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Just met up today with Tim Gibson of Saginaw, MI. He's a lifelong truck enthusiast, retired truck driver, and as I found out today, an all-around nice guy. If you read "Truck Stop" in the other mag years ago, you might remember the GMC Astro pulling twin tankers built by him. He still has that one (you can kind of see the trailers in the top left corner of the first pic). Some time ago he sent me some photos of a few of the models he's built. He has an account here but he admits to not being very tech-savvy at the moment, so that's where I come into play...



This is the James House and Sons Number 85 Diamond Reo, pulling two powdered cement trailers which were built by James House (part of Rex Transportation) at their own shop. 


These two REO mixers represent real mixers owned by Anderson Sand and Gravel and Saginaw Rock Products, respectively.


The Ford stake bed is box stock other than the Quality Door & Lumber markings.


The Anderson GMC Crackerbox represents a tractor driven by Tim's father. It is Spaulding cab cut down to a day cab. Both trailers were scratch built. Tim tells me his father made the effort to keep his rigs clean, though the model is lightly weathered and looks great as such. The U-shaped tank behind the cab is a combination fuel/hydraulic tank. The tractor has no sidesaddle tanks. 


The Pete is a model of a tractor owned by a friend and leased to Bulk Transport. Tim also did a pair of scratchbuilt gravel trailers for this one. The kit cab was cut down to 73 inches. The real tractor has very little brightwork and lots of red paint, so the model follows suit.

He does have quite a few more, but these are the ones I have pics of. Let me tell you- they look pretty good on a screen but they look even better in person!

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