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mack valueliner

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  • 4 weeks later...

slow workin on this one [ to hot , about 35 c , here in holland go,s from cold and rain to high temp in just a day ore 2 ] 

put the aircleaners on , look of this is correct with the hight



and now makin step,s on the fueltank,s and also rear fenders

now take a brake 


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  • 7 months later...

so now and than i work on this mack

i have first pe steps but i don,t like it when the are on the fueltank,s

so take them af and repaint the tank,s and make step,s from plastic

i work now slowly because i have a lot of trubble,s with my back [ how cal you guy,s worn out or so ] and there is nothing to do on it said the specialist from the hospital








and so i work slowly and also other projects and like it to finishd these old truck,s



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  • 4 weeks later...

almost done , work slow now but the end is there , just some minor things and than he is ready





like the decals and the bracket on the aircleaner [ its drying of chrome paint ] and is a crime to connect these very little ........... bad words


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Sergey , i have seen more of great builds on that gallery , this one is also great , did you make those fueltank,s ore buy them from somebody , the are good for a next build

Tom , it wil stay tthe same , but try to do some work out and just go on , slow but ... and stil smile for some nice ore stuped thing,s , thats live i think

and for the hobby , i have reorganized the kit,s and boxes etc , now just only the AMT , ERTL and Italeri , us and europe , have do not counting because ........its to much , and the resin and transkits on 1 big stash

normal i do that in 1 day , now i am already do this 1 week and stil not ready [ because there come some new things , LOL


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  • 3 weeks later...

the mack have get his dog on the hood now and done some little things on the mack

called so good as ready , next thing i do is glue the wheels before he runs of the shelf





now wait for some nice wheater to make outside picture,s


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