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Found 15 results

  1. A simple little curbside build, that started out with a broken promo, while the Yenko Chevette concept was inspired by a car, that sat for sale, in front of a local storage facility several years ago... Now for the finished product.... Body mods were limited to molding in a cowl scoop, that was cultivated from a Revell 1/32 scale '69 Z 28 hood, while the rear spoiler is a narrowed Revell 1/25 '69 Z snap kit unit..... The stock Chevette front and rear bumpers were split down the center, narrowed, and tucked in closer to the body. New axle holes were drilled to mount big n little large diameter Corvette style Rally Wheels, sourced from a 1/32 scale Jada diecast. Paint is Testors Extreme Lacquer Icy Blue, cleared with Duplicolor 1K (Love that stuff)... Decals are a mix of Revell kit decals and a set of 1/32 scale slot car decals that I found on eBay. Interior features the custom bucket seats from an AMT Dodge D50 pickup kit, Corvette shifter, and a custom steering wheel from the parts box. Interior finish is Tamiya Light Blue Pearl.... Carpet is blue embossing powder..
  2. Hello Modelers! "Submitted for your approval" .. ( I feel like Rod Serling. Next I'll be seeing strange creatures out my window monkeying with my CVPI!) The start of a 67 Chevy Biscayne 4dr. This takes a bit of doing in that whilst the donor kit is readily available in the 67 Impala SS, it is a fastback and only a 2door to boot. The basic wheelbases are the same between 2-4drs but there is different sheet metal work and termination points on the door tops. The original kit had a very long sloped roof out to the end of the trunk. A conventional "C" pillar had to constructed along with lowering the trunk deck height to sedan like levels. More pics to come but this is the start.. The first pic is from the kit box showing the car's SS (SuperSloping) fastback roofline. That had to go and a new sedan conventional C-pillar built. Yes, it was a PITA. Notice the tops of the doors had to be raised up level to match a new flatter upper roof dripline. A lot of conversions I have seen have left that precipitous drop in door level of the 2dr and just moved on. One was on a STATION WAGON. Anyway, you can see the styrene addition below in white at door tops. Filling it in.. Mor pics to come soon as I am currently building in the solid door window frame uppers. Thanks for looking! Oh, and as I put a notice on the "Parts Wanted' forum, I'm looking for anyone who might have a set of +69 Chevy Nova COPO poverty caps they're willing to part with. In the end, I'll buy a whole kit just to get 'em if I have to but I have to part out kits that way. At any rate, this model will need those one or two years only caps to be accurate. Thanks!!
  3. Hi! I do a lot of mash-up builds... so... lotsa leftover parts! What to do with those? What if Mopar came to the market with the Hemi Cuda in..... 1958? Don't laugh: the Forward Styling was already afoot, so why not? I took an AMT Slammer 58 body, grafted the Chezoom Slammer ubiquitous roof, made my own glasses, shoehorned AMT's 66 Riv interior (modified), sunk a Revell 70 Cuda shaker scoop in the hood, grafted an MPC 72 GTO grille & lights, added Pegasus wheels, and shaved down the rear wings + added a bodyside reveal, à la Imperial. The stoplight is a plastic slit at the bottom of the trunk panel, and the HEMI decal was "spliced & reconfigured" from the 70 Cuda kit. Paint is a custom mix of Tamya's orange, an ancestor to Hemi Orange, if you will... Just a curbside, but lotsa fun. The point, isn't it? CT
  4. Havent done a wip in this section of the forum before, so I will start of with a simple build. I love the Impala's not matter the year. Whilst searching for some other things came across this and thought yep thats what il do to one of the kits I have. Simple and clean. So with that as a base for some inspiration.... Grab the kit and some wheels and set it up to see where to go from here, umm lots sanding ahead. The wide whites only come on the Crossbars that im aware of, changed them over to a set of Chrome Reverse Will be a curbside build.
  5. I really do have a thing for curbside models. I'm waiting to tackle a couple of clearance issues with the Chevelle, so thought I'd play with this thing, for a while. Obviously, it's a promo--I ain't afraid to modify them! I've accrued a few of them, over the years, because I've always loved the styling of this car since GM introduced it (I love Vegas, too!)--too bad the underpinnings weren't better. That said, I've also been hankering to build something road-racing inspired. I like the looks of the early Trans Am series cars. Unfortunately, by the time the Monza was introduced, "IMSA" flares were en-vogue, and I'm not nuts about those. So, I decided to build this as a street car with early T/A influences. I've removed the rear seat and covered that area. I'll probably replace the floor, as well. I've begun work on a basic rollbar assembly. It'll get a pair of racing seats, and a cleaned-up dash. I'm going with these Minilite wheels (I found them on Ebay, last year. They're very nice!). Tires are from the AMT parts packs. I will put disc brakes at all four corners--one thing I enjoy when I build curbside models is adding as much detail as I can, while still keeping it curbside (don't turn it over; it'll retain the promo chassis!) You can see the aluminum chin spoiler, and, I'll add a simple spoiler to the rear, as well. Not much done, so far, but here's a first look! Comments and questions welcome!
  6. This started out in life as a R/C car. I wanted the wheels that came with it for another project. I needed a quick build and this body was sitting on the shelf, so... I started out with a chassis. And I wanted it to have poseable wheels. Nothing really had to be done to the body except to fill in the tail pipes with some flat black. Thanks for looking.
  7. I built this over 15 years ago when I was in my Japanese car phase. This is something I wanted to finish pretty quick so I made her a curbside. I love the pose-able wheels. Thanks for looking
  8. I built this over 15 years ago when I was in my Japanese car phase. This is something I wanted to finish pretty quick so I made her a curbside. I love the pose-able wheels and the working headlights. No interior leaves plenty of room for electronics. Thanks for looking
  9. Slotto

