 Baldwin Camaro. Had a blast making it. Hope you enjoy. http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  12. Just a box stock curbside build. Flocked & detailed interior. Painted with Model Master metallic black & metallic silver with acrylic clear on top.
  13. I need 1/12 scale parts. I purchased the 1/12 scale Foose 1969 Camaro and I am looking to purchase an LS engine for it with a supercharger and a Tremec. I'm also looking for an RS front grille with the hideaway headlight doors. I have pictures of what I'm looking for. Call or text me at (904) 826910 or email me at nfranklin.btbears2017@gmail.com. I will negotiate a fair price for these parts. I prefer unpainted resin parts; because those seem to be cheaper.
  14. 67 Camaro No Time All Motor Street Car. Powered By a Vcg Resins 572(close to 1:1 CI), Turbo 400 Transmission & Dominator Carburetor. Was paid to build as a father day gift the 1:1 is in the pics. The Pro Stars and Drag lites are from Madmodeling. Car is on 28x10.5 slick and stock suspension. Street Cars in grudge racing are classified as Full Interior(Backseats & Fronts, only a roll bar & full exhaust no side exit headers). Has stock fuel cell hood had some last minute paint problems so I will be sending it to him this week. This is probably my only truly complete build Lol & 1st completed 1 of 2015. Hope you all enjoy.
  15. This was built using the Jada Toy plastic body and the rest of the parts came from the good ol parts box. Mr Hobby paint and Slixx decals
  16. Hi there ! Here is my last realisation, a 1969 Camaro SS. This is the 1/25 Baldwin motion kit from Revell. That car has been sitting in a field for a while, so the rust has began to attack the body, but it's still solid and in a pretty good shape... but a restoration is needed... as soon as possible. The last owner has installed a Baldwin Motion style hood and Cragar wheels, but let the car in a field a few years later.... Well, I let you see some pictures !
  17. This model was built for Moson model show 2015 in Hungary and it took me 8 days from start to finish. Some flaws are present because i was rushing this build, but it will remind me that i have to start building a kit earlier than one week before it needs to be finished The model is almost box stock, i only added engine wiring, BMF trim and light bulbs to the headlights.
  18. Loved the first kit so much I went out and got another. There's still a few flaws and I'm putting the finishing touches on them. I just wanted to get the pics while it was nice and sunny out; we're expecting rain soon. The color, of all the big bottles of yellow paint they could have, is Blue Angels Yellow oddly enough. As always I built it stock for my collection.
  19. Hi all! New member on the forums here, but been lurking for a couple of weeks checking out all the great work I did an intro thread already, but to summarize, this is the first model i've built since i was 10. Learned a lot from the posts here and decided it to give it a full go with the AMT 1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro! I've always loved the look of this car, but not a huge fan of the green color. So i plan to build it OOB and try a different direction with the paint job. I bought this just after Christmas and got straight to work, but i didnt realize how much time it takes to have everything prepped and have all your supplies ready. After some obvious delays, i finally got started. Didnt take any before pics but it was straight out of the box anyway, typical white mold and some chrome pieces. I didn't want any chrome on this biuld so i stripped it all and then got onto the engine assembly. The engine build was pretty straight forward, then i moved onto the chassis and interior. At this point, i wasn't sure what color i was going to paint the body, so i played it safe and went with a gloss black interior, i figured that would look fine with any color of paint. Chassis was painted flat black. Boring i know, but had to start somewhere We're about a week into the build here, working only an hour or so a night. Finally got the chassis set up and moved onto the body. AFter banging my head against the wall to find just the right color, i had a revelation. My wife's digital camera is this fantastic 'satin red' that shimmers just right in the light and is a deep red otherwsie. I thought that would look cool on the sleek body and decided to paint the trim [bumpers, etc] flat black to contrast it. I must have gone to 4 different hobby shops in my area with the camera in hand trying to compare but it was extremely difficult to tell how the color would look paint on plastic. After some research online of different colors, i found some pics that look like what i wanted and traced it back to Testors Red Metal Flake laquer (spray)! So i got a can and went to work, sprayed 2 light coats of the Red Metal Flake and did a side by side comparison of the car and the camera. What do you guys think?
  20. hello folks... here is my ´67 Camaro i build as a daily driver. the kit is from revell and i add some modifications i made a vinyl roof, side windows a custom grille with hidden turn signals. i wheels i used are a little to big but i had no other this time. have fun greetings maik
  21. Call this one done. I could not find a outside mirror for it,but at least 7 rear view mirrors,typical. This one has the rear view mirror molded into the window AMT 68 Camaro Z28,orange car on box,tons of flash and little detail. VCG Resin brake booster. AMT 67 Impala engine.transmission heater hoses and mid-muffler forward exhaust. Shorten drive axle. Tamiya TS30 base and TS13 clear. Stock rallye wheels with Pegasus alu sleeves. Rubber alternator/fan belt cut from rubber sheet i got from Mike DeLuco. Engine decal from VCG Resin and Slixx. Bent some chrome sprue over a candle to try make the exhaust a little fatter. Here are some pictures, Thanks for looking.
  22. Ok haven't Posted here in a while since projects have either had some bad paint job or go unfinished. Anyway 69 z28 Revelle Camaro kit thinking grudge/Outlaw 275 class. Sits on 275 Drag Radials stock suspension (Leaf Springs The Suspension is not in also btw).Cut trunk lid off & made a fuel pump for first time not sure if i'm going to use that fuel cell though. I Lowered the front suspension, Scratch made the new front bumper, made cowl hood. Made new headers to come out the front bumper like on mustangs, I've only seen 2 with front exits/horns. BBC with turbo 400 trans going to try and detail this engine a lot thinking 4 nitrous systems should get the job done lol and a few colors i'm thinking
  23. Hello. After little building because of weather i decided it was time to get going again. I thought i`d give this old Camaro a chance. It is molded in "lovely" orange and have tons of flash,but after some clean up,fitting and mock-up it is starting to look like a car. Still have the dead cow in trunk stance,i think it`s mostly because i have not glued the body to the chasis yet,but i`ll get on it. The wheels are sleeves from Pegasus with inserted original Rallye wheels. The engine who follow the kit was a joke. I had a spare 427 from the 67 Impala SS who got it`s home in this one,and it fit pretty good. I will also try use the plumbing from the Impala,and i found a period correct brake booster on Ebay,not to be found in the kit. Color and clear are from Tamiya. I thought i`l let it rest over night before i start fondle with BMF. This is the kit. Here is where i am at now. Thanks for looking.
  24. Hey. I just got this the other day in a trade. I have a long way to go before I undertake this mission such as finding parts that I'd like to use. I may have a few parts from it that I want to get rid of from this. If so, I'll post them up in the trade section. Wheels will be my first quest. Thanks for looking.
  25. I'm trying to build the revell 69 camaro z-28 using the white decals. After applying them, I realize that they are too transparent and show the color underneath. Are there any aftermarket decals available that are more opaque? Maybe I add another set on top?
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