    Curbside RX7

    I built this over 15 years ago when I was in my Japanese car phase. This is something I wanted to finish pretty quick so I made her a curbside. Unfortunately no pose-able wheels. Thanks for looking
  10. Quick and dirty slump-buster, until today it was well over a year since I finished anything. We have two shows coming up and I had this week off. I decided to see if I could knock out a quick curbside in about a week so I would have something to take with us. Got it finished up today and I can say it feels pretty good to finish something. Now to get one of those stalled projects completed.... Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  11. Built this couple years ago but never got around to sharing on this forum. Basically it was a quick build to get the creative juices flowing again and get me out of a rut/slump and motivated to build again. Total build time was around 48hrs. Being that it was built quickly, it has no chassis detail or engine so pretty much a curbside. As some of you might recognize its done in a style(my trademark colours you could say) that I have done many times before on other builds. Paint Body: Tamiya TS-14 gloss black Interior: Tamiya TS-49 bright red which was over-coated with Alclad ALC 314 klear kote flat Wheels Pegasus #1109 DZ's chrome with spokes painted/airbrushed with Tamiya X-1 black Normally dont polish or wax my black paint jobs, but needed to get out the polishing cloth's and wax on this one.
  12. Another build done in the exact same style as the 72 Chevelle I posted recently. This was built back in 2012 for a community build(2012 Lowrider tour) on this forum, but it seems I never posted it in the Under Glass section.
  13. So I was getting a little burnt out on my showrod truck project... I decided to build a quick curbside kit. I wanted to keep the construction and materials similar to what i was planing for the truck... This way i could give myself some experiance and testing on parts that I havent labored on for many hours. I really wanted it to be so quick and easy I wasnt going to do a WIP thread... Well honestly, I am just too excited not to share! Started with a glue bomb 5.00 built kit, and another non built kit im planning on building in full detail at a later date. Shaved the handles, wipers, emblems and pancake-ed the hood. Wheels are the pegasus supremes. Then I cut the front bumper apart and made them seperate units using the custom parts from the kit... While I was at it I shaved the bumper gaurds. For the paint I went with Wet-n-Wild "Disurbia" nail polish Last night I started on the bare metal foil.... hoping to clear this weekend.
  14. Hello from California. I'm new to this site and it looks like you've got a lot of good things going on in this part of the interweb. I figure the best way to show what I'm into is to post a picture so I hope this works. Here's an under-construction 99' Chevy Silverado that I started years ago and put away.
  15. I built this last year. My club did a show for Goodguys and the Make N Take we had these SnapKit Camaro. Well we had a few left over I decided to do something with one. I decided to build a time attack car out of it. The decal on the hood, trunk, wing and front splitter is carbon kevlar.
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